I'll make your vNPCs into MOBs!

Hey all!

I was going to go make a post about this ICly, but I really couldn't come up with a clear way to make the offer ICly without it being a bit overly convoluted.

Zaila's got a little music-hall in Esterport that I am in the process of getting stuff finished on before I open it up to the public, and one of the things I'll be doing is making a handful of NPCs to run around in there.

Instead of just making up new characters, I wanted to offer to ya'll: if your characters have some relatives/friends/kids/backstory NPCs you would like to see made into a MOB that you can justify hanging out/working at the music hall in some capacity (anywhere from janitor, bird keeper, performer, techie, musician, patron, random kid off the streets, etc!) that you'd like to be able to come interact with, I'd love to make them for you!

You can design as much or as little of the MOB as you'd like for this. You can either just give me a basic name/species, or you can give me description, personality, reactions and the whole shebang!

If you've got any questions or have a MOB / some MOBs in mind you'd like me to make, hit me up here, in game or on discord!
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