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Hello Aetolians!

I am pleased to announce the inception of a new project targeting the second largest userbase in IRE (after Nexus): Mudlet!

With initial help from the Mudlet community (and a special shout out to Vadi), we have created the framework for an open source Mudlet gui!

The intention of this GUI is to mimic, as much as possible, the functionality provided by our Nexus client. To-date, we have the GUI Windowing framework, but not implemented the internals of any of the tabs. That's where the community comes in!

You can find the project here! Fork the project, add functionality, and then create a pull request! After submission, your pull request will be reviewed by the IRE person that's running this project.

If you implement functionality outside of the functionality available in Nexus, your pull request may be rejected - our goal is to have a package that lets people jump into the game, but not give them a particular advantage over out-of-the-box Nexus users.

Once the project has a good amount of functionality implemented, it will be available for automatic installation via an in-game command.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here, open tickets on the project, or send any e-mail to the project's head at eoghan (at) imperian (dot) com.

Happy coding!


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    I've always thought this would be a smart move for IRE. Coming from mostly playing non - IRE muds until I started aetolia, a large portion of mudders aren't proficient at coding. I've tried to get friends from other muds to come here but the usual response is, "I don't want to have to learn a new language just to play a game." and there are also those who say the pve aspect is kinda boring here which I think is understandable.

    I think projects like this can go a long way toward bringing in that first group of individuals who don't code so that they can still enjoy aetolia.

    From a business standpoint, it's important to note that those who play text based games are few as is. Those who play text based games, can code, and enjoy aetolia are an even smaller niche. If I owned IRE, widening that niche by making my games more playable for non - coders would be at the top of my list. This is a good step!

    Just my two cents. 
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