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So, am i right in my understanding that to get comms currently we are to buy out all the comm shops across the land? If I'm correct in my understanding of the way it works at present, then basically a single person could just run around all day buying out all the comm shops for their city. 

Is this truly the only way? I ask because when I survey I get this intriguing message that the area I'm in (Stathan's mom's house) is capable of producing abundant wood but I'm told that no longer really serves any purpose. 

Is this entertaining anyone? I'm just curious because I can imagine some other ways comms could be directly gathered from the land which might be a little more interesting. ie. certain monsters having a % chance to drop leather based on how rich with leather the area is, stone that could be mined from mountains and cave areas, wood that could be harvested from forest areas, etc. Those are just some quick ideas but seriously..  there has to be some way to make this a little more interesting. 

This would also make room for new harvesting skill trees to spend my massive amount of useless lessons on. 


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    We were talking about this earlier, I really like those ideas.

    Mob loot is always the biggest way to keep an economy afloat in most other games I've enjoyed. I also thought appropriate farming quests having a chance to reward with comms is a good way as well.

    The harvesting skills could actually be as simple as talents like fishing, maybe? I can already imagine lumberjacks all over Duiran...hrm.

    Also, I think the whole monastery is going on a field trip after supper, Stathan's mom's house needs a visit.

    Edit: @Stathan
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    1. You don't buy them all out because then it takes longer for them to respawn and raises the price.
    2. Stathan's mom doesn't really log in anymore.
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    As Stathan mentioned, the prices for the comms is all relative to what the current stock levels are and how long it has been above 0/1 left. And the very frequently used comms are usually at low numbers. This means (easy example numbers here) that if you buy all 5 remaining cloth in Saluriaar 100 gold each, when it restocks, the cost will raise to 110 for the one new piece that comes in. And if you do that again, 120. This also means that if you only buy 4 of those 5, you have to hope that no one desperately need more cloth that you are scalping, or else someone might snag that last cloth and the price will go up anyway. So leaving 2-3 is a better choice if you are trying to build your own stockpile. 

    Basically: comm shops are a fun mini game of economics! 

    The shops don't just restock once a howling like they used to, but rather at staggered times throughout the day, which means that you don't really have an effective way to just go run around once a day and buy everything new out without leaving opportunity later for someone else to do the same.

    All that said, I agree that it would be nice to see more options for comm creation or harvesting. But, the comm availability is a very carefully managed part of the IC gold economy, so I don't know if the producers think more comms would overall help or hinder. 
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    People buy them out because they figure better their org gets a trickle than anyone else buys them out first. I used to know who the culprit is, if they're still doing it like 6-7 years later that's some dedication.

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    In the effort of spurring more discussion, haven't they been trying to drain cities of commodities for a while in order to update or revamp or something? Feel free to keep me honest @tiur @razmael.
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    Aishia said:
    People buy them out because they figure better their org gets a trickle than anyone else buys them out first. I used to know who the culprit is, if they're still doing it like 6-7 years later that's some dedication.
    That's exactly what I'd expect based on what I've seen in other games. So the question is, are you all happy with this system? Just buying from comm shops that generate comms slowly over time as opposed to some other way to gather them yourselves? From my perspective it's rather generic and limits something that could be much more interesting and involved but if everyone is content with the way things are I don't want to bother putting an idea up in game. 
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    @Kalinaar well tiur hinted in his end of year thing the other day that comms was a thing this year that we might finally see fixed.

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    A more active-player-participation (e.g. harvesting, etc) way to generate comms instead of / in addition to comm shops would be awesome!

    But I've long learned not to hold my breath or really put too much investment into fringe project ideas like this when there are still really big projects like mage revamps to be done. Priorities gotta be had!
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    Comm system is totally on schedule for this year. And by that I mean both that we plan to do it, and that it is hitting its milestones.
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    That's such great news!

    We won't have to raid Stathan's mom's house for wood anymore.
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