What happened to you today?

I did not see an active thread for this, but as a returning character it interests me to see what is going on in the community! Please share the little (or big) moments in your character's life that may not warrant a new thread but is still important enough to you.

I'll start first with something that took me two years to achieve (I blame absenteeism):

[LEVEL UP]: You have reached the illustrious level of 99.
You have gained 2 enhancement point!
As the last bit of experience washes over your psyche, you are seized with a panic,
suddenly unable to mentally contain the swell of power that comprises the sum total of
your long journey to this point. Struggling to maintain control over the burgeoning tide
of experience, you feel your body begin to tense and swell as if a larger physical
container were the answer. Using your very body as a receptacle, you consciously channel
the explosion of mental potence into your physical form. Almost immediately, the changes
occur. Your skin tightens and stretches, taking on a grey sheen. You cannot help but
scream in agony as your bones elongate and thicken, forcing muscle and tissue to adapt.
As your body grows, you sense a void grow deep inside, a hollowness caused by and part
of your sudden transformation. The gnawing emptiness has changed you profoundly, and you
quickly recognize that only Divine essence might have any hope of filling it and making
you whole once again. Without understanding how you know, you are aware that you are now
Tekal, a hollow one.

An agonized scream startles all into a brief hushed silence as Moxie finally transcends
the mortal body, assuming the hollow form of a Tekal.

(Illuminai): Saltz says, "Moxie is just doing the Moxie thing to do, often misinterpreted."

(Tells): Sir Iames Gallant, the Executioner tells you, "The one Illuminai beyond prayer, I swear."

Valingar: "How could a daughter of me, the most noble man in the south, be so heartless?"

(Tells): Haven Locke, Illuminai Khimaira tells you, "Be that as it may, I've also seen the strength in you. You can take care of yourself."


  • AloliAloli Between Books
    Dear diary (Moxie),

    Today Aloli hugged a bear, which was terrifying and fun. She accidentally gave a very special wilted flower to a grumpy old man in a dilapidated hut near NoT so he wouldn't yell at her to stay out but he wouldn't give it back! They had a staring contest over that flower and she just let him keep it and walked away muttering something about grumpy old men.

    She shot a few close friends with arrows then a few random people to spread the love! She went back to her office and spread more love to her Priory by writing them a nice long post and giving them work to do! They still love her even if they want to secretly sit and sleep on all her scrolls!

    She also prepared a nice stack of strawberry pies that will greet the face of the next person to walk in her office.

    Sewing uniforms while thinking of new and difficult training material for her students sounds like a nice and relaxing way to drink her evening tea.

    A Kelki squirrel gave the idea for a thousand finger push-ups...hmm.
    Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost. - Khalil Gibran
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