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<pre>11/1/2018 at 23:16
Razmael, the Synthesist

Aetolia has entered the age of speedrunning - completions of the Beneath instance are now timed! Complete with a leaderboard and everything.

Use this command to view all instances that have speedrun support. Currently only Beneath!

SPEEDRUNS <instance>
View the speedrun rankings for that instance.

View a speedrun entry in greater detail. By greater detail, we mean this will show you what time each boss was defeated at.

For Beneath's speedruns, the timer starts whenever someone leaves the very first room inside the exit. Please use normal movement, e.g. entering SOUTH, to ensure this gets captured properly. You will know if the timer has started, because you should see a message about a sense of urgency upon leaving the room. The timer will end when the final boss, the monstrosity is defeated.

As the speedrun rankings fill out, we'll be adding extra rewards to this. Currently planned is an extra fame line that will get passed to whoever currently holds the top ranking for the instance.

Also please note that rankings may get reset periodically in order to compensate for any balance changes we make to the dungeon.

I know in some communities, speedruns are ways for people to exploit bugs and unintended mechanics to get the fastest time. We're completely legit here! Please don't abuse bugs for lower times, you'll get punished for it.

Penned by my hand on Kinsday, the 15th of Niuran, in the year 476 MA.</pre>


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    It's all in the Glitchless category, but it's also tool assisted because some folks are gonna figure out how to fully automate it.
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