My turn for one of these threads, I guess

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Hey guys, your friendly neighborhood..., that's taken...

Your annoying nearby Tekias here.


Anyway, I'll be stepping away from Aet for an undetermined amount of time. Not retiring, even if the thought had briefly crossed my mind. But...yeah, just have too many things going on that are keeping me from being...well, from being Tek. The game's lost its joy for the time being, and it's feeling worse than a chore now to even log in for the one hour needed to get freebie spins in last month's promotion.

Chief among the reasons I'll be gone, my mother's health has taken a dip for the worse. She's currently in the hospital after a week of weakness in her legs, leading to about 15 falls just going up and down the hallway, even with using her walker (which actually made some of the falls worse, being in the way). Looking like she's about to get into a rehab center tomorrow or over the weekend. As well, working retail during this time of year? Yeah, busy as heck. Not the best time for the mindset I'm in, but I have to tough through that. And a few other things, but those two are the biggest Aet-blockers for me.

I'll be back to annoy and aggravate you all soon enough, I promise.


Edit: Also, don't any of you think you're going to be forgotten about. You're not getting out of my head and heart that easy.
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    I can very much relate that the game has lost its joy for the time being. I hope to come out of this slump soon too. Take care of yourself and I will see you around!
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