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So I've come to the conclusion that paying for systems is pretty much a thing of the past. It stinks that I'll pretty much never get all the artifacts I want or lessons for classes, but the fact is everyone would rather suffer through dealing with systems like sunder for free even though they know it's full of glitches and fails to do basic things like track rebounding. That being said. I'm making a concession and now handing out my system for free. It is not currently combat capable for all classes. But it is at least still being worked on. There is a catch though. I will only give out one combat system per character. For one class only for free. Once the other ones are done. It will be 50 credits for extra combat systems per class. So for example you're a person who has Sentinel and Luminary. I'll give you a combat system for one or the other but to have both will cost 50 credits. People who help in the development of a combat system will get that class for free. So if you want it. I'll give it to you as soon as i get a chance. And yes there will be updates in the future



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    Also worth noting the system will work for all other aspects for all classes with the free system. So like defup and bashing works no matter what class you choose for free. 
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    Just import each file. *Disclaimer: Not all defups are in here just yet. I'm still working on it. If you download it and its not in there feel free to send me a tell and i'll work with you and put it in there either with teamviewer or by walking you through it.

    **update and edit**
    Now updated with a faster basher, more areas and more class defenses. Basher/Defenses now work with and for Ascendril and Sciomancer classes. Also fixed a few bugs.

    **update #2**
    Fixed some bugs, most classes now defup compaitable, quality of life stuff added. Monk combat now available upon request. Please note i've never tested it and haven't added kai cripple just yet. So it very much is a work in progress.

    **update #3**
    Fixed more bugs. More tracking. Shaman added

    Link for Triggers:

    Link for Aliases:

    Link for Scripts:
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