Announce post #2874: August Refreshing!

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<pre>8/16/2018 at 3:03
Tiur, the Gnosis
August Refreshing!

You may remember the last time SOMEONE left the mass duplicator around, a bunch of artifacts that we normally reserve for auctions got loose. Well... SOMEONE didn't learn, and left it out again! So here are all the things now located in the artifact cart under the Limited header.

Do note that with the current sale and a membership, all of these items with levels are cheaper than a normal upgrade would be!

A market stall construction kit (3000cr)
This kit can be used to create a portable shop, and may be placed anywhere by the owner providing another shop is not already located there. Requires the room it's being set up in to not have an exit to the in.

Supreme Celestine bracers of devastation (2400cr)
These bracers contain level 4 of the critical_chance artifact, conferring an 8% increase.

A Torc of Vitality (2000cr)
The Torc of Vitality grants the use of the Vitality ability (AB VITALITY). This artifact can only be used by its owner.

A reinforced collapsible shelf (1600cr)
Contains level 4 of the stockroom_expand artifact power, increasing your stockroom's max size to 600!

A Erect-a-Shelf carpentry kit (1000cr)
This is level 2 of the extra_shelves artifact power, increasing the maximum number of shelves your shop can have from 20 to 30!

A venantium stud finder (2000cr)
What's that? You have an insatiable lust for... more shelves? Alright, here's a level 3 version of the extra_shelves power then, giving you up to 40 shelves to organize your goods on. Note: Product may act erractically around Keroc.

Penned by my hand on Closday, the 24th of Ios, in the year 475 MA.</pre>
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