Templar Knightings - Making this instead of one for each individual person.

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First up, Brynn! We had some difficulty getting this one timed, due to people not showing up and differences in times Brynn and I are around. She asked for it to be a private ceremony, short and sweet.


The Ceremonial Sword of the Templars slides out of a glittering golden case with a satisfying steely ring.
You take the Ceremonial Sword of the Templars from a glittering golden case.

Wryly, Knight-Aspirant Brynn Gabrielli says to you, "Well if you hadn't noticed, I don't tend to say much. So I honestly don't think anyone much cares aside from me."

Alistaire fixes you with a calm look and says, "That is something we are trying to fix. Unity is important, aye? Now, if you would be so kind- your oath, please."

Brynn settles back on her heels, clasping her hands in front of her waist. "I swear to always follow the ways of the Cycle, to never falter in my devotion to truth, and to never back down when I know I am right. I will live my life as befits a Knight even if it isn't always the easy or popular thing to do."

A rare smile crossing his features, Alistaire motions toward you with the ceremonial sword of the Templar and says, "Take a knee."

Brynn settles down on one knee and tilts her face up to look at you serenely, her hands now laid on her one upright knee.

Alistaire lifts the sword and stares at it for a few silent moments, "You are the first of the Hunter's Knights in some time, Brynn. He was the first Patron of our predecessors, the Paladins. He taught us strength and unity...though now he stands apart from us. You hold the key to the Rhythm in your hands, Brynn, and by doing so you serve the Light." the Pentarch says finally, lowering the blade and tapping it on either of your shoulders, "In honour, duty..." he adds, lifting the blade and drawing it across your cheek, "And blood, Hunter. Rise, Lady Brynn Gabrielli. Knight of the Templarate."

Brynn regains her feet gracefully, and nods at you solemnly. "Thank you Pentarch. Now that's done it can stop worrying me like a crack in the corner of my lip."

(Templars): You say, "Templar. It is my honour, and pleasure, to announce the newest of our Knighthood- Lady Brynn Gabrielli."



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    I like the "in blood" touch. Plus, awesome oath, Brynn.
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    I was honestly kind of hoping we'd get a good turnout of other people for Brynn's Knighting, since it was the first one I did since becoming GM. Plus she's Haernite, so extra cool. Didn't work out as planned.

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    Next up, Belanthus! Performed by his mentor, Phoenecia.

    Assembly Hall of the Templar Knighthood. (Enorian.)
    Reconstructed of new and old stone, this enormous hall has been fashioned into an auditorium. Rows of glossy oaken pews on either side of the hall form a single aisle down the center that leads to the pulpit, austere and sturdy. A mahogany podium with twin candles on its edges stands at the central edge of the pulpit, commanding attention, while a glass case has been set upon a marble dais along the northern side. In contrast to the somber architecture, tapestries of bright red, gold, white and blue add an enlivened brightness to the space, each bearing symbols of weapons, divine Orders and various historical milestones. A glittering golden case, meticulously crafted, stands out on the northern wall. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Resting atop a pedestal in the center of the hall's raised platform is a large, aureate tome, book and pedestal both gleaming in the lamplight. A bright-eyed missionary serenely patrols the streets of Enorian. Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair is here. Citlali Quiahuitl is here. Knight-Aspirant Belanthus Dawnshield is here.
    You see a single exit leading west.

    You have emoted: Alistaire walks to stand to the side of the podium and motions to Phoenecia, "Lady Provost, please join me at the podium."

    Phoenecia simply nods and strides to the front of the room, moving to stand beside you and folding her hands behind her back.

    You have emoted: Alistaire plants an armoured hand on the Lady Provost's shoulder and leans in close to whisper something to her. As soon as he finishes speaking, he moves to the sword case on the wall and retrieves the Ceremonial Sword of the Templar. Carrying it held horizontally in both hands, one on the blade and one on the handle, the Pentarch walks back over and inclines his head. "You may begin, Lady Phoenecia."

    You tell Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair, "Speak from the heart, my Lady." (What he whispered)

    Phoenecia nods at you again and straightens her posture. She takes a moment to clear her throat, and begins to speak. "Today marks a...departure in knighting tradition in our guild," she says, a twinge of a smile on her lips. "Normally, an individual is knighted after completing the tasks we've set out for them, but being a knight is more than just going through a list and checking things off."

    Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "Words and deeds are what make an individual truly worthy of bearing the mantle of knighthood. From the very beginning, Belanthus, you've always been eager to devote your time and energy to the guild - always asking for tasks or seeking ways to aid both the guild and city. And when either needed help, you responded without hesitation and without prompting, even when faced with adversity."

    Phoenecia's smile broadens as she stares down the hall at Belanthus. "Such enthusiasm and selflessness is quite rare, and it would be a travesty to let such actions go unnoticed. This is a big step, and it's not one to be taken lightly. Are you willing to rise to the challenge, Aspirant?"

    Knight-Aspirant Belanthus Dawnshield says, "I am willing, my Lady."

    "Step forward, Belanthus, and speak your Oath." Alistaire says in somber tones, his gaze hard as it rests upon the young Aspirant.

    Belanthus steps forward, meeting the gaze of the Pentarch.

    Belanthus speaks deliberately, each word echoing in the hall, "I swear on my honor, now and forever, to walk the path less traveled. To be a beacon and a guide in these trying times. To lead by example and by virtue, where others would stray. To serve, support, nurture and protect where others would defile and destroy. To act with honor and integrity, where others would misguide and deceive. To purge this land of the Darkness, and bring the Dawn with a ferocity that will shake the convictions of those who live in shadow. To live, as a Knight, in deed and word, serving those who need aid most.", he finishes in a solemn tone.

    Inclining his head slightly, Alistaire intones, "Take a knee, Aspirant." The Pentarch turns and offers the Ceremonial Sword of the Templars to Phoenecia hilt first, "He is your charge, my Lady. The honour is your own."

    Belanthus kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect.

    Phoenecia grins broadly, her professional demeanor dissolving completely as she bounces up and down on the balls of her feet energetically, though the professionalism reasserts itself as she takes the sword from you. "Right...how does this go again?" She furrows her brow for a moment, searching for the words before simply shrugging and carefully lifting the blade.

    A small smile crossing his features, Alistaire says softly, "From the heart, my Lady. It goes from the heart."

    "When you leave this hall today, Belanthus, you will no longer be an Aspirant - you will be a Templar knight." Phoenecia moves the blade to tap Belanthus lightly on the left shoulder. "Always remember: to walk with strength and dignity." She brings the blade around, as she continues speaking, tapping him on the right shoulder. "To fight with courage and an unshakable will." She brings the blade about again and taps him on his left shoulder a second time. "And to act with wisdom and honor in all that you do."

    You have emoted: "You knelt before us but a man," Alistaire says, pride ringing in the Pentarch's usually dour voice. "Now rise. Rise a Knight, Sir Belanthus Dawnshield."

    Belanthus slowly stands up, acknowledging the Pentarch with a nod.
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    And we give you...TRATOS! and a return to Knightings happening within the Chapel of the Radiant Heart!

    The Chapel of the Radiant Heart. (Enorian.)
    This serene chapel surrounds one with austere alabaster marble. An altar at the end has been draped in white silk, and a great sword stands embedded within it. The steel of the honed blade is stained through with deep azure veins, and the silver hilt is a masterwork of gleaming design. The altar stands upon a small dais, the front end worn into two distinct dips, where Knight after Knight has knelt in prayer and thought before their formal ceremonies.

    You have emoted: Alistaire gives Phoenecia a subtle nod and lifts his voice to be heard across the Chapel. "Aspirant Tratos Windrayn-Yaslana, you have faced the trials set before those who wish to shoulder the mantle of Knight. In this, you have been found worthy by the Templarate. Are you prepared to take on that charge now?"

    Phoenecia pulls a small censer from the corner of the room, filling it with incense and lighting it, grimacing faintly as the smoke plumes directly into her face. Once lit, she steps back and off to the side, standing at attention and folding her hands behind her back.

    Tratos lifts his head proudly, shifting into attention, his hands at his sides. "I am." he replies without any hesitation.

    You have emoted: "Approach the altar, Aspirant." Alistaire commands in a stern tone, his gauntleted hand gripping the hilt of the Ceremonial Sword of the Templar tightly.

    Tratos does as commanded, approaching at an even pace, his steps steady as his boots ring out against the floor.

    You have emoted: Alistaire follows the Aspirant's movements with his eyes, the normally soft glow burning brightly now. "It is customary that those who reach this point swear an oath before their future brethren. Do you have words for us, Tratos?"

    Tratos spreads his feet as he stills, nodding his head affirmatively. "Yes sir, I do." he replies, clasping his hands behind his back. "My oath to the Templar, to my shield, and to myself." He begins, drawing in a deep breath as a cloak of seriousness draws down over his expression, the gravity and sincerity to which he speaks ringing out like the clarion tones of a bell. "I swear to stand by the duties of a Knight, to use my strength of arms, my compassion, my will, to help those in need of it. To temper my vision with the pursuit of justice and truth wherever they rest. To stay my hand when the time calls for it, and to cut down the enemies of the light when necessary. I swear to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and offer what help I can to those who otherwise might not need protection, but deserve the effort and might of my sword." He draws in a slow breath. "This I do pledge before my brothers and sisters in arms, from now, till the time when the Underking reclaims my life."

    You have emoted: Alistaire inclines his head in a shallow nod, a proud smile briefly crossing his usually somber features. He steps closer to the taller man and says simply, "Take a knee."

    Tratos sinks down to his knee, bracing an arm across his thigh while his other hand curls into a fist to press against the ground. His wings mantle like a hawk's before he lowers them slightly. His gaze is fast and fierce on your own before he bows his head.

    You have emoted: Alistaire lifts the Ceremonial Sword of the Templar and stares silently at it for a few moments. "You are a man sired by Knights and those truly touched by the Light. You stand as a paragon of sacrifice and duty." the Pentarch intones loudly. "Act in honor, that your life and even death will better the realm. Be fearless in the face of your enemy. Speak the truth, always, even if it leads to your death. That is the charge I level upon you, Tratos." The sword lowers, tapping the kneeling aspirant once on either shoulder and then resting momentarily atop his head. "You knelt before me but a man. Now rise, Sir Tratos Windrayn-Yaslana. Rise a Knight."

    Tratos will now be known as Sir Tratos Windrayn-Yaslana.

    (Templars): You say, "Templarate, it is my honour to declare Sir Tratos Windrayn-Yaslana one of our Knights. Join me in congratulating him."

    His head bows further under the weight of your words, and after the sword clears his head, Tratos looks upwards, and pushes up from his kneeling position as indicated, his armor creaking under the movement. Eyes flashing in profound victory and pride, he straightens and closes his eyes for a moment to simply savor the words.

    You have emoted: Alistaire lowers the sword to his side and holds a golden armoured hand toward Tratos. "Congratulations, Sir Tratos. Welcome to the Order of the Radiant Heart."

    Phoenecia smiles brightly and withdraws her hands from behind her back and begins to clap softly. "You're a knight now, Tratos," she says, moving towards the altar. "Wear the title with pride."

    Tratos seems to be in something of a daze for a brief moment, but his hand moves, and by the time it reaches your own to grip, he is fully focused, a beaming smile splitting his lips. His gaze tips towards Phoenecia, and he merely nods towards the other Yeleni in acceptance of whatever horrible fate she might devise. "Thank you both." he finally says, managing it with a fluid tone.
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    Nice read! Knightings are such a cool part of the Templar RP and an awesome reward for member progression. :)
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    Ah, I remember my own very fondly. I have a couple of Knighting ceremonies saved among my numerous logs. I should try to save them all in one place.

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    NEXT KNIGHTING! IZLUDE!! (And a bunch of pre-ceremony banter)

    The Chapel of the Radiant Heart.
    This serene chapel surrounds one with austere alabaster marble. An altar at the end has been draped 
    in white silk, and a great sword stands embedded within it. The steel of the honed blade is stained 
    through with deep azure veins, and the silver hilt is a masterwork of gleaming design. The altar 
    stands upon a small dais, the front end worn into two distinct dips, where Knight after Knight has 
    knelt in prayer and thought before their formal ceremonies.

    (Templars): You say, "Aspirant Izlude will soon be joining the ranks of the Knighthood. Report to 
    the Chapel, Templar."

    Phoenecia ripples into existence before you.

    Phoenecia gives you a peck on the cheek.

    You say to Phoenecia, "My Lady."

    Tratos arrives from the south.

    Saybre arrives from the south.

    Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "I've been stuck doing paperwork all day. And working on 
    crafting orders. And taking stock of the guild shop."

    You ask Phoenecia, "So...what you're saying is don't force you to perform the ceremony this time?"

    You shift your eyes from side to side suspiciously.

    Flatly, Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "Make me do it and I'll stab you with the 
    knighting sword sword."

    Akimoto enters from the south, riding a donkey.

    Sternly, you say, "No mounts in the chapel."

    Akimoto gracefully hops off of a donkey.

    Akimoto slaps a donkey on the rump and sends it cantering off.

    You have emoted: "And your swords, Squire. There is no call for weapons drawn here." Alistaire 
    continues, giving Akimoto a small nod. "Aspirant Izlude will be with us shortly. Get comfortable, 

    Phoenecia pulls out a pouch of incense, undoing the ties as she wanders over to the standing censers 
    at the front of the chapel, pouring a little bit into each one and lighting it, wisps of pale white 
    smoke beginning to drift into the air.

    Saybre clasps his hands behind his back in an at-ease stance, staring off towards the altar in a 
    stoic manner.

    Izlude arrives from the south.

    Izlude removes a crimson-plumed, black cavalier hat.

    Izlude begins to wield a crimson-plumed, black cavalier hat in his left hand.

    Phoenecia glances to you as she extinquishes her match, tossing the burnt stub away into the corner. 
    "At attention or at ease?" she asks, moving back to her original spot.

    Caught off guard by the question, you say, "Mm? Ah...at ease. This is a celebration."

    You have emoted: "Aspirant Izlude Teslanar," Alistaire begins, drawing himself up to his full height 
    and speaking loudly enough that his voice echoes through the Chapel. "Only a few short years ago you 
    came to us. You have proven yourself in strength of arms and character both. You have made the 
    Templarate proud time and again and you have reminded the creatures of darkness why they must fear 
    the Light. Will you step even further and take on the mantle of Templar Knight?"

    Phoenecia nods her head, placing her feet together and idly lacing her fingers behind her back as 
    she faces the front of the chapel.

    Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "Yes Pentarch, I will."

    You have emoted: Alistaire gives a curt nod. "Step forward, Aspirant." the Pentarch orders, lifting 
    the Ceremonial Blade and motioning for Izlude to approach. "It is customary that each new Knight 
    swears an oath upon receiving their shield. Have you words to speak?"

    Izlude strides slowly towards the dias, his head tilted slightly forward as he reaches the front of 
    it, he pauses and goes to the position of attention. "Yes Sir, I have prepared an oath."

    You have emoted: Alistaire takes a moment to look to Phoenecia, Saybre and Tratos, offering each of 
    the other gathered Knights a brief smile, followed by a nod toward Akimoto. "Each of you have 
    gathered here this day to bear witness to Izlude's words. Remember them well." he says before 
    turning his attention fully to Izlude. "Speak."

    With his head tilted forward, Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "I solemnly swear to only act 
    justly, I will never use my skill to harm the innocent only to protect the people."

    Clearing his throat quietly before, Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "I swear to only to act 
    with honor, and though I am young and headstrong I, swear to act only after thought and to not let 
    my emotions control me."

    Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "Say I vow my swords will used in defence of the city and the 
    guild, I swear my loyalty to the Light and promise you all I will not falter nor be swayed."

    Clearing his throat once more, Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "I look forward to serving next 
    to each of you, and I swear that should any of you come to me I will be more than happy to help in 
    any way I can."

    Knight-Aspirant Izlude Teslanar says, "That's all I have Sir."

    You have emoted: "Take a knee, Izlude." Alistaire commands sternly, stepping closer and lifting the 
    Ceremonial Blade in a Knight's salute to the Aspirant.

    Izlude kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect.

    You have emoted: Alistaire lowers the sword and gives a proud smile. "You kneel before me a man. A 
    good man, who gives of himself and serves the Light without hesitance." he intones, "By my position 
    as Pentarch of the Templarate, I hereby declare you Sir Izlude Teslanar, Knight of the Templarate." 
    The sword descents, tapping either of the kneeling Knight's shoulders and then top of his head. 
    "Rise, Knight."

    Sir Izlude Teslanar says to you, "Thank you very much Pentarch."

    (Templars): You say, "Templar. It is my pleasure to announce the newest of the Templar Knighthood- 
    Sir Izlude Teslanar."

    You say, "You're all dismissed. Go and...do whatever it is normal people do to celebrate."

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    And here we have Demion! With some amusing pre-Knighting bickering between Saybre and Phoe, plus the post-Knighting raising of the shield.

    (Templars): You say, "Templar. Report to the Chapel. Aspirant Demion is ready to swear his oath and earn his shield."

    Phoenecia arrives from the south.

    Saybre arrives from the south.

    Areka arrives from the south.

    Saybre peers at Phoenecia suspiciously.

    Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix says, "I swear you come out of nowhere."

    You say, "She beat you here, you know."

    Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says to Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix, "I've been standing here this whole time!"

    Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix smiles with a wink and says, "Uh huh, sure."

    You have emoted: Alistaire motions to Phoenecia and says softly, "My Lady, the incense."

    Saybre wrinkles his nose in distaste.

    Areka grunts noncommittally.

    Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair sticks out her tongue and says to Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix, "Behave or I'll whack you in the face with another doll."

    Sir Saybre Windrayn, The Silver Phoenix asks, "Must we stink up the place?"

    Demion arrives from the south.

    Phoenecia pulls a pouch of incense from her bag and strides over to one of the censers, lighting a small stick of incense and dropping it in before wandering over to the other and lighting another stick, dropping it in as well.

    Saybre clasps his hands behind his back and nods at Demion, before returning his attention to the altar.

    Fixing himself in a disciplined position, Demion stands sharply at attention.

    You have emoted: Nodding, Alistaire fixes his gaze on Demion and intones loudly enough that his voice echoes through the hall. "Aspirant Demion Ikari, you stand before those gathered, having been found worthy of swearing an Oath and ascending to the rank of Knighthood. Are you prepared for this step?"

    Knight-Aspirant Demion Ikari says, "Yes, Pentarch."

    You have emoted: "Step forward, Aspirant." Alistaire commands, his glowing eyes darting quickly to each of the Knights gathered. "It is customary that you swear an oath before earning your shield, Demion. If you have one, please speak it."

    Stepping forward, Demion Demion clears his throat and begins to speak, "I, Demion Ikari, hereby swear before all the witnesses present to serve a knight of the Templars. I swear to serve the Light in all I do, to defend the realm from the forces of Corruption without hesitation or regrets. I will stand strong and protect the innocent and the weak with all my abilities. I swear to remain honourable and true to my brothers and sisters in the guild, city and struggle against the shadows. I make this oath with my honour as a knight on the line. Should I break it, I forefit my life and title as well as honour until such time as the Light deems me worthy once again."

    You have emoted: Alistaire smiles briefly, pride flickering across his features for a fleeting moment before his usual grim look returns. "Aspirant. Take a knee."

    Demion kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect

    You have emoted: Alistaire lifts the Ceremonial Sword of the Templar, bringing it in front of his face in a Knight's salute. "You came to us from the Darkness, Demion. You have sought to walk amidst the Light, to both make right your sins and live a life of duty and honour." The blade lowers, lightly tapping the kneeling man on the left shoulder. "You have sworn your allegiance to the Underking, and bring His divine Justice to this realm." The sword moves, mirroring the previous motion on the opposite shoulder. "And you have sworn yourself to the Templarate. You knelt before me but a man, now rise. Rise, a Knight." The Pentarch lifts the weapon once more and lightly touches Demion atop the head, "It is my honour to declare you Sir Demion Ikari, Knight of the Templar. Rise."

    Demion stands up and stretches his arms out wide.

    Saybre clears his hands free from his back and claps loudly for Demion in congratulations.

    Areka lifts a hand to crisply salute Demion.

    Sir Demion Ikari says, "Thank you, Pentarch and everyone here. It is my honour to be allowed to join your ranks."

    Phoenecia smiles and unfolds her hands from her back, clapping.

    Smiling again, you say, "Now, Sir Demion, Knights. If any of you should like to see his shield join the wall, please join us."

    Demion, Phoenecia, Areka and Saybre follow.

    The body of Ayaeva appears in a flash and her soul descends to fill it, causing the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

    You say to Ayaeva, "You missed the ceremony, Soldier. But we go to raise Sir Demion's shield upon the wall, if you wish to bear witness."

    Ayaeva begins to follow you.

    Soldier Ayaeva says, "Certainly."

    Soldier Ayaeva says to Sir Demion Ikari, "Congratulations, Sir."

    -Walking to the Hall of History-

    You carefully affix a somber, boldly-marked tower shield to its proper place upon a towering wall of shields.

    You have emoted: Alistaire rakes his view along the many shields proudly displayed upon the wall. "Congratulations, Sir Demion." he says, turning to look at the gathered Templar. "You are all dismissed. Celebrate. This is a monumental day."

    Demion's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

    Sir Demion Ikari says, "Thank you Sir."
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