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EowynEowyn Somewhere
I am not quitting entirely, but with WoW coming out, I expect myself to be around less - especially at night ET and probably the weekends. Feel free to add me on Discord via Zortania#7038.

I've told a few people, but I'm at a point with the game where I've felt primarily obligated to log in rather than wanting/desiring to do it for many, many months. This is from a combination stemming from the Atarah drama in Enorian, continued with this war and the negativity surrounding it, and further with the end of it. It's hard to find the enjoyment I used to.

I do just want to say in general, in regards to a lot of why my gameplay soured - please think about how you treat other players and how you make the game experience for them. We often get solely in the mindset to win, or to outdo others, and less on how to make the game fun for the majority. There will always be outliers who are never satisfied or happy. Don't let them bring down the desire to better the community for all.

Please remember that if you keep chasing people away, keep ignoring that you don't know what's going on in their lives outside the game and (in the end) it is -just a game-, that eventually all that will be left is you and your small circle of friends like you. Branch out, befriend people more, and get to know them. Make people feel like they are wanted, not just needed. You might end up being just what they needed to keep them logging in or more.


  • Froggo will keep your cushion in the lighthouse warm. (I assume you have a cushion)
    (I am also playing WoW. But work schedule has been super busy too, I will poke at you if I need anything boss lady)

  • Hey all,

    I know that by now most know that I ended up retiring Eowyn. This was something I thought about off and on for a while, due to having not been happy with the game for some time. During the war, it became worse than it had ever been - I was literally feeling nothing but rage most times that I logged in. This wasn't healthy for me, especially with existing issues with depression and a stressful career. So, I decided to take a friend's advice from his own attempt to return to the game - give some space and see if the desire to play is more than just the addiction to the familiar.

    So, retired Eowyn. Made a new char that I could hide on and only a handful know who it is. Got endgame, but that was about all the fun I was having. I was semi-excited to do some coding, but was finding little other joy. I had no interest in RP, little interest in bashing, and wanted to avoid positions because I always tend to let myself go for them. I always love making the game better for people, and sometimes I let myself feel obligated to keep going to make sure others have fun. So, with a lack of interest, I took it a step further and made myself only log in if I had a -true- interest in being on. Not 'afk-bash and pk', but really wanted to get involved again. Days passed, no real interest. Took a week's vacation - didn't miss the game one bit.

    So, I'm done for now. I figured I'd make sure people who'd want to know do via this post. If you want to reach out to me, feel free to add me on Discord (Zortania#7038). Thanks for these last 17 years of mudding!

    -Edna (Solaria/Eowyn/other chars here)
  • ZailaZaila Pacific Time
    Sounds like a pretty normal experience when just not in the mood to do something, so I'm glad you figured it out!

    Have fun if you stay gone and have fun if you eventually wander back, too! 
  • Welcome to my world! But I do hope you're feeling better now that you're taking a break.

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