Announce post #2873: Classleads July 2018 - part 5 (end)

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<pre>8/7/2018 at 6:08
Keroc, the Starborn
Classleads July 2018 - part 5 (end)

Here is a last batch of changes for this classlead round. There are one or two reports left, but they will be sorted out individually in due time.

- [2530] Harvest can now be used in tandem with Fracture.

- [2502] You can now HOUND NEUTER <trait> to swap a minor trait for the Sterile trait.
- [2529] HOUND LIST and HOUND BREED LIST will now include inactive traits when searching for hounds with a specific trait.

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 21st of Variach, in the year 475 MA.</pre>
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