What makes it most difficult for you to PvP?



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    Just a shower thought I had, I think that one of the declines of casual and 1v1 PvP in this game might have actually been the gradual elimination of non-consensual PvP.

    People who would non-consensually attack others were often loners, or anti-social in some way, or had a certain kind of macho personality. This often meant, despite the downsides, that they would not get a group together before attacking somebody. In getting rid of the former types I think the latter types may have also gotten pushed away.
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    Rhyot said:

    So I've got no issue with people wanting to learn to PK. None at all. Hell, I've helped a handful of people code their own makeshift offenses, have helped more people tweak their offenses and have even taught a few of them what they should be doing instead of what they ARE doing.

    My issue is the IDEA of Sunder. A completely 100% offensive system made for anyone with a modicum of a brain cell that can type 'kill'. Having a fully offensive system like Sunder removes any real reason to actually LEARN your class. Learn your skills. Learn your kill routes. Learn your AB file and how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. What I equate Sunder to is someone going, "I want to put together a 1000 piece puzzle of dragons, but not spend 16 hours actually doing it." This ruins the entire experience and joy people have in actually SOLVING the puzzle that is PK and winning for their very first time because they understood their class set and HOW to set up their killroute. People complain about "immersion" into a game for roleplay sake. Actually learning your class is part of that "immersion", but this is being disregarded and forgotten because of the creation of Sunder.

    However, like Toz said... with the initiation of Sunder, as time progresses.... people are going to make it viable to top tier combat and then what's the point? If you have TopSunder vs TopSunder.... you'll only win if you have a faster ping rate or a lack of lag because you're both curing the same, you're both attacking the way you need to attack, you're both fighting the way you need to fight, setting up the way you need to set up, and even know exactly what the other person is going to do next. This removes the complexity of PK and any real reason to PK because "We know one of us will win based off connection time alone and nothing else." And all you have to do to make this happen, is type 'kill'... nothing else. Then what?

    I disagree with your whole "My issue is the IDEA of Sunder." Honestly, if it wasn't for Sunder, I probably wouldn't have even cared to start working on my own offense. It's a lot of coding involved to be PK ready, as well as a lot of learning involved to get PK ready. Sunder helped narrow down what it was I -needed- to actually know to get started in combat, and that alone made it a whole lot easier to learn how to fight.

    Edit: I didn't realize how old these posts were. Sorry to bring this back up if someone already said the same thing.
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    I know for me it is a specific lack of knowledge in coding. I try and pick apart small things people help me with to learn basics but as far as anything complex, I have neither the knowledge nor the time to learn. So yeah, I resort Darkside/sunder. But at the same time, I don't believe that is nearly enough for me to 1v1. I do because Aya is a loudmouth and will fight a brick wall if given a chance. But it really is not fun going in knowing you are going to lose most every time.
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    I agree that there’s a lot of positives to pre coded systems. Otherwise Aetolia could only be played by people who know how to code. I think pre coded systems allow people to learn 1. How to code. 2. Find ways to get better at  combat.

    A base sunder script is not likely to beat me because it’s not its purpose. These combat systems act as a great template.
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