The Lemon Slayer

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The Black Flagon Inn.

A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A simple

oaken bin that reads 'Empty Glasses Here' is here. A beautifully carved chess

board is attached firmly to a heavy stand here. Hurriedly making her way between

patrons, Rispina busies herself nearby. A square oaken table is here, 3 oaken

chairs have been placed at it. A simple oaken chair with a rounded back stands

here. A oaken chair with a rectangular backrest stands here. A miniature

shot-sized glass has been left here. Beyam Ranvir is here. He wields a Shamanic quarterstaff

in his hands. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to

see what is for sale.

You see exits leading east, south, west, and up.



She is a clever Grecht with black and russet fur.  Small, petite ears are

perched on the top of her head, covered in a soft black fur.  Her eyes are a

warm golden brown color, the excessively large pupils lending her an inquisitive

look. Black fur rings her eyes and short muzzle, then blends with several

patches of rust red fur along her head and neck, both colors growing darker and

more heavily verigated as it stretches down past her shoulders. Leathery wings

of a deep black hue stretch along the undersides of both arms, acting as a

natural half-cape when she has the appendages resting across her shoulders.Her

hands are very small and dainty, with elongated fingers and sharp, but very

small claws. She is wearing:

a blue-black dress accented with roses

classy onyx silk sandals

a pack outfitted with petite, bat-like wings

a studded leather choker

an elegant, winged mithril seahorse locket



He is a normal Grecht with a long, wide body that hunches forward slightly, a

slow shallow curl of his back and shoulders that drops him well below his six

and a half foot height unless he straightens fully. The muscles of his form roll

under thick, heavy fur, a dusky charcoal hue for the most part save for the

coppery fur which covers his face head and neck, running down his back in a

stripe of color. A short muzzle pushes out from his face, sharp fangs just

barely seen through the joining of his lips. Amber-gold eyes sit under a

somewhat heavy, expressive brow, and two large leathery ears are perched atop

his skull. The leathery skin that stretches from his sides down to his wing

joints has a reddish hue and a tough texture, and remains tucked tight to his

sides when he walks and moves. His legs are digitigrade, ending in large taloned

claws that are nearly prehensile in their ability to grasp and hold. He is


a leering mask of verdant bone

a suit of ring mail

a braided leather pouch

4 silver rings

a gold stud earring

short huntsman's trousers

a large pack of cinnamon-hued leather






You have emoted: Ketlin half skips to the bar, holding a pack nearly overflowing

with fruits against her chest as she does so.


You pay 175 gold sovereign and receive a delicate, hand-painted porcelain tea

cup with blueberry kawhe.



Ranvir rests seated at the end of the bar on a stool, clawed toes gripping at

the rungs. An idle finger, long and thin taps at the wooden countertop.


You have emoted: Precariously balancing the newly aquired teacup in one hand,

Ketlin turns to move her collection to one of the nearby tables, her ears

twitching slightly in concentration as the smallest tip of her tongue peeks out

of her muzzle. She tosses a glance at Ranvir and offers a bright smile out of

what seems to be sheer habit before the smile freezes on her face. The pack of

fruit abruptly falls from her hands, hitting the floor and rolling in most

directions as she studders, "You. You're a Grecht!"


You drop 10 lemons.

You drop 5 pears.

You drop 5 peachs.



Slyvin enters from the west following Kerryn.


Pressing the open palm of his left hand against the clenched fist of his right,

Slyvin bows respectfully.


Ranvir jerks at the sound of the fruit hitting the ground, his ears swiveling

towards you before his eyes do, a startled look upon his muzzle. One foot

uncurls from the rung and settles upon the ground, his wide torso twisting.

Before he can reply, his head dips in mild greeting to Slyvin.


Kerryn walks in and makes her way straight to the bar, selecting a bottle of

vodka she pours herself a glass. "Would you like anything?" she asks Slyvin

before her attention shifts to Ranvir and you, offering each a polite nod,



Sensei Slyvin Daedrus-Za'lae says, "That vintage beer."


Slyvin makes his way over to stand next to Kerryn.


You have emoted: Ketlin stares at Ranvir a full moment longer before she pivots

to offer a quick smile at Kerryn. "Hello!" she greets with an abashed flick of

her ears as she kneels down and begins carefully recollecting the fruit

scattered all over the floor.


Kerryn buys a solid obsidian tankard with "Irruel's Brew" vintage beer.


Kerryn gives a solid obsidian tankard to Slyvin.


Kerryn takes a gulp of "Blood Maiden" vodka, the sheer potency of the drink

enough to elicit a shudder. her look of discontent is soon replaced by a curious

one as she seems to try and decipher a lingering taste.


Kerryn pours Slyvin a drink and offers the tankard to him before collecting her

glass and moving to sit at the bar.


Ranvir immediately moves to help gather the fruit up as well, palming the

scattered lemons and pears in silence.


You pick up 5 peachs.

Ranvir picks up 5 lemons.

You pick up 3 pears.

Ranvir picks up 2 pears.

You pick up 4 lemons.


Slyvin takes a long swig of vintage beer, the brew sloshing about in a wave of

thick amber.


Slyvin relaxes his wings, letting them sit partially open behind him.


You have emoted: Ketlin's fingers wrap around her left ear, tugging it idly as

she continues to stare at Ranvir. "I haven't seen another Grecht. Not since

starting out on my own. People tell me that we're really rare," she mumbles.



Kerryn takes a gulp of "Blood Maiden" vodka, the sheer potency of the drink

enough to elicit a shudder. her look of discontent is soon replaced by a curious

one as she seems to try and decipher a lingering taste.


Kerryn glances at Slyvin, "Will you be waking more?" she asks hopefully. As she

waits for Slyvin's response her attention wanders over to you and Ranvir,

watching them briefly.


Slyvin looks at the others before turning his attention to Kerryn. "I don't

know. I'll try, but I'm just not sure."


Ranvir offers over the fruit he'd gathered up in both hands, settling down on

his haunches, his attention on you alone. "Yes." he agrees finally in a low

tone, the 's' drawn out slightly. "Not many of us around."


Slyvin licks his lips.


Kerryn nods once, "Understandable." she says, "Though I do hope you are able

to." she says with a small smile.


Slyvin lifts his flagon in recognition. "Aye, so do I."


You have emoted: Ketlin seems to quail slightly beneath the scrutiny, barely

managing a quiet 'thank you' as she delicately takes the fruit back from Ranvir

one piece at a time. "I have lots here... you can have some if you want..." she

offers, her ears pricking up slightly.


Ranvir gives 5 lemons to you.

Ranvir gives 2 pears to you.


Kerryn frowns, her gaze instantly shifting to the doorway.


Slyvin raises an eyebrow at Kerryn.


Kerryn rises suddenly, "Excuse me." she says before rushing out the door.


Slyvin blinks.


Sensei Slyvin Daedrus-Za'lae says, "Er..."


Once the fruit leaves his hands, Ranvir shakes his head with a negating wave of

one. "No, do not need it. You keep it. Eat all of it." He scratches at the fur

on his chest with a long-clawed thumb, his other hands brushing the ground for

balance, his head tilting as he looks at you, his eyes flicking towards the door

at the woman's rushing exit.


You have emoted: Ketlin's ears lay back against her head in a surprisingly

submissive manner as she offers a shy smile. Her gaze shifts to the exit as well

as Kerryn departs so suddenly, and she takes the opportunity in the broken eye

contact to move to the table she had pegged earlier. Depositing her catch on the

table top, she glances back at Ranvir, tugging at her ear nervously once more.


Slyvin nods to the two of you and leaves quickly.


Slyvin leaves to the west.


As if sensing the nervousness in you, Ranvir keeps his distance, straightening

from his crouch and moving once more towards the bar. He clambers onto a stool,

half turned towards the other Grecht, his gaze turning away to take that

intensity and aim it elsewhere. "Have seen no others you said?" He asks



You have emoted: Ketlin settles into one of the chairs facing Ranvir, her

fingers sliding around a lemon and idly picking at the rine with her claws, the

motion seeming to calm her slightly. "I haven't, no. Others I've met haven't

either. They seem to make ... well, a big deal out of it."


Ranvir lets his claws tap along the wood again, slow and measured, his tongue

flicking out to slide along his muzzle and fangs for a moment. "No one has made

big deal out of me, but maybe it is different in different places." He muses,

eyes sliding sidelong towards you, studying the female through that warm amber



You have emoted: Ketlin's fingers wrap around her left ear once more, tugging it

down to double over itself. "So uh... where are you from, then?"


Ranvir scratches his chest again, pondering over the question. "North." He

replies shortly. "Far north. My tribe lives in the tundra. Have been living...

here." He gestures with one long-fingered hand. "South, where is warmer, for

almost two years now."


You have emoted: Ketlin relaxes further as she pries the lemon in half with her

claws, then begins to eat the pieces individually, a pleased look on her

features. "Too warm sometimes," she replies, her eyes fixing on Ranvir with

attentive curiosity. "You have a tribe?"


"Too warm all the time." Ranvir corrects, his face breaking into a grin for the

first time since you entered, the expression lightening his grim features

considerably. "Yes, yes. Tribe is family, have lived with them most of my life."


You have emoted: Ketlin responds with a short, chittering laugh and pulls her

knees up to her chest, curling into a surprisingly short ball and wrapping her

arms across her knees, draping them in her wings. "Most?" she asks, fixating on

the clarification with a surprising amount of interest.



"Most." Ranvir confirms without explaining further, his large ears twisting

towards you at the laugh, seeming rather pleased at the sound. "Where are you



You have emoted: "I'm from the mountains." Ketlin replies with a shrug. "I was

there with Nan and Pops until recently. They told me I needed to see the world."


A certain disappointment crosses Ranvir's expression, his ears falling back, but

he smiles nevertheless, a flash of fangs. "Am seeing the world too. Is time for

manhood trials, need experience and strength for that."


You have emoted: Ketlin quirks her head to the side slightly. "Manhood trials?"


Ranvir thumps his fist against his chest, pride coming into his expression. "To

become a man in the tribe. Must pass the trials and gain access to the caverns

all true men hunt."


You have emoted: Ketlin's eyes widen slightly at the display, though she

wrinkles her nose slightly at the mention of hunting. "I had to kill an oyster.

It wasn't very fun."


Ranvir blinks, and blinks again, head tilting at your comment. He waits,

expecting perhaps a joke, and when nothing is forthcoming, a small laugh of his

own rumbles from his chest in a low-toned chitter of sound. "Oysters don't fight

back." He replies, as if this is the self-evident reason of why it wouldn't be



You have emoted: Ketlin's ears fall back slightly. "They wouldn't give me the

pearls otherwise. If they would just spit them out, I wouldn't have to kill

them," she replies with a sulking tone.


Ranvir seems rather amused at your words, and makes to hop off the stool,

lumbering towards the table slowly, his hands spreading to each side in a

harmless gesture. "Am Ranvir. Is nice to meet another Grecht finally."


You have emoted: Ketlin uncurls slowly, sitting up straight as her ears perk

forward and her fingers curl together in front of her on the table. "Ketlin. I

was beginning to wonder if I would ever find another one, too. Things don't seem

so impossible now."


Ranvir stops at a comfortable distance, clawed toes spreading to take his weight

evenly. "Nothing is impossible. Only difficult." He points out. "Try hard

enough, things will happen."


You have emoted: Ketlin's claws fiddle with the edge of a peach, accidentally

sinking into the soft flesh of the fruit. "I ... want to ask a question. It's

just.. " wrinkling her nose slightly, she pushes forward, "It's going to sound

really strange."


"Ask." Ranvir urges. "Is alright, yes yes. Will forgive if is too strange." His

wide grin belies the words as he pulls out a chair opposite you and settles into

it, pulling his wings in tight.


You have emoted: Ketlin stares at her hands, suddenly aware of the peach she is

slowly shredding with her claws. "Um... okay... it's just... well..." fidgetting

in her seat she finally completely averts her eyes and bluts out, "are you my



The grin slides from his face with alarming speed, and Ranvir pushes back from

the table so fast the chair skids out behind him across the floor. "Why.. why

would ask that." He says, eyes widening in disbelief.


You have emoted: Ketlin's ears fold back flat against her head and she drops her

head by several inches, making herself even smaller yet. "I ... forget it. I

told you it would be strange. I'm sorry."


Ranvir presses his hands to the tabletop, fingers splaying out across the wood,

his gaze focusing so tightly there he might be counting the rings in the grain.

" missing.." he begins, voice lowering further. "Am missing a sister." His

head tips up to catch you in his sights. "Why would ask that." He demands again.


You have emoted: Ketlin manages to grow even smaller in her chair, her wings

flexed across her chest in a barrier of wing as she tucks her muzzle behind her

forearm so that only her eyes are peeking out over the top of them. "I'm sorry!"

she squeaks, her words soft and full of odd chitters as she tries to grow

smaller yet. "It's just I have a brother that I've never met and they only just

told me about him before I left and I thought that I might maybe be able to find

him, but I haven't found any other Grecht and no one has seen any of them and

maybe they just told me that to give me something to look for..." she rambles



Haydyn arrives from the west.

She is followed by a giant, winged wolf.


Haydyn buys a miniature shot-sized glass with "Blood Maiden" vodka.


Kerryn arrives from the west.


Haydyn buys a miniature shot-sized glass with "Blood Maiden" vodka.


Kerryn takes a gulp of "Blood Maiden" vodka, the sheer potency of the drink

enough to elicit a shudder. her look of discontent is soon replaced by a curious

one as she seems to try and decipher a lingering taste.


Haydyn takes a gulp of "Blood Maiden" vodka, the sheer potency of the drink

enough to elicit a shudder. her look of discontent is soon replaced by a curious

one as she seems to try and decipher a lingering taste.


Haydyn takes a gulp of "Blood Maiden" vodka, the sheer potency of the drink

enough to elicit a shudder. her look of discontent is soon replaced by a curious

one as she seems to try and decipher a lingering taste.


The disbelief grows, and Ranvir sweeps around the table, hunching his wide body

before you as he crouches beside the other Grecht's chair. One clawed hand hooks

around the leg of your chair. "Who told?" He questions, his tone abruptly soft,

almost comforting, and certainly with a touch of pleading. "Who told this?"


Haydyn inclines her head to the other patrons before slamming her drink down and

swiftly exiting the Inn.


Haydyn leaves to the west.

She is followed by a giant, winged wolf.


Kerryn stares at Haydyn's retreating form, her frown deepening.


You have emoted: Ketlin's head slowly lifts from beneath the level of her winged

forearms, her ears slowly swiveling forward at an equal speed. "My Nan. She told

me before I left."


Kerryn shakes her head as she turns away, a brief glance is thrown in Ranvir and

your direction before she begins to walk towards the kitchen. Preoccupied with

her thoughts, Kerryn doesn't notice the lemon laying in her path, that is till

she steps on it and goes flying in the air to land on her back with a resounding


Ranvir flicks his ears around in a tight swivel, noting the coming and going of

the other patrons only to that degree. He pulls in a deep breath before it

hisses from his chest with a soft rumble. "Was told... " he begins, head turning

sharply at the sounds of impact. He's quick to move despite the awkwardness of

his gait, lumbering over to crouch and holds his wide hands out towards Kerryn

in aid. "Are ok? Come, take hands, will lift you." He chitters.


You have emoted: Ketlin's ears pitch forward at the sound as well, her eyes

widening at the sight as she shifts to her feet as well, wincing as she notes

the lemon responsible. "I'm so sorry! I thought I got them all picked up!"


Kerryn groans, her emerald gaze searching the immediate area for the cause of

her tumble "Death by lemon." she says as she spots the offending fruit. "Could

this month get -any- worse?" she asks herself. Gratefully she accepts the

pre-offered hands, "Thank you." she says to Ranvir as she finds her feet. Her

hands move to her lower back and she stretches slowly, an audible 'pop' is heard

and she releases a sigh, "Much better." Her head turns to address you, "It's

alright, it happens." she says with a small smile.


You have emoted: Ketlin folds her fingers together, overlapping them in front of

her chest as she watches Kerryn with a worried expression, despite the



Ranvir lifts his hands when touched, pulling to help rise, and he crouches

beside Kerryn after the woman is standing, amber gaze watching to make certain

another fall is not forthcoming. "Nothing broken?" He asks, blindly reaching for

the offending fruit and snatching it up. "Could cut up lemon. Deserves it for

making you fall." He suggests, letting the slightly squished fruit roll along

the palm of his hand in offering.


Ranvir picks up a luscious lemon.


Kerryn eyes the lemon, "And risk rising it's ire any more then I have by

stepping on it?" she quickly shakes her head and lifts her hands up defensively,

"No, thanks. With my luck, I'd cut my own finger and the juice from it would

sting for hours."


You have emoted: Ketlin regards the lemon in Ranvir's hand, as if suddenly

expecting far more from the unassuming piece of fruit.


Ranvir eyes the lemon as if it were something evil, then shrugs his wide

shoulders and bites into the fruit, quickly swallowing the piece rind and all.

"Mortal wound. Will not hurt anyone else." He says with a slow, knowing nod, his

tongue slipping into the hole to lap at the juices with a delighted expression.

His tongue then flicks out, licking long his muzzle.


You have emoted: Ketlin's features light up, a soft chittering laugh rising from

her muzzle as she smiles widly at Ranvir.


Kerryn gives a soft chuckle, "Thank you, Sir." she murmurs as she slowly hobbles

over to a chair and sits down.


Ranvir finishes the lemon in a few more quick, sharp bites, again licking at his

muzzle and fingers now until the fur is clean again. He pushes himself fully

upright, a dizzying vertical ascent from the crouched position, and he nods his

head. "Need rest now, but no more lemons about to worry over." He angles a

pointed gaze to the various pieces of fruit resting across your table before he

grins widely, fangs exposed. "Will talk more." He addresses you. "Yes yes?"


Ranvir quickly devours a luscious lemon.


You have emoted: Ketlin follows Ranvir's gaze to the table, her ears falling

back as she makes a shoft exhale noise expected to accompany a blush of

embarrassment. Her ears raise once more at the direct question, and she nods



"Be well, Lemon Slayer." Kerryn says quietly, "Thank you again."

Ranvir huffs out a chittering laugh, the sound deep and resonant. "Call if need

help, lady ma'am." He says, dipping his head again.



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    Alright, that was all kinds of adorable!

    Also, so great to see people actually playing with RPing Grecht!

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    I'll admit it: I squeed a little bit that someone had commented.
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    This is awesome. I love that sort of sudden reunion familial roleplay. You should post more; I'm interested in seeing how it works out. :) Very nice characterization from both too, and I like how the different interactions going on in the place kind of overlapped with each other when Kerryn tripped over the lemon. Very nice log!
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