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I thought it would be nice to go over your memories of the war. You POSITIVE memories. Whether they were stories of you dealing with missions, funny situations, intense pvp, or just something fun that happened during. Share your feelings too, but try REALLY hard not to indicate a person, faction, or group.

As tempting as it will be to be upset, bitter, or angry at the way things turned out (I still am in a lot of ways, I know where you're coming from), it'll be much more fun to talk about the fun stuff.

I'll start us off by mentioning this is the first time in years that I engaged in PK! Well, outside of Ylem. This is the first time I've been jumped or attacked in a 1v1 situation by choice. Some of them I won and some I lost. This is a bit vague and seemingly meaningless, but this war marks a major step forward in me getting over my irrational fear of conflict in the game.

Shoutout to Light: I really want to thank @Benedicto for being so polite and honorable. Everyone else has been relatively good too, comparing them to events before the whole conflict began.



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    Hmm, perhaps not a memory or anything of the like, but the war certainly managed to get me out of my RP shell. That's one of the better things I can say about it.
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    as much as i've unicorned about various things, i'll defo say: i really liked the opportunities presented by the conflict, regardless of whether they were all realized. it was ambitious and a bit different to anything else i've seen in the game since i started.

    a couple specific good moments hmmmm

    forging an alliance with the Beastlords was fun for me, as was the way that thread was (for the moment) tied up. it's cool that i could do something so unexpected and off-the-wall without being ignored.

    i know i'm gonna get yelled at, but i loved that the imp trappers never stopped their nonsense. RAINBOWS. so purdy. so hilarious. good ol imps.

    oh! this was only like an hour ago, but @Tenshyo tried to offer Vyx some damabread - upon learning it was damabread and not freydhabread, she threw it on the ground and spat on it, then gave it back to Tens. idky but the interaction was really funny to me. thanks tens, ur a good birb. :3
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
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    Vyxsis said:

    i know i'm gonna get yelled at, but i loved that the imp trappers never stopped their nonsense. RAINBOWS. so purdy. so hilarious. good ol imps.

    Careful. I've got a bag that produces those things.

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    I've learned alot, I have experienced alot. I have seen good times and bad times. I have however nothing but appreciation for those working on the event behind the scenes and in the forefront.

    I considered a few things I have put in other posts, I have considered what I would have done differently and how -I- as a player could have approached things better in retrospect, and honestly this has been a HUGE learning experience, that has given me as much panic as it has great memories.

    I could list a ton of names, but no matter how big or small you feel you are in the scope of this war. If you participated in some scope, you deserve a thank you for putting yourself in an unknowing gambit of experience.

    Congratulations to those who found achievements, I hope everyone feels there is some semblance of personal growth as not only a MUD player, but as a character.
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    It was nice feeling motivated to try and PK again. Favorite memory would be any of the variable, 1v1 or small group fights.

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    My favorite part of this is probably the degree to which every one of the city War positions took this event, and how involved they were in the day to day operations. All four of us badly wanted to win, and although it's pretty clear @Toz and @Borscin had the better tactics and got the early jump on us that eventually led to victory, I am definitely excited to get another shot with @Benedicto in the future to go up against them again with everything we've learned since the beginning.

    Similar to @Oonagh above, I learned quite a bit about motivating people, offering feedback and generally being a better in-game leader, and I doubt there are many events that would have given as much opportunity for these things in such a short span of time.

    Also thanks to @Kavithe for the amusing chats the past few days.

    Edit: @Eowyn @Daren @Phoenecia - Couldn't have done anywhere near as well without the constant stream of info you guys provided and the help with morale and taking charge.
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    I can't pin point any favorite memories. I've never been a combatant of any kind and even though I've never been jumped in a 1v1, I've been involved in group combat and been able to help Spinesreach and it's been amazing! Big shoutout to @Borscin for being the one who taught me how things are done and helped me with my troops!
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    It's been quite a tense, terse place to be at times. It's hard being friends with so many Shadow players and with some of the issues surrounding the war, trying to both retain my own stance in the face of some of those issues and still remain on good terms with everyone.

    I think one of the funnier memories from the war is trying to get HG arties and @Emir having two of them. He was out on the Old Road so I assumed he was up to something and so went and challenged him, immediately beginning to cleave. He didn't do anything and got killed.

    "That's odd." I thought. Until I then got a message of @Toz to say that he'd effectively become an accessory to murder as Emir had been idle at the Caves and Toz had booted him onto the Old Road where he was promptly cleft.

    I had fun the other day running like a mad man around Great Rock trying to bash Ophidian mobs whilst being chased by @Borscin, @Mjoll and @Iazamat, who were then joined by @Mazzion and @Leana. I don't know about anyone else, but I had fun.

    I think that a lot of kudos need to go out to people. @Stine, @Emir, @Daren, @Toz, @Mjoll, @Borscin, @Eowyn, @Phoenecia, @Luas, @Ranae, @Tatia.
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    Hey all. First post here!

    I know the Light side had bumps along the way, especially since we are not a city with a lot of experienced combatants (talking about myself here), but I so enjoyed every aspect of this war. It was a great way to feel like you were part of something and hopefully made a tiny difference. I loved the thrill of encountering the other side when we did engage in battle. So thank you dark side for scaring the crap out of me but forcing me to engage.

    Enorian, what can I say, thanks for keeping us motivated to get involved.

    And now for special thanks for all those I pestered about war stuff and combat related stuff in general...
    @Eowyn @Stine @Daren @Benedicto @Tatia and @Phoenecia [filled containers for the win].
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    I was playing a brand shiny new dark side character when this event kicked off. My favorite part was definitely how easy it was to be involved and how the scale of the conflict, along with how it was set up, made every player feel essential. Myself and a couple of other players on lowbie level characters, all of us with little to no PK experience, would get looped in to war webs. When we'd warn everyone that we didn't know what we were doing, the immediate response was always to the tune of 'can you bash? can you put things in a chest? can you collect roe? then we need you, come on!'

    I watched every kind of player get dragged around and involved in every kind of mission, each as important to the war effort as any other. That was what made the war really excellent for me. That, and the players being so willingly to get everyone into the game, so endless love to @Borscin @Emir @Toz @Mjoll @Teani @Xenia @Fezzix @Kavithe @Zenobia and a bunch of other people because, holy cow, literally everyone was there at some point.

    (also Agra <3)
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    I've enjoyed the heck out of having an event I can participate in as a rogue and actually feel somewhat useful in!
    Also, having so many different types of missions - even though I have absolutely no PK skill whatsoever - I joined sect and have gotten a huge kick out of the "the heck are YOU doing here" reactions from the various people I get paired with for my missions, lol!  I have died SLIGHTLY less quickly each time by realising some other defense I didn't have up each time, too! 
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    Another story that happened during war but was not necessarily a war related event unless you count filling ylem containers;

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    The fight with the reverse bomb in the Mitrine. I knew everything in my system was broke except for my singularity alias. @Toz read my mind I guess and cast blizzard as I started dropping bombs. I legit had no idea if we were winning the fight or losing the fight, I was just dropping bombs. When the effects of the reverse bomb ended, Toz was just like "keep going" while @Trikal was screaming "BFFL STOP". I kept going. It was glorious.

    Anytime @Iazamat got a fling kill.

    Not anytime @Borscin ks'd. Please, don't think he's sitting on top of killstats right now because of skill, or anything.

    The fight to keep #1 on killstats vs. @Mjoll and @Daren at the start.

    War web shenanigans. @Kavithe @Xenia Cariv

    Seeing people go into the HG.

    The 2 month long excuse to never emote.

    @Toz @Toz @Toz @Toz @Toz @Toz @Toz

    @Valingar has that special style of fighting that detilts you when in all honesty it should tilt you the most. Btw your tsunami into holo's is weak, needs work.
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    Toz said:

    Finding @Benedicto at our troops and instead of fighting just standing there talking about the war.

    I totally forgot about that! That was an epic bit of roleplay. It's funny, we talk so much in Disco that I forget our chars tend not to massively interact with each other.

    I feel like we laid the foundations for Tentadick and Hammerwang's future co-operations against extra-continental threats. We are the realms new Starsky & Hutch/Vince & Jules/Naruto & Sasuke/Midoriya & Bakugo etc etc
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    I keep hitting like awesome agree but it keeps deleting two of them off again...

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    oh wait, toz is famous

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    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    I learned to PVP in Duiran. I used to be a road warrior and did 10 days on 4 days off living in hotels. It was then I decided to seriously invest in PVP. Prior to then I has only ever achieved maybe GR2 in an guild. Somehow I made it to MoS in the Sibatti/Kiyotan years and it was up to me to deal with a real problem/ Exterminators. I had a whole system in place to dish out bounties, and in those day I had a hardcore group of murders working for me. Azton, Tyrak, and Illidan (my boi 4life) to name a few. but we could never counter the exterminations no matter the bounties I placed on them.

    Now the second class I ever trans'd was syssin (After paying 200k to a guild member for it), and I was pretty good at it. I would wait in phase for hours, working my way to the new rooms called city portals where exterminators would hide. Once there I would deep hypno my prey not only to vlock, but to leave safety where my crew of faithful brutes would lye and wait for the kill. The most cunning prey of which found themselves alone with Illidan in Delos, with his rapier that would isolate anyone into a 1v1 arena until someone died. I earned a ton of enemy statuses for this but ultimately it was some of the most fun I've ever had playing .

    I also concede this is anecdotal, and that my fun probably came a someone misfortune. To that I will only say, my concession cost me my game.
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