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    Ah this is pretty crazy. Are you entirely sure it's not the same person multiple times? Just seems insane.
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    Hello Lycurgus,

    As many of you know, I run the Delve Discord, though I'm not entirely sure if it was our Discord that Lycurgus was referring to. After checking the logs of our Discord, Lycurgus was a member back at the end of June and left around the 30th. After talking with the mods on the Discord, we weren't aware that this activity was occurring. I understand that many may have legitimate criticisms of the Discord at times for various reasons, but none of us were aware that this was happening. Had we had known, we would've gotten the offenders to knock it off. We have a pretty hardline stance against this sort of thing when it comes to promotions, people advertising their Twitch streams, etc. UNLESS the person is active part of the community and aren't directly asking for it. Positive examples of this was Eleanor advertising her art stream while her pet was sick, but none of what she did was an active request for money, but rather offering a service of art to go towards her sick bird. Other examples are the Discord bots advertising when streams go active for people who play Aetolia or are a part of the Delve community. We do this because we want to foster a sense of community between tethers, remind everyone that we're all one community playing a game in common, etc.

    I've posted a message to everyone on the Delve Discord that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, whether in the channels or via unsolicited PMs. The Delve Discord is not a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe page, and there are far better resources available to those who are struggling or in a bad place. I've also added a rule to explicitly prohibit this sort of thing going forward, but I honestly didn't think I would need to.

    In any event, Lycurgus, I apologize that this happened to you and I assure you that if we had known and had some logs of it, the mods of the Discord would've stepped in. I apologize to any others who have been potentially negatively impacted in such a manner on the Discord.
  • i doubt this comment is going to make me any more beloved, but idc at this point.

    on the one hand, i get that it's uncomfortable to be asked for money.

    on the other, and god forgive me for even remotely defending this game's players, elements of this sound fake. you got emails from multiple players asking for money? how have so many people obtained your email address? why name and shame rijetta, who isn't an active player at the moment, as though she scammed you when (as you say) you'll always be inclined to help people who were in the army? also, i've not been in the delve discord since not too long after you left, but i have been in various aetolia-dedicated discord servers for periods of time. never have i seen direct begging for money - it's not a community that seems supportive of that sort of behavior (which is not to say i have an issue with it).

    i want people to feel comfortable with playing, and i don't really want to see anyone driven away from the game for anything other than abusive behavior. however, much of this strikes me as... implausible at best, and frankly, given the way i've seen you react to *other people having conflict that didn't involve you at all*, it seems like you're given to kneejerk reactions based on misapprehending situations.
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    I'll use my experience with people going through rough times, who often just end up slipping when they admit it - they don't like handouts usually. I've offered to so many when I find out and have rarely had anyone accept the offer. A few have, in the form of pizza, and it didn't spread from there and no one else bothered me. So, I want say that your experience is not a typical one and I've been playing Aetolia off and on since the start. I hope you'll reconsider quitting and consider this to just have been a fluke more than the norm.
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