Nexus Web Caller Help!

So...I think I know nothing about intricate triggers and variables within Nexus, and some of my Magelets play from work only, so Nexus Client is ideal for them.

My question is how can they set a trigger to change targets via webcalls?

Thanks in advance!


  • ElliotElliot Australia
    Okay, so this is pretty damn rudimentary cause I don't know how to code for nexus and I don't know how to do the equivalent of "if matches[2] == targetcaller then".

    But this will work for EVERY target call.

    Trigger text: ^\(Web\): \w+ says, "Target: (\w+)."$

    Now you'll want to set your action to "Execute script" and put in this code:
    set_variable("target", args[1])
    send_command("settarget " + get_variable("target")) 
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    Simplified scripting makes doing this kinda stuff pretty easy!

    You can set 'targetcaller' the same way, if you have someone saying they're gonna call targets.

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    Alternatively, if you really want to use scripting... I think this will work as well... I haven't used Nexus before, so I'm not entirely sure if it's any different from standard javascript coding that I've done.

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