Announce post #2855: Troop Q&A

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6/18/2018 at 8:00
Razmael, the Synthesist
Troop Q&A

Going to answer some questions we've received lately about troops and troop combat publically here so everybody has the knowledge.

Q: Do you need to maintain a 'supply line' to capture a room, or do you just need a single adjacent room of your territory?
No supply lines needed, just a single adjacent room. That room doesn't need to be connected to any territory, only the room you're trying to capture.

Q: If there are multiple enemy divisions and you only have one division, is it intentional those enemy divisions will all gang up on your one division?
Yep! No bad action movies here. You have to plan your troop movements around this.

Q: If someone currently has the troop mission, but doesn't get troops, can they continue to do other missions? More specifically, if they do other missions, will it count towards their next set of troops?
Yes, you can leave your territory capture mission uncompleted or even unclaimed if you want. You can only take your territory missions one at a time though. So take the territory mission, get your troops, use them for mission completion. Then it'll allow you to take your next territory mission.

Q: Is there some sort of attacker bonus or commander bonus?

Q: Can troops be moved outside flagged territories?

Penned by my hand on Tisday, the 21st of Variach, in the year 474 MA.
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