Vampires - that old chestnut.



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    Or make vampire a subclass like shapeshifters with masquerade as the hinge skill!  :o

    MASQUERADE AS [class you have]
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    That's pretty interesting. 

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    I'm not sure if this is really the thread for it, but I'd love to be able to customize my bat/wolf form or at the very least have a list of animals to choose from.
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    I know that it's typical for administration to not comment on threads in the Idea Box, but is there any chance we can get feedback on changing nightstalker to be more in line with everyone else's novice experience? Get nightstalker, go through academy, unlock Sanguis and the ability to trans all skills, embrace grants full class, etc. @Tiur

    Since fortify is locked behind siring and Sanguis/learning to trans are locked behind full class, I feel like a glorified class vendor, trying to push people through as quickly as possible for the sake of the game. I want people to have class, I want people to get sired, and that means that I don't feel I can sit down and have lengthy RP sessions with them and challenge them or make them wait, because if I do, we risk losing that player (new or alt) either due to quitting the game or moving onto another class. It's really quite an awful feeling.

    Edit: Never mind, had mechanics with Vinessa clarified for me!
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    While I don't even play anymore I want to say that I feel that if you're going the variation between Houses flavor route thing, don't put it on combat messages. Put it on something that will be there all the time. You can do a lot of things that are different from just physical features. You can have uniforms. And by that, I don't mean actual uniforms, but the word will suffice. Scottish clansmen all look the same to outsiders. But if you're a member of one clan, you know your tartan is vastly different from other rivals. There are tribes of people who wear their hair a certain way that their enemies they've had for the last ten generations would recognize, but an outsider wouldn't.

    Find stuff that are cosmetic but not necessarily obvious to people. If I was a bloodsucker (and I was) and i was proud of my House (and I was) I'd love to wear a garment, or a piece of jewelry that wasn't obviously tied to my House, but we all wore in some respect.

    In fact, fashion can have all sorts of codes and queues built into it. Married women in some cultures braid their hair to signify their nuptials and the fact they are no longer available. It's not obvious, but it tells us things.

    That's the sort of route I feel is appropriate - not things limited to combat messages or skill descriptions.
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    (Sorry for two posts but can't edit my earlier one for some reason.)

    If you wanted to get REALLY cool, you could invent a whole kind of unspoken language between vampires. The possibilities really are kinda limitless:

    A vampire with one of his fangs snapped off has obviously suffered the punishment of feeding from someone who belonged to another vampire (Yes, got this from True Blood). But how much fun could you have roleplaying being sullen and butthurt about being punished? Or hell, maybe you're a rebel and you flaunt the fact that you break the rules when you can.

    A vampire who wears three bracelets on his right arm but none on his left is emotionally available and seeking to be courted. A vampire woman who wears three on her right is the opposite and not available.

    A vampire who wears a mask in public for a month has been shamed and is publicly admitting it to save face.

    Hate these ideas? No problem. Make some unicorns up! I think it could be really fun.
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