Austin Meet 2018: 7/6 - 7/8

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Hey guys!

So it looks like @Teani, @Trikal and @Emir will be in Austin at some point during this time. I'm wondering if anyone else wants to come and spend a night or two down here with us and we turn this into an open meet.

I can't offer my house as host to anymore people, but I would be open to sharing an Air BnB with a group of folks if enough were interested.

-Ashley (Xenia)



  • Please I have no friends. 
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  • Rip this meet
  • Lycurgus the WayfarerLycurgus the Wayfarer The road that goes ever on
    RIP this meet???? I would actually attend.
  • Oh, well Teani and I are here, and Sibatti. We're doing a brunch on Sunday. Message me and we can figure something out!

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