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I just reached level 80 today and was wondering what the best way to level would be from this point on. I've heard about elemental globes with mint chocolates and chalices but I don't really know what that entails. I know you eat the chocolates but I can't find any help files on the globes and chalice. How do you get the elemental to come out of the globe and how do you use the chalice? Can I actually kill the elemental? 
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    1. Globe functionality - DRAIN GLOBE, gives you 6 hour buff. SUMMON ELEMENTAL, removes 5 minutes of said buff. Kill the elemental. Once dead, summon another. Rinse repeat until buff falls off, then drain up to three more times. If you have chocolates, ylem orbs, and endgame buff (miasma/safeguard/warmth) you can likely handle them at level 80 with most classes. Without is far more tricky. So, you may want to get help from an endgamer until you are about level 90 and then do the rest by yourself.
    2. Chalices are used by DRINKing them.
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    What you're doing right now is the best advice, only do it in game. Ask over your guild or city for help bashing. Ask to borrow artifacts (OFTEN, since they respawn quickly). Ask to be taken hunting or shown places to hunt. Get endgame Miasma/Safeguard/Warmth defense from others. Ask to be taught quests too.

    Be sure to always hunt with goggles and a bracer to absorb ylem, then remember to turn them into Barakin for tokens/gold. Use the tokens to get orbs. Book tattoo for experience, crystal for full health. Sip vigor for health on crit. Get magic resistance rings, see if you can afford ylem amulets. Things like that will help make bashing better. Pick a handful of areas and clear them out. Even if you have to downrank some places to clear faster, it's better than doing nothing.

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