Curing Speed

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Haven said:
I think discernment is fine where it is.

The problem in my opinion is the 1243545432432412346454341232134534234324 curing abilities in the game. Nuke endgame curing and call for a reduction in passive curing across the board but above all slow down combat.
So, the Discernment thread I posted seems to be pretty much dead. This is a different and much larger topic, so I decided to make another thread! I have to agree with Haven, and it's been one of the things I gripped about right from the start of my Aet career.



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    Anyone feels like digging out the thread about this on the old forums? It has been discussed quite in-depth like a year ago, and the general consensus was that it would be a welcome change.

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    It seems like with the way combat is going it is following Imperian and becoming more group isn't that hard to get afflictions stuck yet but with AI's and what not developing...I don't see it slowing down but rather speeding up instead.
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