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    Fishing has had no updates. This code is on a backburner, waiting for proof it's a good idea.

    We really don't change things without saying we did somewhere official, like changelog or announce ;)
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    It's a good idea, maybe... A pole?

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    Mordion said:

    Did something change with fishing in the last day or so? My success rate (in seas) until yesterday was always a very close call between success/failure. Today, I noticed I'm getting failures where I'm nowhere near success. If no change was made, what could cause this? Weather maybe?

    That also makes me wonder if your stats play a role in this.
  • TiurTiur Producer Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 889 admin
    They do not. None of these changes have been implemented btw. It seemed like I was approaching a development mistake, so I backed off. Basically, I made it more complicated because I COULD, not with proof it was a good idea.

    I definitely think it needs changes, but it'll be part of the next townhall how extensive they should be.
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    I'm all for that plan!

    My biggest request is to have a 'quiet' mode for fishing because of how spammy it can get, which is perfect for the way some scripts work.

    I ended up just making a 'quiet' toggle in my system that gags/deletes a lot of lines so I can actually see and do other things.

    The way it right now lends itself to just wanting to turn on fishing and go do something else, which is bad.

    Side note on the same topic: Idea 983
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    Rando idea and not sure where else to put it except maybe short ideas idk anyways:

    When/if you ever get to changing Fishing up, could you just maybe change up what you do before the actual fishing? If you want to cut back on the spam of actual fishing that'd be cool, but I don't think the actual mechanics need to change once you cast your line. I would like to see more thought put into what you're doing before hand though? Introduce different sets of tackle/gear/bait you can use to increase your chances of catching x or y fish. Bass prefer this jig, catfish are caught easier with that hook, you have better chance at catching x fish with y bait. Allow pole/gear changes to allow you to focus on what it is you're wanting to fish, so you can knock out your daily that much faster, or maybe you want to catch the worlds large minnow? Instead of just finding a hole with minnows and casting and hoping for that rng, you can play into those odds with the right set up. Or you could just do a catch all set up and fish for exp/gold like normal.
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    what are the lures and other stuff in the Gulleyes shop??
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