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  • Arista is always a delight, sassy and a bit of a brat, but by in large well meaning and funny. Plus, your crafting is really top notch!
  • bumping for those that have sort of had a chance to interact
  • StathanStathan Hot springs
    It's a blast to RP with Arista in the vast and varying forms we've come up with between her and Stathan and I always get a good chuckle or smile out of the back and forth. Such Sass! (in a good way)
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    I want to say at first I really wanted to smack Arista upside the head sometimes because of her sass, and I made that show pretty clearly in Aloli's RP. But. BUT! I am truly pleased with how they both have weathered it all and today has really earned Aloli's respect. I still want to smack her upside the head sometimes but Aloli stops me because Arista has grown so well and showed real growing pains that were more inline with how her character grew from all the positions and experiences she is in. To me is the sign of a great RPer.

    I look forward to more and the kind of influences they can have on each other.

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  • Now that mama-monk has weighed in, I suppose I will too. At first, when Arista became a Speaker for duiran Kalinaar had what was as close to a temper tantrum as an enlightened, emotionless Troll could possibly have. Although our interactions have been few, Kalinaar's respect of Arista has highly grown.

    I think the most noticeable impact Arista has made to Kalinaar's respect and admiration of her is that she shows a consistent dedication to her duty for Duiran.
  • Best wife ever.
  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
    Ahem. Second best wife ever, please. fiteme.


    But from the little I've been able to get out of Arista, she is pretty damn awesome.
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  • Absolutely enjoyed the chaos war event with you! You made running around for random rifts not so boring. Also my character never wore clothes until you starting designing them, that should say it all right there.
  • Iesid's first impression of Arista: "Who is this person and why is she telling me about my GM?" .. for a while, Iesid's temper made him want to strangle her.

    His current impression: "Thank goodness I have a reliable Speaker." Nowadays, he'd rather hug her than anything, and he doesn't hug lightly.

    Arista has really grown in the relatively short amount of time that I have been playing Aetolia. It is really interesting to watch her personality unfold and gain more detail as she experiences hardship from a mistake or savors the sweetness of a success. She has become a character that I find to be very reliable and she is part of the reason the Sentinels are where they are.
  • Where to even begin?

    When I first came back, Rhine was just trying to get to know all the new faces in the Sentinels and her first impression of Arista was "Gods, this woman is loud and obnoxious. And why did she just SAY that?"

    It took a bit of time, but in that time Arista has developed into a leader that Rhine respects very much. She is still very much a sassy brat, but one that Rhine absolutely adores and counts as one of her good friends. (Brats have to stick together!) I have enjoyed each one of our characters interactions and look forward to many many more in the future. Nothing but trouble and shenanigans when these two get together! <3

    P.S I also very very very much love the clothes Arista designs for Rhine. A+++
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