Limb Tracking in Nexus

Hi Everyone,

I'm learning how combat works and especially as a monk I'm finding that it's pretty important for me to be able to track the limb damage on my opponent. I use Nexus and I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a way to track limb damage in Nexus or, if it's even possible for that matter.


  • TiurTiur Producer
    Our lovely CTO pointed out to me that there's a sort of answer out there!

    It's for Achaea, but should be easily converted.
  • It'll be quite different here as we use the pre-restoration mechanic, while they don't. All they need to do for limb tracking is count the number of hits (although they do try and calculate precise damage using the target's max health and the weapon damage, which requires a fair bit of testing.)

    Here, we need to track limb damage going up and down as you damage limbs and they pre-restore them.

    Certainly possible though and looking over that script should give you a head start.

  • Yeah I poked at it some. Coding in Nexus is still frustrating for me, so I'm only gonna work at it in smaaaaaall doses. But I think stealing concepts from that and building your own might actually be faster than dealing with all the little oddities of Achaea combat and then converting it to Aetolia style? They're not super different, but it's just enough to cause some dissonance.

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