Mafia Signups: Epicurean Endings

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Hi friends! It's been a while since we've had a mafia, so I figured I'd step up to gauge some interest in another one at the request of a friend. The game is simple, and quite fun! We're going to keep this one relatively easy since it's been a while, but feel free to take a look at other mafia games that have run in the past if you're unfamiliar: here, here, and here.

Anyone can feel free to play! Just drop a comment down below if you're interested.

The Basics

- Each round is divided into one day, and one night.
- During the day, everyone can talk and discuss among themselves. Voting also occurs during this time, and when a majority has been reached I'll announce the death.
- A successful lynch ends the day phase of the round.
- During the night you may post, but you may not vote.
- The night phase is over when all of the power characters have sent me a PM with what they want to do. If they don't respond in a timely manner, they'll lose the opportunity to do so for that round.
- You MAY NOT post screenshots/copy PMs to people to prove you're a certain role. Please don't spoil the fun.
- You may at any time send me a PM to have an anonymous message posted to the rest of the players.

The Story

The time has come for another Iron Epicurean! The owners of the Black Flagon Inn have gracefully offered up their grounds as the hosting place this season. The contestants have gathered around their dishes, ready to present them to the judges to see who gets to claim the title. Felix the Gourmand was the first to step from his podium towards a dish that was unattended.

"Perhaps the contestant had to run to the bathroom," he mused aloud to the participants. With a quick shrug he took the spoon from the bowl of soup and downed a bite with a quick smacking of his lips. "Marvelo-" he began, but was cut off with a quick cough.

"The taste is surely equi.." he attempted to continue through the cough, but he couldn't for the life of him manage to finish the sentence. With a pained gasp he released one final breath before collapsing to the ground.

Felix had been poisoned.

The guards of Esterport ordered the grounds of the Black Flagon Inn sealed; no entry or departure of any sort allowed until Felix's murderer was found.

The Roles

The Good Guys(TM)
Epicurean Contestant - All players are this role by default, unless told otherwise.

Chef Siraj - Baby! You remember this enthusiastic chef, yes? The man with the charm and charisma to be a winner of every competition he enters, no matter his qualifications or ability. Being the gentleman that he is, he can keep watch with somebody each night to protect them from any would-be assailants.

Easy Katy - One of the guest judges scheduled to participate in the festivities that precarious day. Equipped with flirting abilities as ample as her bosom, she can slink into the bedroom of any participants at night and .. convince .. them to reveal their intentions.

The Bad Guys(TM)
The Combatants - The combatants, tired of seeing so much time spent on cooking instead of fighting, are ready to see festivities becoming more combat oriented. They've brushed up on their cooking skills just enough to infiltrate the group.

The Champion - Ahh, the Champion of the Epicurean. They've won the competition every time it's been run.. until the last one. With their chef hat crown stripped from them, they're angry. So angry that they're ready to destroy the very Epicurean itself to see the return of their precious chef hat. They've recruited the help of several combatants to assist in the destruction of the Epicurean. Knowing they would be a prime suspect, they've donned a disguise to blend in among the others. This level of dedication to the mission grants them the ability to to not fall for Easy Katy's .. tactics .. and will instead only reveal a "Contestant" result if investigated.

The Rogue
Chef Yasmar - Ahh, Chef Yasmar, the wildcard. His quick tongue and brutish manner make him an intimidating target. While he respected Felix, his untimely departure leaves room for somebody else to take over the Epicurean - the perfect opportunity for him to promote his own restaurant empire if it were to continue. On the other hand, the Epicurean being canceled could mean fewer trained chefs, which means less competition for him. It could go either way. He'd disguised himself originally to act as a surprise guest, but with opportunity abound like this, he'll keep the disguise on. He can poison two people throughout the course of the game, and wins the game if he is among the final 3 players remaining.


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    I would like to play but only if there is some sort of anonymity to it all.
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    Can you elaborate a bit there with what you specifically mean? The only folks that would know who is who would be the Bad Guys(TM) per usual I think, so theoretically there should be anonymity that way.
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    I'M GAME 
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    i mean everyone be like, 'OH THATS XENIA WE GONNA GET HER ON PRINCIPLE'
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    Xenia said:

    i mean everyone be like, 'OH THATS XENIA WE GONNA GET HER ON PRINCIPLE'

    Yeah - give us all culinary-themed codenames and have us communicate under those alone!
  • KodaKoda Member Posts: 112 ✭✭✭
    Hmm, so essentially all posts would happen via PMing me, and me posting what you said under a different name? Sounds... interesting! We could certainly give that a shot, just give me a bit of patience as far as posting goes and we should be in action!
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    I'm game  

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    Sign me up.
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    Roster updated! We're going to need plenty more volunteers though!
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