Teasing between friends

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First off, I just want to say I love the relationship between @Kelliara and Teani. It's so natural.

This took place after some mishaps on the CT:

You ask Kelliara, "Doyen. Having trouble speaking properly this week?"

Kelliara looks annoyed, and her movements as she enters the shop seems more than slightly 'waddlish', a fact she appears very well aware-- In fact, she shoots you a look that almost dares you to comment. "I blame this parasite."

Kelliara prods her bulging belly pointedly.

Teani takes one look at Kelliara's expression and suppresses the words she was about to speak. Instead, her face takes on the look of someone clearly struggling with holding back a grin. She drawws a shaky breath to steady herself, then finally says a simple, "Could be," as if those are the only words she can manage for the time being.

"This is rapidly approaching unbearable!" Kelliara laments miserably, moving to the nearest surface she's able to seat herself on, and doing exactly that. She sighs softly, seemingly relieved at getting off her feet, even briefly. "I have less and less energy. I am hungrier than usual. I ache, or am in pain or discomfort nearly constantly..."

Kelliara says, "I cannot even swing my axe properly!"

Kelliara mimes swinging an axe, an action that looks awkward, uncomfortable, and is hindered severely by her condition.

"Sounds quite awful," Teani says, just barely managing to keep the smile from her tone of voice. "Perhaps taking a nice, relaxing bath would be preferable to running around..." She, stops, glances over at the awkward movements, then adds, "... flailing?"

Kelliara says, "Flailing? Urgh!"

Kelliara folds her arms over her chest, and sulks unhappily. "What trouble are you getting into, anyway?"

Teani is unable to hold back a snicker at the reaction. "Aww, come on. This is fun!" she says, moving around the counter to give Kelliara a hug. "Me? Well, I'm about to write a post to the entire city, actually."

Curiously, Kelliara says, "Oh? About what?"

"The possibility for a third edition of my calendar," Teani explains, watching Kelliara for a reaction.

Brightly, Kelliara smiles and says, "Oh? I approve."

You say, "I already have Istela on board, and I have included myself so far, so that means two people."

Blinking, Kelliara says, "Oh. Hrm..."

Kelliara frowns and says, "How soon will you do so?"

You say to Kelliara, "It will take some time to gather enough people, then holding each private session for the painting. It will most certainly take some time."

Skeptically, Kelliara says, "I would be pleased to be involved, only..."

Kelliara creases her brow in a frown.

You ask, "Not with the parasite involved?"

You raise an eyebrow at Kelliara.

Slowly, Kelliara says to you, "Well...would it be suitable to do such, infected as I currently am?"

You say, "The last edition took more than a year, if I remember correctly, so I can certainly put you on the list regardless, and give you a chance to think about it? For me, there are no issues regardless."

Skeptically, Kelliara frowns and says to you, "I would not have the first clue about poses and the like in my present condition."

Kelliara frowns and says, "And considering how clueless I was the last two times...that is saying something."

You say, "Check page 37 in this one."

You give a personal journal to Kelliara.

Kelliara looks thoughtful and says, "But...this is of a pregnant woman."

Kelliara says, "Whom?"

You say, "Kanivara."

Kelliara seems to think for a moment before nodding slowly.

Kelliara says, "I thought as much."

You say, "She asked me for a personal portrait, so you see, it can be done."

Kelliara casually begins flipping through the rest of the portraits curiously.

You say, "I just don't know if it is possible..."

You say, "Hey! Stop that!"

Teani makes a grab for the journal. "I have some personal portraits in there..."

Kelliara turns one page on its side, grinning toothily. "Teani!" she laughs, leaning away to keep hold of the book. "Quite an impressive portrait here."

Kelliara turns the book sideways to inspect one portrait more closely.

"If you don't hand it back, I'll be asking the entire -CITY- to acknowledge your waddling!" Teani threatens, reaching further in for her journal, trying to catch a glimpse of what page Kelliara is currently viewing.

"Do not be mad, Teani," Kelliara replies, handing the book back. "It is a most impressive portrait of Vash. You are extremely skilled."

Kelliara gives a personal journal to you.

The red color on Teani's cheeks deepen as she hugs the journal to her chest. "I miss him," she says, frowning slightly. "And thank you. I'd like to think I've improved."

Kelliara says, "Likely because you have."

You ask Kelliara, "You haven't heard anything from Vash, have you?"

Kelliara shakes her head at you.

Kelliara says, "I have not."

You give a pained sigh.

Kelliara asks you, "Have you considered taking a short-term lover, until he returns? Or visiting the Temple of Dejaani?"

Bassaym arrives from the south.

Bassaym directs a sinuous bow first to Kelliara, then to you, murmuring, "Good evening."

Kelliara nods to Bassaym as he enters. She waves the Xoran over to her, making absolutely no attempt to lift herself from her seat. "Here," she says, holding her her fist, a grimstim pill clutched inside. "It will help, some."

Teani looks up from the journal she's holding, shaking her head at Kelliara. "Not so far, no. Maybe. Not sure. It's been three years..." She notices movement at the door and stops, inclining her head at Bassaym. "Welcome to my shop," she greets the newcomer.

You say to Bassaym, "Are you hunting?"

Kelliara says, "Oh. And take this, too."

Kelliara gives a gem-lined banded shield to Bassaym.

You give a wilted flower to Bassaym.

Kelliara says, "It will help keep you from being killed."

Bassaym approaches Kelliara, leaning to accept the pill - and then blinking as a gem-lined banded shield and a wilted flower are presented. "Ah." He replies, momentarily wordless. ".. thank you. I had not intended to beg for such assistance."

You say, "And perhaps use that flower to purchase a boosting chocolate at North of Trees."

Kelliara says to you, "Oh. Is that merchant still there?"

You say, "I don't know. I still have loads of flowers, though."

Kelliara says to you, "Likewise."

Tongue flicking out nervously to sample the shop air, Bassaym says, "Ah, yes, ma'am, I will do so."

You say, "I would have guessed that they'd announce before closing the shop down."

A frown wrinkles Kelliara's brow as she articulates a "Hrm...."

Kelliara wryly says to Bassaym, "You are welcome to remain for conversaion, if you wish. We were about to discuss the Temple of Dejaani."

"We were really not," Teani says, shooting Kelliara a glare.

Kelliara leans back a little, looking extremely pleased with herself.

Bassaym pauses a moment in thought, then - very carefully - sets down a gem-lined banded shield against the nearby wall. "I would be glad to listen." He begins to reply, then trails, off, peering shortsightedly at you. ".. though I would not wish to impose." He concludes.

You say to Bassaym, "I am certain that the Doyen is more than capable of explaining that one to you."

You say to Kelliara, "Perhaps intricately, and -elsewhere-."

Kelliara barks a dry laugh.

Kelliara says to Bassaym, "Perhaps it would be best to return to your hunting. Particularly if you have eaten that pill already."

Bassaym hinges his jaws briefly, as though to respond, then shuts them with a click, directing a baffled glance between the two women.

Kelliara smiles wryly.

Bassaym says, "Erm.. as you say, Head Curator. A pleasant evening to you both."

Bassaym bows respectfully.

You incline your head politely to Bassaym.

Bassaym leaves to the south.

Kelliara inclines her head politely to those around her.

Kelliara bursts into a fit of girlish giggling.

Kelliara wryly says to you, "Come now, why so cross?"

Teani seems startled by the sound coming from Kelliara, enough so that it takes her a moment to respond to the question. "I don't make a habit of discussing such things with people I haven't met before," she says.

Kelliara wryly says to you, "No? Which things are those?"

"Mating partners, and procedures," Teani says flatly.

"Procedures?" Kelliara repeats, arching an eyebrow, and leaning foward towards you (at least as much as she can) with a grin. "Now I am curious!"

Teani looks down at the seated woman, then at the bulging stomach. "I don't see how. You've clearly been involved in some form of them or another," she responde with a wry smile. "Besides, it's good for you to remain curious at times."

Kelliara rolls her eyes at you, still grinning. "Fine!" she relents, for the moment. "We can discuss this matter later. I will ply you with alcohol."

Teani lets out a snort. "You can always try," she responds. "Now, weren't you heading to bed, or a bath? Somewhere that doesn't mean you're flailing about too much?"

Kelliara wryly says, "Are you trying to get rid of me, Teani?"

"Yes," comes the immediate response, accompanied with a smirk. "I have some work to do," Teani says, and then her expression shifts to a bright smile and twinkling eyes. "You can join me on my harvesting route, if you think you can keep up?"

You say, "It will be forest, though, so lots of rocks, roots, and logs to climb over."

Kelliara narrows her eyes at you. "Hrmph," she responds, pushing herself upwards using her hands with no small effort. She waves her hand at you, causing the pieces of a grisly cultist trophy wrapped around her wrist to clatter together softly. "Perhaps I will remind Xenia about your skill in doing portraits," she replies, smirking her own self. "See if she might like a few portraits of a certain sort to adorn the Lover's Fling."

Teani grins at Kelliara, arms crossed over her chest as she watches the woman get up on her feet. "I'm sure something can be arranged. Now, do you need me to walk you to the door?" she asks, holding out the crook of her elbow towards her as one would to an elderly person with
difficulty walking.

Kelliara narrows her eyes at you. "I am fine," she replies. "I can still get around." She stops a moment, glancing at the glass jar sitting on the counter-top. "I can even still do this--" she makes a sweeping motion with her hand, and the air about a glass tip jar distorts slightly as it slides smoothly across the counter top as though pushed by an invisible hand, coming to rest near to an edge. She smiles pleasantly, pausing to place a peck on your cheek. "Be well, Teani. Enjoy your climbing over rocks, roots and logs, yes?"

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