DnD 5e: Weekend One Shots

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Hello all!

I said over a year ago that I started getting into DnD. Turns out I really like it. I also found out that I really, really like DMing. I'm presently DMing Princes of the Apocalypse for 2 different groups, so unfortunately I don't have the time to take on another full length campaign right now.

I'd love to get into more DMing and interacting with more players in general that play DnD, so I've decided to host One-Shots on days pending the players. Right now, my schedule allows for Thursday and Saturday evenings. I host on an app called Fantasy Grounds. It's pretty dope for the way it handles 5e and I prefer it over Roll20. I also have the full license, so nobody else has to pay when they're playing in my sessions. A few disclaimers:

-All one shots will be played with the 5e ruleset.

-I've never played anything but 5e, nor will I from the horror stories I've heard from DnD veterans.

-I'm a very kind, generous, and trollirific DM. My goal is to make the game as fun as possible for my players, as long as everyone's having a good time and nothing gets to be too outlandish.

That said, this is for anyone who is interested in playing some one-shots on the weekends. If you've always wanted to learn DnD but were too shy, this is for you too. I'd be happy to help you learn and answer any questions you may have. You can PM me, post here, or hit up my discord server.

I'm also interested in hosting some battle royale style DnD sessions as well where players can just get into an arena and just murder each other.

Aetolians and Non Aetolians alike are welcome. Just don't be penises to each other and we gucci.



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    Should throw this on the public Discord too, there'd be plenty of folks who'd be up for it I'd think.
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    I'm interested!

  • VyxsisVyxsis VyxsisMember Posts: 477 ✭✭✭✭
    gross, no, how dare you suggest playing Dungarees & Dartboards in our beloved text game's web forums


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    Mihaketi said:

    Should throw this on the public Discord too, there'd be plenty of folks who'd be up for it I'd think.

    I left that one a while ago, but if you think people would be interested, go ahead and send em this way if you'd be so kind! Always happy to have more players.
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    Double post, but i'm streaming this weekend, as of right now.

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    Ive only ever played it once but I've had loads of enjoyment listening to the Drunks n Dragons podcast during my commute.

    Definitely start at the beginning. 5 friends who barely  even know some of the rules when they start. The campaign has been going for years now.
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