Roof tops!

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2013/02/04 16:42:10: Roof tops for outdoor urban and village environments. Would operate exactly the same as trees in the forests. Could even be added to say Survival, Lycan, Syssin and say give bonuses to syssin using garrote from rooftops and penalty while in trees, also vice versa for say Forestals.


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    I swore I've swung up in Enorian before (wouldn't those be rooftops?)
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    Rooftops already exist in Enorian at least. I don't know how they work really with skills and such, but they're there.
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    If you swing up into the trees from a ported grove, you would end up on the rooftops in Enorian in the past.
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    The technical answer for how to get onto rooftops is that you must be in the trees, then enter into an outdoor Urban/Village room. It functions identical to being in the trees, aside from that.

    You can explore almost all of Enorian's rooftops by swinging up in the park, which is something the Syssin learned when we created the Syndicate Lounge in the rooftops above Four Corners.

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    There's a place in Tasur'ke that you can as well.
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    Thanks or info folks. I did not know this. Gonna check it out.


    Spinesreach has rooftops too. I bet other places do as well.

    Well then I guess the idea changes to an expansion to what exists and abilities in skill, as well as implementing it across the realms?

    Swinging says nothing about roofs, things like that.
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    I would love to see this wide spread, who know maybe the new land will have it!


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    There's a report up to get this a bit more rapid attention.

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