An unconventional affirmation for those behind the scenes. - 2017 Edition

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I know this is a bit off the template for this thread, but here we go...

This year has been the first year of Tiur as producer, with alot of coding from our coders, and large scale events from our volunteers. We as players often forget the level of care, time and precision alot of this work takes.

In fact sometimes the reward can be small for the amount of work exhibited. That being said, we as players have seen alot of the work and transparency from the administration, there have been great discussions, town halls, and communication between our behind the scenes team and the players with promotions, upcoming expectations of that administration (The lack of SOON tm) being replaced with tangible and realistic goals. thought is...everyone who wants to write here, lets tell them one thing we loved about 2017 and show them we as a players appreciate what all the people behind the scenes do.

Happy New Year!


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    I've never been one for congratulations or random thanking (social issue of mine even in RL), but @Tiur and @Everyone else, thank you so, so much for the past year. I came back at the tail end of Oleis' run, and that was fun in itself, but I doubt I'd have logged in every single day as long as I had without the leadership and direction of the admin team.

    You coders, I know we've thrown a lot your way, and I'm not just talking the Scios (Proving tables, MC ritual, etc etc). Stuff broke, but you responded and worked as you could to fix it. Can't promise we'll go any easier in 2018, but know that whether we say it or not, we are grateful and thankful for your work.

    ...yeah, like I said, not good at this. Someone else take over or pitch in?
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    All the work that was put into Duiran by the admin, to try to get it moving forward lore-wise, was great. You all were very patient and did some fantastic stuff with it. I think the lore is way more accessible now, which will only help the place.

    And, in general, you guys just rock. :)
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    @Keroc Whenever I have boring, mundane questions or issues, Your name pops up often enough that I remember it. Thank you for the work. I appreciate it.

    @Tiur Thank You for taking criticism and working through it.

    @Damariel Thank You for helping define Kasimir. Long after leaving the congregation, lessons and philosophy taken from the order help me play a better Lighter.

    Anyone else I didn't mention? Thank YOU for your time volunteering. YOU make the game fun.
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    I've been playing this game for roughly 5 years, and still, Aetolia is as immersive and exciting as it was when I first started. I'd like to thank everyone who's been volunteering/working/eating cookies.

    I have and continue to enjoy the game and you guys are great.


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