Belated Esteem Thank Yous

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Like an unexpected Christmas gift, occasionally you get a ping that someone has expressed esteem for roleplay, and every time I never expect it. It is, of course, always appreciated, especially since it's a (somewhat) limited resource. I can't help but feel I probably don't esteem others enough, given the work everyone puts in.

Regardless, every time I get esteemed I briefly buzz about like an awkward bee, not knowing how to respond, and eventually miss the window where saying a simple thank you doesn't seem to cut it! If you've ever esteemed me, of course I want to esteem you back! But during the roleplay itself, I always forget esteem exists, until your kind words reminded me. And then esteeming you after you've esteemed me feels weirdly tacky; however highly I think of you, now I'm worried that you'll think I feel obligated! I don't feel obligated! You're great! But I fluster about and wonder how it'll feel to you, and then naturally end up doing nothing at all.

So this is to:
@Phoenecia @Jaymi @Nixia @Kanivara @Magnhild @Vash @Sigmund @Noctis @Camille and also anyone in the future

Because I really meant to say "thank you," but overthought it too much. I'm sorry!

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