Weddings Are Very Awkward

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You have emoted: Eowyn carefully slips off her direwolf, holding the child in her arms.

Daishin beams broadly.

You purse your lips, deep in thought.

Daishin leans over making strange noises at the child while tickling his cheek.

You say, "Take him?"

Daishin asks, "Where?"

You say, "I mean, hold him for a minute."

Daishin says, "Oh..."

(Whups, forgot to sew my own wedding clothes like a derp)

Design #19767 Months Left: 115
Identity: Sari Trade: Tailoring
References: sari
Components: 4x cloth
Additional Ingredients: NONE
Allowed: NONE
Denied: NONE
Autopay: NO
Tag(s): sari.
Warmth: Normal.
a white and pale pink wedding sari
A pile of white and pink material resembling a sari has been left here.
This sari is made up of two layers of material - an under layer of white silk and a top layer of
white and pink lace. The under layer serves to provide modesty and cover while the lace top layer
serves as the decorative feature. The lace top layer of lace has been sewn carefully out of silk
threads and is fairly transparent, save for the many blooming roses that sprout out across it. The
majority of the lace is white to match the under layer while the rose blooms are a pale pink hue.
The material of this sari is sewn so that it can be wrapped around the hips to serve as a skirt of a
fair length and then still wrap around the upper part of the body to cover the torso fully with no
gaps. There is even just enough to allow for a sash of it to be thrown over the shoulder and drape
over the arm, dangling down several feet from there still before ending. The materials are stretchy
enough to allow it to hug the form when wrapped into place, ensuring it does not easily fall away.
WearLocation: fullbody

Daishin gently transfers the child from your arms to his arm, holding him awkardly.

You beam broadly.

You say, "Be right back!"

-- runs away to change --

Cathedral approaching mighty redwoods.
Torrents of water twist and shift around the watery form of an undine aquacaster here, masterfully
manipulating her element. Resting on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. A sigil in the shape
of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. Rolling on its side is a massive acorn of the
Great Oak.
You see exits leading southeast (open pine door), south, southwest, west, and northwest.

Using the design for reference, you carefully cut, assemble, and stitch together a white and pale
pink wedding sari.

You remove a sleeveless, thin leather tunic.

You remove a long loincloth of gray linen.

You are now wearing a white and pale pink wedding sari.

She is a powerful Yeleni of Kelki heritage and is of a height of roughly six and a half feet.
Although fairly thin, details of sinuous muscles can be made out beneath her skin that is made up of
varying shades of blue scales. They are fairly light, like the sky, in most areas but darken towards
the eyes, nose, and tips of each finger and toe. Atop her head are short tentacles that fall flat
against her skull, resembling short but wavy hair in the way that they fall down. A pair of lengthy,
pointed ears protrude upwards from either side of the tentacles, the right one missing a chunk out
of the side of it and the left lined with multiple piercings within it. Eyes of black hue stand out
against her aquamarine scales, the pair set on either side of a short bump that serves as a nose.
Vibrant green runes have been tattooed down the side of each cheek, starting out as a lightning
strike-like symbol beneath the eyes and are followed downwards by multiple claw-slash like marks.
Within her mouth, hints of shark-like teeth can be seen, and her lips themselves are dark-blue and
thin in nature. Her chin is curved, hiding little of her slender neck. Swirling runes, vines of ivy
in shape and style, are inked in a vibrant green hue that matches the ones done on her face. These
sets of runes start at the back of her skull, just below the tentacles, and come forward across each
shoulder. Then they split, some wandering down her arms to each fingertip and then others wander
down either of her sides and encircle each leg to each digit of her feet. Both her hand and feet
digits are tipped with short, sharpened claws of dark blue coloring.

(worn around her left wrist) : a heavy ivory bracelet
(around the neck) : a cracked hematite medallion of the Pride
(covering the body) : a white and pale pink wedding sari

-- runs back --

Cathedral of the Forest.
An ancient and massive whitebeam tree glitters in the light of the Cathedral. Blending in nearly
perfectly with her environs, a cloaked wilderness warden waits here for potential trouble. A
viridian satyr stamps his hooves over the ground, muttering shamanic curses to himself here. Resting
on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil. Wreathed in fragrant flora, a cedar stump altar holds
incense offerings within. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
There are 2 glowing lantern-wisps here. Heads occasionally snapping at each other, a three-headed
direwolf roams here. Daishin stands here, awkwardly holding a child. He wields a vicious black
dhurive in his hands.

You have emoted: Eowyn adjusts a white and pale pink wedding sari into place and walks back towards
Daishin, "I just wanted to look better."

"no no no shhhh don't do that no no it's okay" are the panicy murmuerings that come from Daishin as
the baby begins to cry.

You have emoted: "Rock him slowly." Eowyn says as she comes to stand next to Daishin, looking down
at the child and offering a few soft 'shh' like sounds towards him.

Daishin starts to rock from side to side slowly, mimicing the same noises as you.

You nod your head at Daishin.

You say, "Just like that.."

Daishin smiles at the crying turns into the incomprehensible gurgles of a new born.

You beam broadly.

You have emoted: Eowyn carefully loops her arm into Daishin's and rests her head against his

Daishin says to you, "You look lovely dear."

You smile and say to Daishin, "Thank you, love."

Daishin says, "Oh."

Daishin blushes furiously.

You tilt your head curiously.

Daishin says, "My suit decayed."

Daishin shrugs helplessly.

Comprehension flashes across your face.

You say to Daishin, "It's fine. I just didn't want to wear my ugly tunic and loincloth for once."

Daishin says, "Shall we invite everyone?/."

You purse your lips, deep in thought.

You say, "We can, if you like. I imagine only Isia might want to attend out of who is awake."

Daishin nods his head emphatically.

Daishin says, "I'll invite my sister then."

(Sentinels): Daishin says, "Eowyn and myself are about to get Unified if anyone wanted to come,
there isn't any free food or drink or anything like that though, however it would be lovely to have
the Pride by our side."

The shadows stir as a concealed figure slips in from the west.
She is followed by a diminutive nightingale.

Daishin continues to rock from side to side, soothing the tiny kelki in his arms.

You smile at Isia.

Isia's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

You say to Isia, "He has Coleth, if you wanted to meet your nephew."

Daishin says to Isia, "Meet Cleff."

Isia sneaks up behind her brother, curiously peering over Daishin's shoulder at the new baby. "Well
hello there, little one," she coos. "I'm your Auntie Isia, and I am going to spoil you rotten."

You smile at Isia.

Daishin gives a little chuckle, immediately wincing as the child starts to cry.

Daishin asks, "Do they do this a lot?"

You have emoted: Eowyn gives Daishin a sympathetic glance and nods her head, "Welcome to my last
couple of weeks, love."

Daishin makes some more high pitched noises in attempt to soothe the little one, bouncing him a

Daishin purses his lips pensively, gazing thoughtfully at some distant point.

Dzekk enters from the west, followed by Quag.

You say to Daishin, "You need me to hold him, love?"

Daishin take an arrow from his quiver and hands it to the little one, hoping to provide some
distraction from the crying.

You sigh and apply your face to your palm.

Daishin offers the child to you as Dzekk enters, offering him a smile.

Quag sidles out from Dzekk's entourage, blinking a few times and squinting up at the whitebeam tree.

You have emoted: Eowyn scoops the child up from Daishin and cradles him within her arms, bouncing
him around carefully, "Ah, and good to see you, Dzekk. Well, outside of battle."

(Tells): Voice lilting on feathery wafts of air, Daishin tells you, "Hopefully he'll settle down
with something to chew on."

(Tells): You tell Daishin, "He's not quite that old yet, love. He probably wants to eat."

(Tells): Voice lilting on feathery wafts of air, Daishin tells you, "Hmmm, wasted a good arrow then

You have emoted: Eowyn sticks her finger in the baby's mouth, whom begins to hungrily suck upon it,
"And I guess we'll have to make this all a bit short apparently."

Serrice arrives from the south.

Dzekk clears his throat as he arrives, inclining his head politely to everyone gathered. "Hello,
everyone," he greets, smiling and gesturing towards Quag. "This is Quag. Shall we begin?" He flashes
a nervous grin.

Daishin blinks as more and more people being to turn up, his expression nervous a he nods the
affirmative to Dzekk.

You have emoted: Eowyn's attention reminds on the child, though she nods her head.

Quag gives a nervous start as Dzekk introduces her, turning it into a hasty little wave to Daishin
and you.

(Tells): Isia tells you, "Would you like me to take him for a moment so you can focus on getting

Daishin offers a smile towards Quag.

(Tells): You tell Isia, "Probably best.."

You have emoted: Eowyn turns to the side to face Isia with a smile.

Isia nods her head quietly as she steps over to you, opening her arms as she reaches for the infant.

You have emoted: Eowyn nods her head at Isia before turning around to face Dzekk.

You incline your head politely to Quag.

"Wonderful!" Dzekk states, bringing his hands together in an audible clap as he positions himself
between you and Daishin. "No fancy ceremonies, then? Just want it over with? That's so dull - say
something to each other!" he beams, glancing between the pair.

Isia gently cradles the baby Kelki against herself as she steps back away from his mother a few
steps, quietly bouncing the child as she watches the ceremony.

You have emoted: Eowyn eyes shift this way and that before sideglancing at Daishin. Stammering
quietly, "Um..well..who goes first then?"

Quag swivels an ear towards you briefly, then towards Isia, shifting her feet. She scratches at her
neck in a rustle of fabric, sniffing, glancing between the couple of the moment.

"You, since you spoke up first," Dzekk says to you with a grin.

Daishin offers you a glance and offers what he hopes to be a subtle shrug.

You have emoted: "Fine..fine.." Eowyn murmurs to herself quietly before turning to face Daishin.
Awkwardly, she takes his hands into her own and does her best to look into his eyes, "So uh..I love
you. Have for a while. We fit, and stuff. I promise to watch over little Coleth, and whatever brood
we have after, and try not to be a pain in your rear too much. But, I do not promise to not smack
you if you deserve it."

Dzekk lets out a quiet chuckle at that before turning to Daishin and urging him onward.

Quag listens with rapt attention from the second 'fine' onwards, flopping down into a cloak-draped
sitting position right there on the floor of the cathedral.

Daishin looks down at the hand nervously before his gaze finds your, his lips twitching upwards as
you speaks, "Uh..." he starts, brow furrowing in thought before he expels bluntly, "I met you when
you were eighteen, and a right nasty pain in the unicorns at that." ears perking up at the sudden tremor
of ylem, "However since then we've always had a connection, one that was fully recognized after you
finally helped me see the truth about Undeath. You've stuck with me through thick and thin, kept me
in line when my resolve wavered and have given me the occasional smack when needed. But most of all
you have provided companionship, and a bond I can never hope to match with another, and now the
arrival of baby Cl..eetus?"

You have emoted: Eowyn bursts out in laughter, hanging her head down dramatically, "Coe-uhl-eth,
love. Coleth."

Daishin nods his head slowly, "Right...Coulth."

You say, "Close enough."

Daishin nods his head at himself.

Dzekk offers Daishin a wide grin, shaking his head slowly. "Good enough," he says, grining turning
into a wide, toothy smile. "By the power invested in me by the Lord Unbound, I hereby unify these
two souls in His Light."

You have emoted: Eowyn beams broadly towards Dzekk for a moment before she releases Daishin's hands
and quickly searches around her sari for something.

You say, "Aha!"

Dzekk says, "We must remember that not all shackles are bad. Some we willingly wear, binding
ourselves to that which we care most for."

Quag screws up her face in an extreme of emotion, clutching her claws together as she watches.

You have emoted: Eowyn reaches for Daishin's hand closest to the heart, slipping a raven and
direwolf wedding band of kesgish onto his ring finger carefully, "I willingly shackle you with this
ring, beloved."

You give a raven and direwolf wedding band of kesgish to Daishin.

Isia flashes a genuine smile between the various funny faces she makes in attempts at keeping the
baby entertained.

Daishin fumbles around in his pocket for something, eventually finding a silver band bearing a
raven's head he takes your hand in his own, "And I willingly shackle myself to you with this band,
Eowyn." he responds, sliding the ring onto you finger.

Daishin gives a silver band bearing a raven's head to you.

You have emoted: Eowyn reaches up to cup Daishin's cheek with the ringed hand and drags him in for a
firm kiss.

Daishin puts on a raven and direwolf wedding band of kesgish.

The light along the blade of Mercy trails a serene mist, clouding the air with scents of herbs.
Dzekk starts to wield the light-etched blade of Mercy in his right hand.

In a sudden motion, Dzekk produces one of his swords - the blade of Mercy - before kneeling down to
the ground and thrusting the blade down towards the stone. In a shocking twist, it does not deflect,
but rather enters the stone to produce a bubbling spring of water.

Thrusting the blade of Mercy into the earth, Dzekk calls forth its gift of respite. Where steel
meets earth, a small spring bubbles into being, offering clean water for the weary and wayward to
drink. Dzekk quickly withdraws the sword before the water becomes too deep.

Dzekk ceases to wield the light-etched blade of Mercy in his right hand.

You have emoted: Eowyn's cheeks light up as she turns around to face Dzekk, "I cannot thank you
enough for helping us with this, my friend. Thank you, thank you."

Dzekk offers you a warm smile and nods. Dipping his hand into the spring, he comes up with a cup of
water and stands to approach Isia - and the child. "And by His Light, I bless you as well, Coleth,"
he says quietly, dipping his fingers into the water cupped in his hand and pressing them to the
child's forehead.

You have emoted: "At least you can say his name correctly." Eowyn teases in response to Dzekk,
flashing Daishin a beaming smile before walking over to Isia, "I hope the blessing serves him well."

Daishin smiles fondly at his little kelki-child as he's blessed, "Thank you my friend." is all he
says to Dzekk, though emotion is apparent in the statement.

Isia smiles at Dzekk and Coleth as she cradles the child a moment longer before gently handing him
over to you. "Congratulations, new sister."

Quag follows Isia's gaze, blinking through red-rimmed eyes at the figure.

You have emoted: Eowyn cradles the child carefully in her arms, bouncing him around, "I think I
should slip back home with him now before he starts crying again."

You smile and say, "Think he's a bit hungry."

Daishin says, "Just give him an arrow he'll be fine."

A figure wrapped in darkness says, "Congratulations, you two."

You roll your eyes.

A figure wrapped in darkness inclines her head politely to those around her.

Daishin nods his head at a figure wrapped in darkness.

You say to Daishin, "We'll discuss arrows later."

Daishin says to a figure wrapped in darkness, "Thank you."

Daishin sways slightly back and forth, looking about himself nervously.

Daishin says to you, "Okay love..."

Daishin starts to wield a vicious black dhurive in his hands.

You have emoted: Eowyn glances at Daishin with a faint grin, "Go fight. I can tell you are antsy."

Isia says, "I... am going to go buy that baby a doll.."

Daishin says, "Thank you all for attending, as stated there was never going to be anything big or
grand. Just a small gathering of friends and family who wished to attend."

Dzekk's mouth turns up as his face breaks into a smile.

Isia glares at a figure wrapped in darkness one final time before she walks out of the cathedral.

You smile and say, "Aye, thank you all so much for coming."

Dzekk smiles and says, "Congratulations, you two."

Daishin climbs onto a baleful spiked raloth.

Dzekk asks Quag, "Back to Enorian?"

Daishin says to you, "I love you."

A baleful spiked raloth bounds suddenly away into the distance, Daishin riding upon its back.
He is followed by a dreadful cockatrice, a powerful black bear, and a sharp-eyed raven.

Serrice leaves to the south.

You have emoted: Eowyn bounces the small child in her arms as it starts to cry again, "Well then.
.let's go home."

You incline your head politely to those around you.

Quag starts, then scrambles to her feet. "Okay!" She informs Dzekk.

-- Fin --
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