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    Farm Boy!

    I just absolutely enjoy RPing with you! I really enjoy that you went with a simple, basic, realistic background for Kasimir and not only do you realistically play it up (I think we've had at least a few IC discussions about corn, crops and/or weather), but you also didn't make it so generic and unremarkable that that is all he is. Anyway! Your actual emote skills are also great and he's always so much fun for zaila to complain at and banter with.

    If ya'll haven't harangued him yet, you're missing out!
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    I don't feel I come on here often enough to comment on my experiences with people but I'm promising myself to do so more.

    @Kasimir and Aloli have been going around in the same small circle of friends without really meeting or getting close, maybe randomly through work or passing conversation. She's always so busy to stop and do anything so his courage to come out of nowhere and talk and interact outside of work was wonderful. I love characters that have great dimensions to them where life does not revolve around drama but leave you wondering and wanting to talk more. Kasimir is so easy to get along with, talk with, and work with. I see a nice friendship budding and hope to keep learning more about him and sharing more with him.

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    Just want to say that I noticed the "randomly reaching out"-tell, but I didn't have time for rp then. Will get back to you when I do, though! 

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