Chosen by Corruption

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Big moment for Aeteyr, he has been working for this for a long time, and I am happy to share it with you all. @Chakrasul is just the best

A piercing scream heralds the arrival of a cacophony of duskywing butterflies
that quickly coalesce into the form of Chakrasul.

You giggle happily at Chakrasul.

You execute a respectful bow.

Megiddo shakes his head at Chakrasul.

Lynea performs a graceful curtsey towards Chakrasul.

Megiddo shakes his head at Chakrasul.

Megiddo nods his head at Chakrasul.

You say to Chakrasul, "Mother dear, a pleasure just to see you before me."

You sip from a silver-repaired blue ceramic cup of a robust, honeyed Djeirani
breakfast tea, a piece of melting honey comb brushing against your lips. The hot
liquid warming you from within, the honey coats your palate as the herbal notes
of Djeirani black tea linger in your mouth.

"Mmmm..." you softly utter to yourself.

"The Hated" Grand Duke Megiddo Nebre'seir says, "That is what I meant to do was

You tilt your head curiously at Megiddo.

"The Hated" Grand Duke Megiddo Nebre'seir says, "Wasn't meaning to shake my head
at Lady Chakrasul."

"You got there," Chakrasul replies towards Megiddo as She finishes reforming
before the gathering here. Jade eyes slide smoothly towards you and a dark grin
pulls on Her lips as She states, "You made seats for Mine."

Eyes completely entranced in adoration towards Chakrasul, Aeteyr says "I did. I have made many thing for Yours, for you. And then for me aswell. Such is the flow of things, hmm?"

You tilt your head curiously at Chakrasul.

Aeteyr finds his eyes wandering The Dark Mother, finally
resting at the Circlet at Her head.

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

"The Hated" Grand Duke Megiddo Nebre'seir says, "How goes Lady Chakrasul."

Trailing footsteps of ice behind her, Callidora enters from the west.

Icy footsteps permeate the ground in Callidora's wake as she departs east.

Trailing footsteps of ice behind her, Callidora enters from the east.

Callidora inclines her head politely to those around her.

Callidora bows respectfully to Chakrasul.

"The Hated" Grand Duke Megiddo Nebre'seir says, "I figure your here for me?"

Iriden enters from the west, riding a sleek, silver horse.

"I am aware. These latest creations, however, are the final piece," Chakrasul
replies on a low, husky tone as Her attention focus solely on you alone. That
smile on Her lips widens to an impossibly wide grin that practically splits Her
face and reveals Her perfectly curved fangs in all their glory, "Come. Step
closer to Me," She encourages on a low growl that is both inviting, and

Iriden steps down off of a sleek, silver horse.

Iriden kneels before Chakrasul, swearing her allegiance to Chakrasul.

Iriden inclines her head politely to those around her.

Iriden stands up and stretches her arms out wide.

Iriden swiftly swings up onto a sleek, silver horse.

Callidora inclines her head politely to Iriden.

Iriden ceases to wield a Master Gulleye's Rod in her left hand.

Still entranced by the beauty of Chakrasul, Aeteyr wanders
closer to her with a curious smile painted across his face. "Of course, Mother."
he says in a singsong voice.

Callidora falls silent while she carefully observes the scene before her, taking
a few steps back beside Iriden and folding her hands neatly before her.

Megiddo sits down on a comfortable, jet-black sofa.

Aeteyr straightens his hat, a pure reflex, as he gets close to

You giggle happily.

"Heh heh heh," Megiddo chuckles.

A slender hand lifts away from Chakrasul's side and the arch of Her wings pull
forward as the Goddess reaches for you, "Let Me reward you, quiet worshiper of
Mine, for your faith in Me and descent of My Spiral." Slowly, the Goddess
caresses Her fingers along your jawline and, as contact is made between Divine
and mortal flesh, the sickly sweet scent of decay begins to permeate the air.

Megiddo stands up and stretches his arms out wide.

Megiddo leaves to the east.

As the Goddess touches you, a sharp pain ripples across your skin from the point
of contact. Although the pain is very real within your mind, the sensation
appears to be only that. In your mind. No visible decaying has happened on your
flesh. Yet.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across the lips of Callidora.

Rebra arrives from the west.

Rebra performs a graceful curtsey.

Tilting her head in obvious curiosity, Iriden glances at Callidora quickly
before returning to watch you and Chakrasul once more.

"Ooooh wonderful, what is tha...." Aeteyr says, as he suddenly
cries out aloud in pain. The sickening, yet sweet decay of Her touch rippling
over his skin until it explodes like fireworks in his mangled brain. A
mysterious grin spreads across his lips, though his eyes seem dulled. Yet he
keeps staring at Chakrasul in adoration.

Megiddo arrives from the east.

Rebra studies you curiously.

Megiddo rubs his tummy contentedly.

"Ever downwards, My child," Chakrasul croons as She meets your gaze only to have
a dark shadow pass over the jade of Her own. Sickly sweet, emerald essence
begins to coalesce around the fingers of the Goddess where Her skin touches your
own and verdant motes of light begins to clash together as the Corrupt energy
begins to follow the contours of your jawline; snaking seductively around the
curve of your ear.

Megiddo leaves to the west.

Callidora hums a happy tune.

Iriden tilts her head curiously at Callidora.

As the Goddess caresses and assaults your flesh, so too, does She caress and
assault your conscious. Deftly, the Goddess plucks at the fabric of your mind,
flicking through your memories and sharing them with you; the back of your
eyelids light up with images of past experiences and fears that push you
downwards. Down, down, down you go, into Her pit. Into despair until you feel
like you could drown.

"Ever downwards", Aeteyr mutters, as the intoxicating rush of
the pain has muddled his mind completely. His eyes sparkle at the sudden glimpse
of jade, and his body responds by an ever so subtle twitch in his right foot.
Knowing his body should remain still, he reaches for his cane and sets it down
hard, nearly crushing the tiny bones that make up the framework of his foot.

Sheathed: the shrunken head of Rijetta and the shrunken head of Siaern

Wielding: a jade and obsidian cane

Megiddo arrives from the west.

Megiddo leaves to the east.

Megiddo arrives from the east.

Zenobia arrives from the west.

Zenobia leaves to the east.

Iriden peers about herself suspiciously.

Ever so slowly, the jade essence begins to coalesce into a branding that sinks
into your skin, marking you as one of Her Chosen. Once complete, Chakrasul draws
Her hand back slowly, jade essence trailing Her fingers on the withdraw,
"Welcome, Mine," the Divine croons on that low, alluring tone of Her's.

The body of Lynea appears in a flash and her soul descends to fill it, causing
the previously expressionless face to fill with emotion.

Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption has invited you to join the Divine Order of
Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption and awaits a response.
AGREE if you wish to join the order.

With a wistful look on Her face, Chakrasul touches a duskywing branding.

A vague look of jealousy crossing her face before it's quickly gone, Iriden
claps quietly and says softly to you, "Congratulations."

Aeteyr stares at Chakrasul with dulled eyes and a large, near
insane grin, the sensations of pain still coursing through his body. He simply
bows, and says, "Thank you, Mother" in a raspy whisper. As he bows, his hat is
about to fall off, and he quickly puts it back in place and winks.

Arch Duchess Rebra Bahir'an says to you, "Congratulations, your grace."

"It's about time," Callidora says, a small smile pulling at the corners of her
mouth as she looks to you. "Now I can start making you help me with tasks."

Aeteyr does not take his eyes off of Chakrasul, as he simply
says "Thank you", to Iriden, Callidora and Rebra.

Lynea's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

"With your ascension, Zorziti, I gift you an important piece that each of Mine
keep," Chakrasul says, Her attention still unwavering. The opposing hand to the
one that did the branding opens to reveal a small, engaged duskywing in Her palm,
"Each of Mine wear one of these," She continues as She offers the small token to
you, Her dark, cold grin returning and revealing Her curved fangs once more.

Chakrasul gives an encaged miniature duskywing butterfly to you.

You are now wearing an encaged miniature duskywing butterfly.
You swell with pride as the tiny duskywing butterfly within the cage responds to
you by exploding into motes of jade light, recognizing you as one of Her Chosen.

As the jade motes of light begin to float towards the bottom of the miniature
cage, they coalesce into the form of the metaphysical butterfly and it begins to
flit lazily within its enclosure.

Raixen arrives from the east.

Callidora gives Raixen a peck on the cheek.

Raixen inclines his head politely to those around him.

Raixen bows respectfully to Chakrasul.

Iriden inclines her head politely to Raixen.

Rebra murmurs in wonder as she studies the encaged butterfly.

Raixen gives Callidora a peck on the cheek.

Raixen folds his arms over his chest loosely, observing.

Aeteyr puts the encaged miniature duskywing butterfly on his
body and feels the sweet smell of decay flush into his nostrils. He nods at
Chakrasul, listening to every word with great interest. As the item is set in
place, he lets his index finger wander freely across his face, tracing the mark
that has been gifted.

He is an intelligent Human vampire. Somehow six feet tall, flashing a small
mysterious grin, this vampire stands proudly. His brown hair in a ruffled spiky
do, with cold gray eyes radiating curiosity, interest and a hint of mischief.
Quickly moving around, his limbs are thin, but quite agile, seemingly very fast
indeed. He walks with a minor lean towards his cane. His appearance is
otherwisely neatly arranged and he keeps with himself a calm and quiet composure.
A gruesome scar can be seen on one of his index fingers lining the fastening
joint on the hand, likely due to it once being torn off. Another wide scar can
be seen centered on his forehead, at it looks like something sharp and circular
has penetrated his skull completely. He carries himself like a strict and
ordered person. Whorling, jade essence has been branded into his skin with the
wing of the overall image, a duskywing butterfly, fanning perfectly around the
curve of his right ear. He walks with the blessing of Chakrasul. He walks with
the blessing of Chakrasul.

(worn on a finger) : a crystal-magnified, thirteen-pointed star ring
(worn on a finger) : a shining ring of flight
(marking the forehead) : a thirteen-pointed star of the Indorani
(attached to his hat) : an orb of power
(dangling from an earlobe) : a tarot card earring
(attached firmly to the shirt sleeves) : a pair of severed finger cufflinks
(worn on the feet) : a pair of onyx, knee-high leather boots
(tightly securing the pants to the body) : a silk belt with a polished buckle
(tightly fit to his legs) : a pair of slim onyx pants
(covering the upper body) : a sickly-green brocade coat
(worn slightly tilted) : a sickly-green top hat with an onyx band
(flowing from the back) : a hooded Indorani cloak
(protruding from the coat lining) : a high-necked black shirt, trimmed with lace
(worn on a finger) : a Moonsong pack ring
(worn on a finger) : a wave of shadow ring
(worn on a finger) : 2 arcane black rings
(piercing the upper corner of the ear) : an onyx spiral earring
(worn as an earring) : an encaged miniature duskywing butterfly

Tiurs visit came after Chak had been standing answering some questions from the crowd, most likely cause we were talking a lot about how we wanted Tiur's cookies in Web:

(CLAN): You say, "Tiur would want to have cookies. Its a Tiur thing."

(CLAN): Iriden says, "Honors ...unicorns hell aeteyr."

(CLAN): You say, "What?"

(CLAN): Iriden says, "You're going to get us all cookied."

(CLAN): Iriden says, ":D."

(CLAN): You say, "Tiur wont cookie us, he loves us."

(CLAN): Iriden says, "Thats it, i know nothing of this conversation."

(CLAN): You say, "Hahahah."

(Web): You say, "I want a Tiur cookie. I want to munch his cookie. This sounds
wrong every way I type it."

(Web): Callidora says, "Me too."

(Web): Callidora says, "HEY TIUR!"

(Web): Callidora says, "GIVE US COOKIES PLEASE."

A corpse claws its way up from the ground, a spark of life glowing in its eye
sockets. Smoke begins to rise from its form as Tiur begins to animate it.

(Web): Iriden says, "Omg you people are going to get me cookied."

(Web): Iriden says, "unicorns."

Tiur, the Gnosis says, "I'm doing work!"

Tiur, the Gnosis says, "For you guys, even."

(Web): Iriden says, "Rofl."

Raixen's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Callidora squeaks in fright.

Iriden shakes her head sadly.

Raixen snickers under his breath.

Lynea raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Callidora pats Tiur in a friendly manner.

You cackle hellishly.

Tiur grumbles angrily.

The corpse animated by Tiur drops to the floor as His animation ends. A small
fire begins, swiftly consuming the leftover pieces and leaving no sign of His

Lynea Bouchard says, "Um..what was that?"

Raixen smirks at Lynea.

(Web): Callidora says, "I thought I was about to be Aeteyr and get killed by him.

Mighty wings fan out around Chakrasul as She turns Her jade eyes towards Iriden,
"There is no offense in seeking knowledge about Me," She informs Iriden,
ignoring Tiur's RUDE disruption.

End of story, Aeteyr was chosen, and no cookies were harmed in the making of this post. Thank you to @Chakrasul @Tiur @Callidora @Iriden @Raixen @Rebra @Megiddo and everyone else who was present to make it a great and hilarious moment.


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    Chakrasul is so wonderfully creepy! Congratulations @Aeteyr!
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