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Vash is a year old now so I figure this would be a good time to start this thread. I think it will be fascinating to look back on in the future as I have a specific long term arc I want to play out and it will be interesting to see how (or if) opinions change over time.

Vash has almost exclusively interacted with Spinesreach so far but I will try to get him out more often. The main problem I have is my off peak playing time so when I wander around I rarely run into people. That said I am only playing Aetolia for the RP so if you run into me I will happily emote with you about anything.

I really do consider these boards OOC which is why I don't use an avatar of Vash here. So feel free to give any and all feedback you want on him. Like if you can't stand him OOC but your character is friends with him IC that is totally cool with me (or the reverse!) and your feedback will not change our interactions.

Here is a cheat sheet for Vash that might be of interest as well.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19ish
Guild/House: Archivists
City: Spinesreach
Congregation: [classified]
Title : None


Hair: Black, shoulder length, unkempt, beginnings of curls at the end.
Eyes: Bright-Green
Height: 5’3” / 1.6m
Skin : Dark tan
Build: Skinny, no real muscle tone
Clothing: Mainly blue with black highlights. Currently wears a ridiculously flamboyant wide brimmed cavalier’s hat with a blue feather.
Tattoos: Only the magical kind.
Piercings: None.
Scars: None.


Strengths: Highly Adaptable, Upbeat, Friendly, Accepting, Curious
Weaknesses: Naivety, Impulse Control, Green Eyes
Morals: [classified]
Pet Peeves: Theoretical Discussions, Indecision, Loss of Control, Incompetence
Best way to piss me off: whine
Best way to get on his good side: Show him something new


Color: Green.
Skillset: Geometrics
Ability: Tie between COLLAPSE and STAR
General Ability: Currently Undecided
God/Goddess: [classified]
Guild Master/House Head (all time): Kelleria
Tattoo: Cloak
Artifact (don't have to own): [classified]
Commodity: None
Animal: dog
Item owned: a bracer-like duskcrystal bracelet
Village/forest/region: Three Widows
NPC: Sneak
Memory: [classified]
Song: Has not heard any music yet
Drink: Avaclear


Goals: [classified]
Ambitions: [classified]
Nemesis: Avaclear
Rival: none
Best Friend: Estheld
Idol: [classified]
Best personal achievement: Teani’s friendship
Worst personal achievement: First death. It was caused by a lack of an immunity potion.
Proudest moment: Surviving his initial encounter with the Dark Lady
Most shameful moment: Losing control at a pizza party (see Nemesis)
Secret dream: [classified]
Typically In Game: JST (GMT+9) 6AM-8AM and 6PM-10PM


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    I frickin' love Vash.
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    Agreeing with the above comment. It's very difficult to dislike a character so enthusiastic about even the smallest of things. The character has a genuine quality that shines through in the little things. 

    Despite being new to the extensive emote system here, you are doing an excellent job of portraying his feelings and expressions. I like your writing style. 

    It's a pleasure to interact with Vash and I hope I'll be able to for a long time. 

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    While ICly Kelli is fairly frosty, that's just her style.

    OOCly: <3.

    Can't wait to see how you/he develop in the future!

    Edit: Stupid font formating isn't working...I'll make the point when it can be fancied up by bold and colourful font....
    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    I like Vash. His constant questions during Sigmunds history class was highly welcome, and the man himself proves to be energetic and engaging. Like the character, and hope Sigmund and Vash cross paths more.
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    I always look forward to interacting with Vash, even if it doesn't happen enough and Vash mostly sees Xenia's aloof, business side.

    Things will evolve, there will be more in-depth interactions and it will be awesome!

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    Sigmund said:

    I like Vash. His constant questions during Sigmunds history class was highly welcome, and the man himself proves to be energetic and engaging. Like the character, and hope Sigmund and Vash cross paths more.

    I had fun with that interaction! Having given my share of lectures in past games I try to make them interactive if possible. I can't stand putting in the effort to try and explain something IC only to have all of the players in attendance say nothing and just thank me and walk away. Feels like I am just talking to myself.

    That said IC I was trying to have Vash come off as a bit annoying in that scene. Young enthusiastic guy questioning everything kind of deal. I think one of the hardest things to pull of for me RP wise is not always playing a perfect character without slipping into being a full on jerk/badguy. Like being mean to someone or causing overt conflict is easy in my opinion but just causing IC dislike is harder.

    Another example where I try to do this is my replies to the common questions people have of "Does anyone need anything?". I always try to give some kind of flippant reply to see what will happen. Like ask for tips on tasty food, if any shops sell un-dyed pink clothing, or where I can find a pile of gold lying around, etc. There is a ton of darkness all over the place and some really well done serious players so I want to see what a bit of annoying enthusiasm will result in (while not going over the line into being OOC annoying).
    Typically In Game: JST (GMT+9) 6AM-8AM and 6PM-10PM
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