Becoming Her Tormented Voice

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So, I cannot CANNOT CANNOT thank those that were there enough. My major <3s go out to @Rijetta, @Arbre, and of course @Chakrasul. I did my best to cut everything down but this was just some A++ work on all sides and it was truly one of the best things I've ever been a part of. Thank you, all of you.

EDIT: So the log is super long, so here's the Pastebin of it:


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    This was really fun to read!

    One aspect I found interesting was the use of emotion over tells. I always play tells as being of one uniform inflection. I don't mind if people emote in them but for some reason it never feels right for me to do so.

    I would probably use THINK to describe how I felt before I sent a tell, which admittedly would only be useful in limited circumstances.

    "(Tells): You tell Arbre, "I loathe you without reproach right now. In furious envy." "
    I love this reply!

    Infant and Goddess of Corruption, this will have a happy ending.

    "You have driven your own hand through your chest with the aid of Chakrasul."

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    That was bloody marvellous.
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    I had an epilogue, where She healed his throat, but it was on the HTML Client and I lost it. Suffice to say, he now has jade stitches on his throat and I'll try and grab that line next I can. I'm glad people are enjoying it, I tried to roll with @Lin's suggestion to post more logs of stuff
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    A great read, and so well played too! Thank you for sharing.
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