Aeteyr Bahir'an

I figure it is good to start this early, so I can track progress. Aeteyr is new to the realms, but he is very outspoken and interested in most things. Mind you he is still learning about a lot of things.


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    Strangely enough, Trager is kind of an Aeteyr fanboy in a way. He absolutely devours Aeteyr's advice with a hunger, finding it in sync enough with his own sort of logic, but often contributing just a bit more depth that gives Trager a touch more to think on. Aeteyr is that, forgive me, nerdy friend that everyone wants. The one with his head on his shoulders correctly, and with what seems like a firm grasp of right and wrong, in his own mind. He's a part of the new generation of vampires that is going to help mould Bloodloch for the better.


    Go RP with Aeteyr. He's pretty damn awesome.
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

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    I've only seen him here and there (been super busy lately), but I'd love to pick at Aeteyr's brain more sometime. He has a way with words that I really do envy. And being a fellow member of Bahir'an, Irae is certainly interested in where he ends up.
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    @Trager There is no secret Aeteyr is also a Trager-fanboy. He sees in him an old soul that he can connect with on a deeper level, discussing ideas that he feels others might fail to fully grasp. He also enjoys the small friendly banter between them, when the time calls for it.

    @Irae I am certain we will find time when Aeteyr and Irae gets to hang out more, hopefully soon. He very much enjoys his fellow Bahir'ans thinking them to have a firm grasp of the things he cares about.

    As for any others, all feedback is good feedback, and Aeteyr very much develops with you all, as you all shape the life he experiences, so do come for some RP if you see him out and about. He is very rarely too busy.
  • Aeteyr is just loving meeting you all out there, but he is quite curious how you all see him?

    Been a couple extra months for people to interact with the studious Consanguine, any new feedback?
  • EowynEowyn Somewhere
    We've had the remote interaction which I found interesting. You wrote your ideas out very well! Maybe, someday, we'll word-joust in person.
  • I think he would like that, he is pretty openminded considering his allegiances, and word-jousting is an artform he much appreciates. Particularly with parties who violently disagrees, heh! Thanks @Eowyn
  • I have enjoyed my (so far brief) interactions with Aeteyr! I love how well you stay in character despite what is happening around you.

    Aeteyr arrives from the northwest.
    He is followed by Aeteyr, a bloodleech, a carrion beetle, a chaos orb, a chimera, a dervish, a green slime, a minion of chaos, a sharp-toothed gremlin, a simpering sycophant, a soulmaster, a withered crone, and a worm.

    Jedrick glances up from behind the bar, eying Aeteyr as he enters the tavern. Giving a gruff grunt of greeting, the man returns to wiping down the countertop.

    Aeteyr gives a quick nod to Jedrick and finds a free table to sit by.

    Aeteyr inclines his head politely to those around him.

    Aeteyr takes a simple book entitled, "Ritual Experimentations #1" from a soldier's kitbag.

    Aeteyr opens the book and starts reading with deep interest.

    You have emoted: Glancing over at Aeteyr Vash gives a brief chuckle and taps a Spirean pin-up calendar entitled, "First edition" still sitting face down on the table in front of him before stage whispering to Didi "Which book do you think has better pictures?"

    Didi covers her mouth with her hand to hide a grin, but fails to hide the amused twinkle in her eyes.
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  • Thanks @Vash. Aeteyr thinks Vash is a lot of fun, so very alive and brimming with energy, he wants to hang out more in the Spines to get to know all the crazy Reachians, lol.
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