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Due to the long overdue retirement of some senile characters I find myself needing some advice on spending some credits.

Background :
I am currently playing from a high ping (500-1000) connection using the Nexus Client and firstaid so I have no hope of being a top tier combatant. It will be a while before I am even mid tier. So my initial goals are for quality of life improvements and things that will help with my handicaps.

Vash is currently an Archivist which is the first "occultish/magic/whatever" class I have played. I have no idea how good they are at PvP but I wanted a change of pace from what I played before. That said I am almost certain I will take advantage of the multiclass system for leveling as right now I am going a bit crazy playing a class that seems to constantly be out of mana. Assuming crits work the same way here as I am used to that would most likely mean a Monk or Knight class as my second.

Besides tri-trans on the Archivist does anyone have any advice on if I need tri-trans on my second monk/knight?
Trans Avoidance
Trans Tattoos
Trans Survival
Weaponry? I assume I need to trans if I go for a knight correct?
Vision? I tend to not spend a lot here but if there is something critical I would love to know.

Mini Skills
Trans Constitution/Fitness/Philosophy (I hate hate hate running out of willpower/endurance)
??? - Any others that are recommended?

Other Skills
Fishing? Crafting? I am not a designer or merchant so I would only pick something up if there was a mechanical benefit.

Artifacts - certain
Set of Pipes
Wings (or should I get the cave version?)
Cloaking (I am always up to no good)

Artifacts - Advice needed
Crit Bracers and/or EXP boost - I have read getting to 100 is not as bad here as other IRE games so perhaps these would be overkill?
Health/Mana sip or Regen?
Protection or shield or both? Would this mitigation help in PvE in addition to PvP?

Anything I am missing? I am avoiding the class based ones and stat ones for the moment as I am not positive I will be mainly playing one class and I do not want to focus too much yet. I also know that the EQ crown is highly recommended but I deliberately left it off as again I am not positive what my main will be and due to my ping I will not be able to make good use of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    This is just my two cents, other people may have better ideas, but!

    Miniskills: Each miniskill you listed there also offers protection against a type of damage associated with it that scales by how much you have learned. If bashing is your main goal for now, trans miniskills could be quite useful for you.

    Weaponry: You don't necessarily have to trans weaponry, since most of what you need will be there in the Carnifex skillsets. Weaponbelts will be super useful to have though if you want to switch up your weapons on the fly.

    Vision: It's full of quality of life skills that are just generally good to have, I highly recommend it.

    Fishing: People say it's good for experience and gold, but I thought it was admittedly kind of boring. It's overall well-received though, so if you're looking for spare change, take a look!

    Tradeskills: It's very nice to be able to make your own items, but if you're not a fan of designing, I certainly wouldn't recommend it. The crafting guild is notorious for being sometimes... picky, to put it as nicely as possible. If you just need your basics, it's much smarter to make friends with the tons of people who have these skills who would be more than happy to do custom designs for you.

    Wings: Now, this is something I'll likely catch some flack for, but I can't say I'd ever invest in wings/amulet. As it stands, the in-game path finding system is fantastic as you explore; if you learn horsemanship up until galloping, you can PATH GO GALLOP and get from A to B quickly enough that the wings/amulet really only save you a handful of seconds.

    Crit bracers/exp boost: If you're only worried about getting to 100, it's much more worth it to take the credits you would have spent on those things, and find yourself some chalices/mint chocolates IG and pair them with some globes. You can get to endgame in a matter of a couple of days this way, and it's absolutely mindless work.

    Sip enhancement: This is an awesome artifact and almost always worth the investment.

    Other things to note:

    If you're planning on having a bunch of classes (or even just Carnifex/Monk) you may want to look into the adaptation arti, which lets you change statpacks every time you change class. As it stands, your Archivist statpack will almost always be nearly the exact opposite of what you need for a physical class like Carni/Monk.

    Arti tree tattoo - These ultimately pay for themselves, imo. A handful of lessers can have you churning through a regular tree so quickly that it's obnoxious.

    Tattoos, the skillset - As you learn in tattoos, you get extra available tattoo slots. Very useful, and inking your own tattoos is nice.

    Also keep in mind: With the multiclass system, you need to be either virtuoso in all three guild skills, or transcendent in two before you can get another one. If you're not really planning on playing archivist often but want to remain in the guild, you'll want to learn your skills up to those points first before branching out from there.
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    You'll want trans vision, if you intend to get involved in PVP, for discernment, otherwise it's extremely difficult to keep track of enemy cures. This can be largely offset with an Eye of Lano enchantment, however.

    You'll definitely want a set of artifact pipes eventually. If you're super-serious about PKing you'll probably want to think about an eq crown eventually, too. They're regarded as fairly essential for eq-based classes (like ours).

    Miniskills are handy to have, but should largely be secondary considerations. Willpower loss can be offset with an owl tattoo, and you can boost your recovery with Symphony and by doing it in a willpower room (such as Spirean Inner Gate).

    Protection amulet is less effective for Archivists, because we wear armour (it's effects are reduced by stronger armours, i.e. no armour = full benefit, fullplate = nearly none).
    Artifact shield is nifty to have, though. And yes, either or both of these will also help in PVE depending on what you're fighting.
    Crit bracers/exp boost are handy, but probably not necessary. You can get bonuses to these with other items/effects.

    Edit: Oh, and as far as stat boosting goes, Constitution is never not useful to have more of. Just saying.
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    As far as artifacts go, general ones are always useful.

    Statboosters (Con/Int/Str/Dex): CON is the main one that's useful to have since it's useful for every class (more health, yay!). What other ones you decide to get depend on your class, but aren't must-buys from the get-go.

    Enhancement: This was my first ever artifact buy. I got mine at level 2, and it provides a nice health boost. Stacks with +Con artifact.

    Sip ring: Useful for everything from bashing to PvP. I don't have it myself (yet), so you can get by easily without it, but it makes a lot of things even easier.

    Exp gain: This one is a toss-up. I have it at level 2 and it's useful because it stacks with all other exp boosts (chocolates, book tattoo, etc). Only get it if faster exp gain matters to you.

    Artifact tree tattoo: not super important early on, but as you get higher in level or start participating in PvP, it becomes important. You don't want to be running out of tree uses at inopportune moments.


    Fishing: For a 100cr investment, this is really good. You don't have to invest any lessons into it at all as you learn by just actually fishing. It's also an easy way to earn gold if you don't want to learn quests. All you have to do is catch fish and turn them in.

    Weaponry: if you plan on picking up Carnifex, you don't need to trans weaponry as most of your weapon skills already come with the class.


    Polymath/adaptation: If you plan on picking up either Monk or Carnifex, keep in mind that these are physical-based classes, so if you don't want to have a horrible time of it, you'll HAVE to pick up adaptation to switch between statpacks. Polymath will bring your class cooldown to one hour instead of twelve.

    Skills: I'm not sure about Carnifex, but with Monk you could probably get away with just learning Tekura, or Tekura and Kaido. Telepathy has a bit of utility, but it's not needed for hunting or most PvP if you go for straight damage.
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