The last of Her essence

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This is a log about Chakrasul taking the last of the essence of Auresae from Arbre, and Arbre completely missing one emote Chakrasul did and killing the wrong person. WHUPS.

She is a stalwart Azudim with a woman's figure, the curves of her body giving her a strong, healthy look. Tawny fur falls about her shoulders like hair, the strands thin with a tendency to be frizzy. Large, rounded feline ears top her head, the various shades of brown causing her green eyes to stand out like emeralds. Swaying three feet behind her is a long, thick tail, covered in brown fur that gradates down to black at the end. The aroma of scintilily flowers hanging about her is overwhelming, though not quite strong enough to overcome the stench of dirt, blood, and wet dog.

A piercing scream heralds the arrival of a cacophony of duskywing butterflies that quickly coalesce into the form of Chakrasul.

You have emoted: "I told you," Arbre says, finally looking over to the two now that the color in her cheeks starts to subside, "He is so--".

"Lady Chakrasul," Xavin murmurs, pulling his hands into his lap and looking quite awkward, as if uncertain if he should remain seated, avert his eyes from the arrived goddess, or stand.

"Hello, Lady Corruption!" Mariena greets, having been displaced from Xavin moving. She dips her head respectfully towards the Goddess. "Welcome to the Aquila General Store."

Chakrasul waves a dismissive hand towards Xavin and Mariena as Her attention fixes entirely on you, "As you were," She says over Her shoulder. To you, however, the Goddess' lips lift into a wicked grin, "Comfortable enough to be broken again, My Aquila?" She asks on a soothing, alluring tone.

You have emoted: Arbre takes a deep breath and releases it slowly before giving a singular nod. "I am," she says solemnly, her eyes meeting Chakrasul's unwaveringly.

Chakrasul's jade eyes gleam as She finally turns on you to look directly at Xavin and Mariena. The expression on Her face can only be described as predatory - a Goddess on the hunt, "Xavin. Mariena. Two of the dearest people to My Aquila," She croons and Her wings drag lazily behind Her as She begins to move to the pair.

"And in my case one of Yours long ago. In my case anyway," Xavin states, keeping still even with the approach and disconcerting look of the Goddess. "Before the folly with Lady Khepri's essence....I still have what remains of the armlet You once presented Your chosen with."

"Arbre's favored Goddess," Mariena returns with a nod. "You might appreciate this drink as well, actually, Lady." She offers a decanter with distressed detail of a nebulous "Mysterious Maladies" elixir up.

You have emoted: Arbre turns as Chakrasul moves toward Mariena and Xavin, a look of concern coming to her expression, though she doesn't speak or move from her spot.

"Yes. I remember you, Xavin and you are forgiven," Chakrasul states as She stops before Xavin and Mariena, "This is not abou-" the Goddess pauses as a drink is pressed into Her hands, "Social courtesies." The decanter is crushed within Her hand and as She opens Her palm, jade motes of light float towards the ground, "This is about reclaiming what is Mine. To do so, I require you both." Her own set of fangs, so akin to the Consanguine's own, as She stares at Xavin and Mariena expectantly.

Xavin frowns briefly then, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck. "Arum...what, ah...what do You require of us?" he asks, shifting where he sits and pushing to stand.

Mariena's tail slashes to and fro, hitting Xavin and the couch, but she nods. "I am available for whatever is needed."

You have emoted: The first signs of fear finally come across Arbre's face as she raises both hands to cover her mouth.

Chakrasul reaches forward to caress the side of Mariena's cheek, "Such unquestioning loyalty," She whispers darkly and Her fingers curl around Mariena's head to rest against her neck, "Let us hope My Aquila appreciates your sacrifice."

Fear begins to sit in the pit of your stomach as the gentle caress of Her presence brushes over your mind.

Mariena glances to you, about to speak. She stops with a wince and startled look back to Chakrasul. "She deserves it," she states with a definite change in pitch.

Xavin's POV: "You have no right to ask, accept or deny. I promise you do not want to subject these ladies to face Me alone," comes a low, seductive whisper that washes over your conscious.

Xavin's tail flicks left and right. "You mistake me, I think, Lady," he says shaking his head. "You needn't ask for my consent, I am at your disposal." He pauses a moment, sucking in a breath before saying, "I did not think I would ever come face to face with You again. But some part of me has remained Yours even now."

You have emoted: Arbre opens her mouth as if she might say something, but the words hang up in her throat. Her eyes flick between the three other occupants swiftly as she begins to breathe a bit heavier, her ears flat against her skull and tail hanging to the ground limply.

"Anyone who was once Mine, is always Mine," Chakrasul replies and as She pulls away from Mariena to straighten, She drags a nail along her jawline. Turning, the Goddess walks towards you and the jade of Her eyes darkens to an almost pitch-black hue, "I asked for permission as a single gesture of mercy, it is all they, or you, get." With that, She begins to unravel, duskywing butterflies pulling away from Her skin, "Time to descend, My Aquila."

Shattering into thousands of duskywing butterflies, Chakrasul's body unravels and as the last insect leaves, no trace of the Goddess remains.

You have emoted: "I'm sorry," Arbre says to Xavin and Mariena hoarsely, looking around as if to find Chakrasul hiding behind a shelf.

Wincing, Chronicler Xavin Taziyah says, "Why do I feel like you have bitten off more than all three of us can chew, Arbre?"

Mariena's hand immediately moves towards her neck, rubbing it and then checking her hand, as if expecting blood, or dead flesh as a result. "We'll stand with you." Her words are brave. Her tail is twitchy. Her jawline is what is bloody.

You are transported by the power of the Divine.
Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron.
The rising sun illuminates falling snow, setting the flakes agleam. Duskywing butterflies flit lazily around the form of Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption here.
You see a single exit leading down.

Mariena suddenly appears, looking bewildered.

You have emoted: Arbre nearly stumbles on the crumbling tower, but catches her balance before doing such. Forcibly, she beats down some of her fear, swallowing hard and trying to push the expression from her face in front of the Goddess.

Each of you are deposited around Chakrasul Who stands at the center of the tower and She allows a moment for each of you to gather yourselves.

Mariena hisses a stream of Rajamala curses beneath her breath, as she is want to give voice to the unease of rebalancing. She does soon quiet.

Xavin just barely manages to keep his balance after being deposited upon the top of the tower. His tail lashes in clear agitation though his expression remains schooled and calm, his attention centering upon Chakrasul once he has gained his bearings.

A perfect eyebrow arches as Chakrasul turns on the spot to regard each of you in turn, "Welcome back to the Isle of Despair, Xavin," She voices as She stops to point at a patch of ground before Her feet, "Kneel," She commands. Those almost-black eyes slide to Mariena, "You, delightful little creature, kneel beside him."

Xavin draws in a breath, suppressing the cold-inflicted chattering of his teeth before he moves, offering a brief bow towards Chakrasul and kneeling as commanded. Once on his knees he shoots you a brief glance, though his gaze centers back upon the goddess quickly enough.

Xavin kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect.

Mariena toes a patch of crumbled masonry out of the way so her stockings do not snag and kneels beside Xavin in a fluid collapse of limbs. Her tail does not stop thumping the ground, whaking Xavin in the leg and then the stone, leg and stone, leg and stone. She watches the Goddess from the position of her knees, obedient but observant.

Mariena kneels onto one knee, demonstrating her humility and respect.

(Tells|Erzsebet): From afar, Erzsebet hisses harshly to you, "Arbre, my love."

(Tells|Erzsebet): From afar, Erzsebet hisses harshly to you, "Tell me you're

"As much as I enjoy making you kneel for Me," Chakrasul announces as Her body turns enough to allow Her hand to sweep towards you, "It is not for Me, this time. It is for My Aquila. Come here, My child," she requests on a soothing voice that is carried to you on a low wind.

You have emoted: Arbre looks first to Xavin and then to Mariena before focusing back on Chakrasul. She seems no comforted by Her tone of voice, though she obeys, stepping one foot in front of the other until she reaches Her.

Mariena appears irritated as the sun bears down upon her.

Mariena rubs an arm and hisses as steam is released from her body, the result of snow and sensitive Vampiric skin.

(Tells|Erzsebet): You tell Erzsebet, "...for now."

(Tells|Erzsebet): You tell Erzsebet, "No. Thank you."

Mariena unfurls her palm and darkness falls upon you.

Chakrasul hands a delicate, spiral-etched athame to you and Her wings pull
forward to overshadow both Herself and you.

With an unnerving amount of apathy in Her voice, Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption says, "You will need that."

You have emoted: Arbre nods slowly to Chakrasul, her eyes still wide as she struggles to control her fear. "Yes, Mother," she says in a whisper.

Before your very eyes, Xavin and Mariena are both consumed by Fire and, in their place, perfect mirages of Auresae. Warmth radiates from the mirror images of the Goddess of Fire and it licks across your skin as if beckoning.

"Prove you are done with Her," Chakrasul commands as She sweeps a slender hand towards Xavin and you, "I forced you to watch Her die, over and over and over. For this," She flicks Her wrist towards Mariena first, "Slice Her throat and make Her bleed out."

On a snarl, Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption says to you, "Prove your worth."

Ka-thunk. Ka-thunk. Ka-thunkka-thunkka-thunk. The tail hitting Xavin speeds up and Mariena reaches for his hand beside her, locking fingers with him and shutting her alarmed eyes.

(Tells|Siaern): Siaern tells you, "I made a mistake. You're too close, I can feel you. Scream and let it break you. Excise it and be born anew."

You have emoted: Hearing the Fire, Arbre turns to look behind her instinctively, her jaw dropping open. "R-raleha?" she says, confused. She turns back to Chakrasul, rubbing her eyes roughly with her free hand. Looking at the dagger for a moment, horrific understanding crosses her face. She turns and slowly walks over to the mirage of Auresae that Xavin creates, coming to stand behind him. She presses her body up against his back, a trembling hand grasping his head to hold him still and she brings the delicate, spiral-etched athame to his throat. Hesitating, she looks to Chakrasul, her eyes silently begging for another answer.

Xavin gives Mariena's hand a squeeze, his eyes drifting shut as he holds his breath.

"Spill it," Chakrasul commands on a cold, malicious tone.

You have emoted: Arbre takes in a sharp breath and closes her eyes tightly. In a swift, accurate motion, she draws the dagger across Xavin's throat, slitting it open deeply.

The Auresae mirage, now at your mercy, looks up at you, "Iahulo," Her voice wobbles on the Illumine word, "Don't."

You watch as pure fire begins pouring from the wound and She gurgles, choking on the fiery language as Her body begins to jerk and the fire of Her eyes begins to dim.

You have emoted: Arbre's eyes open wide after the act, and she stares down at the mirage in horror, beginning to tremble.

Xavin tries to gasp once the blade has drawn across his throat, though he only succeeds in coughing up a rather large amount of blood, spilling the crimson liquid across the ground before him and all down his front. His eyes flutter open and an panicked expression crosses his face momentarily before he slumps to the side, unable to support his own weight any longer.

Chakrasul's face brightens with a cruel expression of delight as She watches the dagger slice across Xavin's beautiful skin, "Yes," She hisses around a cold laugh as the blood pools quickly around Xavin and Mariena's legs as well as your feet.

Mariena hangs on tightly to the hand that spasms and goes limp, tough her face crumples into a mask of despair and a tiny, hoarse sound emits from her tightly, pressed lips. She can't keep gaze away any longer and turns her head to watch the sight fully with eyes glinting a sanguine hue, as if she did not have a white-knuckled grip on the man's hand whose blood is soaking her hemline.

You have emoted: Arbre doesn't have to be told what to do. Releasing Xavin to fall limp, she steps over to Mariena, her footsteps slow but accurate. She holds the athame loosely at her side, the blade dripping with his blood. Stepping up behind Mariena, she mimics the action, pressing her body to the mirage and grasping her head to hold her still. She looks to Chakrasul and this time keeps her eyes open, focused on the Goddess dully as she raises the knife to her throat and slits it in a smooth motion.

Xavin has been slain by misadventure.
By Chakrasul's will, Xavin has had his throat slit by Arbre.
You divine the location of this death as Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron
in the Isle of Despair.
Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron (15116) in Tiyen Indoron (111)
Your ally has fallen at Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron.
Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron (15116) in Tiyen Indoron (111)
Xavin drops a dusky, ochre-painted drakir.

Mariena has been slain by misadventure.
By Chakrasul's will, Mariena has had her throat slit by Arbre.
You divine the location of this death as Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron
in the Isle of Despair.
Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron (15116) in Tiyen Indoron (111)
Your ally has fallen at Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron.
Atop a crumbling tower of Tiyen Indoron (15116) in Tiyen Indoron (111)
Stricken, Mariena collapses to the ground, a dense mist escapes from the
orifices of her body, until nothing but a withered husk remains.

(Tells|Kanivara): In the back of your mind, you hear Kanivara saying to you, "Well then."

Pure, delighted laughter lifts from Chakrasul's mouth as She stares back at you, "Bravo, My Aquila," She croons as She steps over the bodies and towards you. Blood begins to soak the feathers that tip the Goddess' wings as She grabs you by the arms, "Let Me remove Her stench from you," She growls over the top of your head.

The touch of the Goddess elicits the sensation of your skin beginning to decay and it spreads away from the points of contact.

You have emoted: Arbre trembles in Chakrasul's grip, but her eyes are distant, her breathing now slow and shallow. "Yes, Mother," she whispers. She curls her toes for just a moment, sliding through the blood and creating streaks as the liquid pools up between her toes.

(Tells|Zaila): Zaila tells you, "Heeeey there, buddy. Quick question: did you know you were going to do that?"

(Tells|Zaila): You tell Zaila, "..yes."

(Tells|Zaila): Zaila tells you, "If you have wanted to, think you could have warned them it was going to happen?"

(Tells|Zaila): You tell Zaila, "We can talk later."

(Tells|Zaila): Zaila tells you, "Fair enough."

Chakrasul's grip on you tightens and jade mist begins to leak from every pore covering the Goddess' body. Slow at first, the dark cloud begins to swirl around the tower - Her essence in its pure form, no longer restrained by a shell.

Jade lightening crackles overhead as the tornado begins to spin faster, whipping around you and the Goddess standing in the center of the tower.

You have emoted: Arbre watches the Goddess only, though there's no way she couldn't be keenly aware of the tornado of essence surrounding her.

The blood of the bodies is picked up and intermingled into the jade tornado. At the center of the winds, Chakrasul and you. What follows starts slow and tantalizing. A shot of jade lightening connects with the center of your back and before sizzling away in all directions. The first shot, cleared a path for the second that hits again, this one making direct contact with your bare flesh and it sizzles through the fur.

You have emoted: Arbre screams out in pain as the lightning hits her, not expecting it as her eyes go wide and emotion comes back into them swiftly. She manages to stay in place, closing her mouth sharply, denying further screams to come from her.

You just received message #1 from Xavin.

Message #1 Sent By: Xavin Received On: 5/31/2017/1:56
"Love you. You owe me."

The crackling lightening casts a sharp light across the top of the tower as Chakrasul releases you to drop to the floor and, with that same smile on Her mouth, the Goddess steps back to watch the turmoil unfold.

Another shot of jade energy connects with your ribs, spreading from the point of contact to first remove the shield of clothing only to be followed by its partner that fizzles through your fur.

Again and again, your body is shot by jade lightening of pure essence from Chakrasul and the Goddess snarls as a particularly vibrant fork spears through your heart.

You have emoted: Arbre catches herself on her hands and knees, not moving from the position, head down. She grunts hard as the lightning hits her over and over, but soon the pain becomes unbearable and she starts to scream out with every strike, collapsing when it hits her heart.

"Scream, -scream-, let Me hear the music of your cries as I brand you as Mine," comes a voice that rises above the turmoil of hot spears that assault your body.

The last strike of lightening does not disperse like the rest and Chakrasul steps up to grab the verdant light in Her hands, "You belong to Me. You are of Corruption and you will spread Corruption. No more filthy, weak warmth. You will feel the cold of malice, wield the blade of fear and spread My tendril." With that, She drives the lightening home.

As the heated shard is driven through your heart entirely, you watch, wide-eyed, as the bright essence warps and wraps around your body. The fur touched by Her essence is turned a bright jade, whereas the rest is dulled to a harsh jet-black as the remaining warmth of Auresae is sapped from your being.

You have emoted: Arbre's screams are incredibly, nearly loud enough to overcome the sound of the tornado of essence itself. If she heard Chakrasul's words, she makes no indication, a throaty noise coming forth with her hollering as her body is changed and molded.

Looking down at the bent and broken body of Chakrasul, sneers as the new tattoos begin shifting between hues of jade light, "Where Her's expressed your happiness and joy, Mine express My gifts to you. Fear. Malice. Avarice. Despair. As they claim you, you will feel the touch of My Might." The tattoos constrict and settle on your newly given flesh, Her branding complete.

The smell of scintililies surrounding you is driven away by the sickly sweet scent of decay as Her taint washes over your entirety.

The tornado begins to tear through the shell of you left at Chakrasul's feet, "Be reborn as Mine, as you have always been."

You have emoted: Arbre's screams gurgle out as she loses her voice, tearing up her vocal chords. Her eyes open wide, unfocused as the tornado begins to take her over.

You are claimed by Her through the jade tornado as it tears you apart.
You have been slain by misadventure.
You were not afflicted.
Experience Lost: 7500 [total: 14202415]
The celestial mountain screamer, Ruush-ka falls out of your inventory.

The Hall of the Underking.
This room has not been mapped.
There are no obvious exits.

Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption has invited you to join the Divine Order of Chakrasul, Goddess of Corruption and awaits a response.
AGREE if you wish to join the order.

Chakrasul grants you entrance into Her Order. Congratulations!

Chakrasul is staring up at the sky on your arrival, "Mine," She says by way of greeting and Her shimmering dress folds fluidly around Her legs as She turns to appraise you.

You have emoted: "Yours," Arbre says - or tries to say. Her vocal chords have been shot by her screaming and all that comes out is the hiss of breath. Her lip turns up in a half-grin, amused at herself as she gazes upon Chakrasul and gives Her a nod in lieu of an answer.

A rare, endearing smile stretches across Chakrasul's mouth as She watches you, "Go. See to your family. Recover. Feel My touch on you." With that, the Goddess waves Her hand in a gesture of farewell.

Shattering into thousands of duskywing butterflies, Chakrasul's body unravels and as the last insect leaves, no trace of the Goddess remains.

"You have made Me proud," She whispers against your mind, "I am not done with you yet. I will call for you, when I decide it is time."

She is a stalwart Azudim of Rajamalan heritage with a woman's figure, the curves of her body giving her a strong, healthy look. Black fur coats her body, thick and soft with straight black hair hanging about her shoulders. Her eyes shine like jade jewels on her face, and sharp and feral teeth fill her mouth, a bit unnerving when she smiles. Her arms extend down to hands that terminate in long fingers, just as her legs and feet are Humanoid. Large, rounded feline ears top her head, the insides of which are white in color. Swaying three feet behind her is a long, thick tail, covered in black fur that gradates to white at the end. The sickly sweet smell of decay hangs about her thickly..Cutting through the black of her fur at varying intervals are sharp tattoos that constantly shift between hues of jade.
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