Icon Of Divinity Changes

Just want to gather ideas and hope that changes could be looked at for the Icon of Divinity.
As it is now, you are required to have10 shards to create it or 500cr to buy a perma one, Overall it's not a great item, it requires 3.5sec of eq to use spin or point and the damage and affliction output with either of those skills is horribly slow. You have to wield the item to be of any use, otherwise, you can't use the icon at all and the afflictions can't even be tracked from the icon spin ability. Overall it uses ylem reserves at a consistent rate if you attempt to use flail/whirl and icon raise uses close to 3sec of eq as well. Practically speaking it's not very "user-friendly". If possible and to give the icon a bit more life I'd like to see some of the following changes:

1) Lower the eq cost of all the skills by 1.30sec eq, that would still keep the skills at an average speed and not give it overpowering speed.

2) Allow Icon Spin + Raise to both be used off bal, like some of the other skills in the game that don't require you to have bal to use but will use/consume eq/bal once the skill is used increasing the overall recovery time.

3) Allow the above to only be done with the Artifact Icon, that way there is actual meaning to getting the Arti version, otherwise increase to 30 shards to create the icon. Which again gives the icon more meaning and increase decay time of that icon so it doesn't decay so soon. (extra 25 ig weeks)

4) When considering how much ylem reserves are used up for the Icon. Consider lowering the amount by 50% for all Icon skills.

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