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So bit of back story. After shopping for furniture for ages and not being able to find a bed Alathesia and Daish decide to make one. And kind of stumble (quite literally) into three/four hours worth of RP. Personally I found it hilarious so wanted to share it. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if there's anything I can improve on, still fairly new to RPing ect.

Big thank you to @Alathesia for keeping me entertained for many hours <3

Note: At some point I stopped targeted emotes were stopped because there was only the two of us there and i'm lazy so yeah.


Alathesia looks at you. "Love can you help?" she asks softly.

Daishin smiles at Alathesia, "Of course love, what do you need?" he asks.

Commander Alathesia D'baen says, "Can you walk around the tree and grab anything you can find so we can build a nest? We will make our own bed."

Daishin nods his head but looks a little worried.

"What?" Alathesia asks curiously.

Alathesia tilts her head and listens intently.

Daishin shuffles his feet, "I'm a bit scared to attempt to mutate though. So my
senses on what to procure may be off." he explains.

Commander Alathesia D'baen says to you, "I can mutate, maybe the transformation from the other week means you wont have to. Might have it in you and you just don't know yet."

Daishin nods his head slowly, "You may be right." before moving towards the south,
"I'll be back soon." he promises as he starts to scavenge.

{Movement a few minutes pass}

Daishin strides in from the south, a huge log in one curled arm on his shoulder. In
one great heave you throws the log to the ground, the force of it causing the web to tremble
slightly, "There you go!" he states, looking rather proud.

Daishin ruffles his feathers, a few sticks and branches falling from them which he
idly beings to sweep out of the web.

Alathesia looks down at the one lonely -log- and frowns. Looking back up at you she explains "Love, I need branches and sticks.. not a log. Noooo..." she tries to stop you from brushing out the sticks."Do you want to sleep on a log?" she inquires.

Daishin pauses and looks over his shoulder at the log, "Not particularly." he responds sounding a little confused before gesturing to the foliage he's clearing, "Just trying to tidy for you." he smiles.

"Those..." Alathesia points at the foliage before looking up at you. "Those are what we need to make a nest."

Flying from his shoulder a blood-soaked raven swoops down and collects a discarded
branch, depositing it into Alathesia's hand. "Ooooh" Daishin says looking a bit sheepish, "Sorry, I just thought you needed wood..."

Alathesia smiles softly at the raven. "Yes this is what I need." she tells the raven. "No love,
sorry I did not explain better."

Daishin bends and gathers the small amount of sticks and branches while his raven
flies from the pile delivering branch by branch to Alathesia, "Here you go love." he smiles, before helpfully depositing the lot on the log.

Daishin dips his hand into his pocket, however coming back empty handed. Eyes
widening his stares at the hand in horror, grease speckling his fingertips.

Alathesia looks at the gathered branches. "Need as many as we can find." she states.

Daishin nods, "Okay love." he says, still looking at his empty hand as he strides
absently to the south.


Your pose is now set as:
Daishin is on his hands and knees, gathering an assortment of sticks and branches. Humming badly to himself.

Alathesia walks in smiling. "I found something, thought you might like it."

Daishin looks up as he notices Alathesia's foot come into view, "Oh hi." he smiles.

Daishin looks curiously at Alathesia, leaning back on his knees. "Oh?" he asks curiously but a little excited.

Alathesia reaches out her hand and opens it. Neatly laying in her hand is a single piece of bacon.

Alathesia gives some crisply fried bacon to you.

Daishin's eyes widen in surprise, his own hands clenching and unclenching as he
attempts to restrain himself while staring at the bacon. Finally as it's passed to him he stuffs it
in his mouth, dignity forgotten as an expression changes to that of pure bliss. "mmmMMMM" he murmurs as he crunches the crispy meat.

Commander Alathesia D'baen says, "I am going to find twigs and such."

Daishin nods his head gesturing to the pile in front of him, "Got a few here!"

Commander Alathesia D'baen says, "Looking good!"

You beam broadly.

Alathesia smiles as she walks off to the east.

Alathesia arrives from the south.

Alathesia leaves to the southwest.

Alathesia arrives from the northeast.

Alathesia leaves to the northwest.

(Tells): You tell Alathesia, "Hey! You're scattering these branches everywhere!"

Alathesia walks back in quickly. "Sorry love." she says trying to juggle way to many branches and twigs in her hands. Stepping over your pile, she makes her way to the north leaving a trail of twigs behind her.


Daishin enters, his own pile of twigs and branches wobbling precariously in his
arms as his raven perched on top of the stack helpfully. Unable to see very much he slowly walks forward into the room before he bumps into the log, and chaos follows. Branches and twigs spilling from his arms they cover the entire room, dead leaves scattering everywhere as any bugs and worms that used to feed off them crawl in multiple directions.

Alathesia reaches out to catch you as you stumble, not realizing she still has an arm load of twigs and branches of her own.

In Daishin's panic he snatches at you as you reach out to help him. His hands
accidentally knocking your own pile of twigs and branches everywhere, making them rain above your head as he stumbles full force into you.

Alathesia squeals "Oh noooo...." as she falls backwards. Landing on her back, she softens your fall as you land on top of her. She ducks her head to the side trying to guard it from falling twigs and branches. She looks up at you, nothing is said for a few long moments. Finally she bursts out into laughter wrapping her arms around your form. "Caught you this time" she says. Her eyes widen as she continues to look up at you. "Love... love... LOVE..." she calls out patting your shoulder. "Move! Something is crawling up my leg!." she exclaims.

Daishin lets out a shout that mixes with your squeal as he topples forwards,
grunting as he lands on top of you. Flaring his wings he tries to protect both from the falling
twigs and branches however a few still hit the top of his head. Looking down at you he grins
stupidly as you wrap your hands around him, a brave but curious bug crawling across his cheek which he hastily attempts to blow off as you call at him. "What??...What??" he finally answers, his panic mirroring your own before he hears your explanation. "Oh no...!" he exclaims and shifts to swat at your legs in random locations, "I'll get it!"

Alathesia begins to flail her leg about which causes you to miss most of your swats. "You missed!" she calls out repeatedly. Her leg still flailing about, she joins in trying to remove the bug or whatever is crawling on her leg. You swat at her leg once more, just before you hear the skin on skin contact you hear a crunching noise. "Ewwwww.." she cries out. A sigh of relief escapes her as she lifts her leg trying to examine what crunched on it.

Daishin's panic turns to sheer determination as he bites his lower lip. Hand rising
and falling he continues to aim at the flailing legs, "You're not making this any easier!" he half
shouts at Alathesia before suddenly his hand connects with something curiously crunchy. Feeling whatever it is under his palm he lets out a triumphant, "AHA!" before pressing down on your leg, ensuring whatever it is has truly came to an end. Lifting his hand he stares at it and curiously examines the crumbled remains of a leaf before his eyes travel back to your leg, a small beetle type bug roaming around nonchalantly mere inches from where his hand fell.

Alathesia's sigh of relief is short lived as she feels the crawling has not actually ceased. "Aha
nothing!" she exclaims. "What..what is it. Get it GET IT!" she cries out keeping her leg still this
time. Reaching up she grabs a twig, using the twig in her hand she reaches down trying to hit the bug. Missing because the stick is to short, she tosses it and grabs another. The twig she grabs is even smaller than the previous. Raising the stick, she throws it down at her leg. She lets out a gasp, "Sorry!" she cries out as the twig bounces off of your head.

Daishin's eyes widen in wonder as he stares at the little bug, "Hello there." he
says to it, his voice climbing in pitch and trying to sound calming, as one would a baby. Hearing
Alathesia begin to scream he attempts to calm her, "Shhh shhh you'll scare it off!" he pleads. Watching in horror as Alathesia grabs a branch he attempts to shield the bug which slowly roams to another patch of skin, avoiding his hand. Eyes tracking the little creature he hovers his hand above it, his fingers flexing and forming a cage-like structure however just as he moves to entrap the insect he surges forward with a loud, "OW!" and hearing Alathesia's apology, he turns, brow furrowed into a frown. "That hurt!" he complains to her before turning his attention yet again to the insect. Getting ready to catch it again.

Alathesia holds up her hands while shrugging her shoulders. "I'm sorry love, didn't mean to. Swear!" she pleads. Her attention shoots back to her leg as she points down. "Get it.... just get it." she pleads. "I won't touch anymore twigs." she says keeping her hands aloft. Squirming beneath you as the beetle travels yet again to a different spot. "Does it have teeth?" she asks still unsure what is crawling on her. "It's going to bite me isn't it?" her voice trails off. "GET OFF ME" she yells out to the bug.

Rubbing the back of his head Daishin reassures Alathesia with a quick, "It's fine
love...honest." before his attention gets drawn once more to Alathesia's leg, and more importantly, the bug. Moving his head closer to examine the little creature he murmurs, "Not teeth no...some...spikey things, like umm.." his twits to look at Alathesia once more, placing curved forfingers at either side of his mouth and wiggling them, "like that." he says still giving his demonstration before he jerks backwards in surprise as Alathesia yells. The bug ignoring the command and continuing to roam aimlessly over the leg without a care in the world.

Alathesia brings her fingers to her mouth mocking your demonstration with a confused look on her face. All the sudden she yells "WHAT?!" trying to jump out from beneath you. "Those are -FANGS-" she shouts. She fails at trying to escape due to your larger form. Feeling defeated, she falls back against the the floor. Taking in a deep breath she holds it for a long moment, slowly exhaling she looks at you. "Can you at least tell what kind of venom I am about to receive?"

Daishin lowers his fingers from his mouth his hands flattening as his palms face
you, "Shhh...shhh it's okay!" he says attempting to sound soothing but his own uncertainty apparent in his voice. Wincing as you begin to shout at him and squirm he attempts to shift his weight for you to escape but as he moves one direction your body follows him, moving the other way quickly to try and let you free but alas, the same thing happens. Frown appearing on his face as you slump backwards, he asks, "Venom??" hurriedly, "What do you mean venom?" he half shouts before turning his attention back to the bug, "Voyria maybe?" he guesses after a moments examination. "Perhaps darkshade? Not really sure." he finishes helplessly. "Cute little bugger though." he murmurs.

"VOYRIA! DARKSHADE! CUTE!" Alathesia exclaims lifting her head as a worried look washes over her face. Bringing her fingers to her mouth once more copying your demonstration "Those are fangs!" she repeats. Her leg squirms as the bug crawls again to a new spot to explore. "STOP talking to it and KILL IT!" she shouts half out of breath. "Cute does not have fangs!." she adds falling back against the floor. The beetle begins to climb lower on her leg towards the top of her boots. "STOP IT!" she shouts.

Daishin starts as you begin to scream at him, watching your demonstration comprehension slowly dawns on him. At your orders he attempts to remove the bug however your
squirming form causing him to miss many times "If you could bloody stay still!" he commands
irritably, his voice raising properly for the first time. Eventually he manages to block the bug's
path however using all the dexterity it possesses it just walks slowly around the fleshy wall and
continues idly roaming towards your boot. "Well fancy that." he states, amazement overriding his irritation as he attempts the same manoeuvre eliciting the same results.

"Fiiinnneee" Alathesia says grabbing a handful of twigs in either hand. She lays still not moving a muscle. As the bug continues its path towards her boot a soft giggle escapes her. "That tickles." she murmurs quietly. Trying not to upset the bug so it won't bite her, she says "Flick it." in the most calm voice she can muster up. "Swat it, squish it, blow it..." she continues to offer options of removing the beetle until eventually her voice trails off.

Daishin breathes a sigh of relief, glad that the squirming stops, "Good!" he enthuses, "Now don't move..." he murmurs, his tongue sliding from his mouth as he slowly positions his hand near the bug, forefinger curling to be held by his thumb. "Quiet..." he murmurs then after a few seconds of silent aiming he release his finger, the flick cannoning towards the insect and connects! but only with skin. The bug eluding it's fate once more while the after effects of
flick causes it to bounce into a new position. "Shi-" Daishin starts to curse before blowing hastily,craning his neck as the bug scampers towards the entrance to your boot. He blows and blows, however due to poor positioning it just shoves the bug straight up against your footwear.

Alathesia eyes widen as she feels the bug crawl carelessly just beneath the top cuff of her boot.
She digs her heel into the floor trying to pull out her foot. She fails miserably numerous times
until finally she manages to get her foot half way out of the thigh high boots. Giving her foot a
might fling the boot flings the rest of the way off, but unfortunately it heads in your direction.
Dropping the twigs, she quickly closes her eyes not wanting to see where her boot ends up.

Daishin lowers his head, his usually pale cheeks showing a slight pink tinge as his
eyes glaze a little after all that blowing. Blinking a little he raises his head straight into the
path of a flying knee-high boot which catches him square on the temple. Letting out a single grunt he collapses against you, the mutated kelki unconscious as a small swelling appears on the side of his head.

ALATHESIA'S POSE: Alathesia lays here pinned beneath Daishin, one of her boots seem to
be missing.

DAISHIN'S POSE: Daishin lays here unconscious atop Alathesia, swelling on his temple apparent.

Alathesia looks down at you. "NOOOOO!" she cries out "..the bug!" She seems more worried about the bug at the present moment. Grabbing handful after handful of twigs, she throws them carelessly at her leg repeated. As she grabs the last handful of twigs within her reach, she tries one last time. Cocking her arm back she launches the twigs downward. One of the twigs connect, sending the bug flying off her leg. Turning her attention back to you, she gives you a little shake. "I got it! I got it!" she says proudly trying to wake you up. A worried look washes over her face when you do not wake. Reaching down, she slides her hands into your pockets looking for bacon you could be hiding. Finding none she says "..well damn." Bringing her hands back up, she searches her own person for bacon. A scent of bacon reaches her nose, which causes her to look around bewildered. It takes her a few moments to realize its her fingers, they are covered in grease from searching your pockets. She places her hand beneath your nose in an attempt to wake you.

A loud 'CAW' screeches through the room as a blood-soaked raven swoops in, snapping
the bug up in mid flight before perching itself on the log and devouring it. It's beak snapping a
few times afterwards before its head cocks to look at you curiously. Discarded leaves and smaller twigs covering Daishin as he lays prone against you. Body moving as you shake him his head lolls from one side to another. Eventually after a long moment his nose wrinkles as he sniffs a little, then deeper. "I smell bacon..." he murmurs, his eyes fluttering open.

"I got it!" Alathesia exclaims as your eyes open. She smiles quite proud of herself. "I grab some of those twigs.." she beings to explain pointing beside her. "..and I thr-." She stops herself mid-
sentence. Her eyes wander towards your temple and the noticeable swelling. She looks at you
innocently "Love.." she begins ".. I am so.. so.. so sorry. Will you ever be able to forgive

Daishin blinks a few times as he comes to, wincing as he touches his temple. His
expression stoic as you proudly explain how you removed the bug. Unamused he stares at Alathesia and states, "You kicked me in the head." gesturing to the boot. "It really hurt, where is the bacon?" the sudden question sounding hopeful.

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