Nexus Web Client Issues

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Several of us have discussed odd, persistent issues with the nexus web client (via @Razmael is looking into it, I believe. Pictures below.

Summary of issues:
-Text showing slain mobiles is missing. You know a mobile is dead when it disappears from the room description.

-Text showing XP gain from slain mobiles is missing. The XP counter still rises, but not message with XP gain is shown.

-Items put into your inventory don't register a message. This lead me to buying a bunch of clothing items as I didn't see the "You purchase X" message. The items are still in the inventory.


  • JearnysJearnys Member Posts: 13
    Some additional info on system specs.

    Win8, updated processor/RAM/GPU, cable internet connection.

    Tested on Chrome 56 and IE 11. Issues persist in both.

    Have run a complete CCleaner system clean, AV scan, and manually wiped out temp cache.
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    I don't have screenshots to share but I experienced those same issues and one other issue.

    Running on Windows 10 through Chrome.

    - Text when moving to another room does not show (room description/map)

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    i had the same issue on windows 10/ chrome
  • RazmaelRazmael Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 1,284 admin
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    Pretty sure I fixed this (or at least one cause of it) a couple of days ago (changelog 1441), but you'll need to restart your browser to make it work properly again. If it's still happening though, let me know and I'll see if there's something else causing it too.
  • JearnysJearnys Member Posts: 13
    Appears fixed! Thank you so much!
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