Aetolia is Hiring!

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Some of you may have noticed an email from Matt Mihály, our CEO, which included a call for resumés for my position as producer of Aetolia. Don't be alarmed! In case you weren't around when I first returned, this was the plan from the beginning. I'm not being forced out -- I was here as an interim helper to do my best to improve what I could with Aetolia and set up my successor for continued success.

I'm going to be sticking around through the hiring process and for a month or two of overlap while we get this new person up to speed, so don't hesitate to come to me with your thoughts, concerns, and needs. Above all, I intend to communicate our progress with you and share any tidbit I can of this pursuit.

As always, I am excited for the future and optimistic about what Aetolia has to offer you all.
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