Extra defense?

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Just had the idea that maybe items like tailored clothing that has steel as part of the commodity used in it's crafting, confer some sort of defensive increase, even if it's less than 1%. Helms to, should in a realistic sense confer some sort of statistical increase in defense.


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    Tailoring with bits of steel is fine, but there comes a point where the Trade Guild will turn it down if it's entirely too much like armor. So clothes having defense against damage would be silly.

    Clothes DO offer protection against the weather and elements.

    Helms? Eh, if they were given an amount it would be neglible -- I would however like to see Blacksmiths be able to give helms and shoulderwear warmth settings so they could at least offer something other than cosmetics.

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    How about something stronger than steel, like iron bark (which I think is tougher than steel), or even mithril? Should armor made out of these materials have an increase in defensive stats due to the material they are made out of?

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    Even weapons, made of unique raw material, it would make sense that they have some sort of advantage conferred to them maybe? Sorry to drag this thread out, I'm reading about how rich of a mineral ore place ancient Iberia was, and got to thinking about crafting comms and metallurgy.
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    It is difficult to draw a line somewhere, and even more difficult to code, I guess.

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    Ultimately, it is a matter of balance as well. Otherwise you'd get un-armored classes throwing on tons of clothing/accessories that provide defense and buffing their audit. Or the same from armored classes. Some things are likely best left as cosmetic. Especially since you can conceal armor and the like.
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    Echoing what these guys have said, we specifically avoid mechanical benefits from craftskills. They're meant to be fun, expressive creative outlets, not a factor in combat decisions.
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    So Lusternia had this for trans trade skills and it was a nightmare from a balance perspective. Why?

    Well, it meant that most people were picking the trade skills that offered them the most mechanical benefit, which was usually Tailoring. It meant that Lusternia had a huge influx of tailors and a severe lack of other things like Enchanters. Additionally, it made it difficult to balance around Tailoring. Basically, everyone who wasn't a warrior wore greatrobes for armor and splendourrobes were like full plate for robes in terms of stats, but only a Trans Tailor could make splendors and only for themselves. Unfortunately, we had to balance things around people having splendours, which meant you were at a disadvantage if you didn't pick Tailoring...

    It basically just creates a very bad self-fulfilling prophesy and can jack up the economy.
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    I grudgingly agree with the above information put forward, and withdraw my ideas. Thank's for the insight, everyone!

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