Lessons on Being a Lady

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Setting the scene:

Zisra has been wanting to learn to be more like a 'lady'. They were discussing some other things, and deciding what to do with their time together.


She is a powerful Azudim vampire of Human heritage and stands a hair under seven feet. Her frame
resembles that most often associated with men - broad, square shoulders, a strong chin, and rippling
musculature. Her eyes are a very dull green, with long, wild red locks falling to her shoulders.
Her skin is a very pale porcelain shade - very pale, faded scars from lip to ear, three running
across her forehead, and her nose serve as relics from another life. Her hips are very narrow, with
her chest being one of the few indications of her gender. The pinky on each of her hands crooks
like a scimitar. Her lips are a very deep shade of red, almost black, interrupted only by the scar
running on the bottom right of her lips to her ear. She walks with the blessing of Iosyne.

(worn on the ears) : a twisted crimson glass earring etched with a snake
(weaponbelt) : a diamond-dusted and silver-accented weaponbelt
(covering the body) : a side-buttoning crimson long coat
(covering the torso) : a black, laced peasant's tunic
(thrust through the septum) : a silver crescent nosering with bone accents
(worn on the left ring finger) : a ruby-inlaid, blood-filled ring of black gold
(girdle) : a Celestine hardy girdle
(gauntlets) : an enhancing pair of gauntlets of might
(worn on the feet) : a pair of knee-high crimson boots

He is a typical Azudim vampire of Human heritage and stands at roughly seven and a half feet in
height. He is not an overpowering figure, carrying a fairly slender frame. However, he does have
distinctly broad shoulders that span twice as wide as his narrow hips. All across his form and
beneath the skin are rippling muscles, taut beneath the snowy white flesh that covers him. Atop his
head are tousled, wavy black tresses. They've been cut roughly with many shortened layers as it
creeps up the back of his head, the shortest length being just as long as the carefully sculpted
bangs in the front. The bangs themselves are at that length only towards the left side, sloping
downwards towards the right to partially cover one with stray strands. The hair helps frame his
oblong face that carries a sharply pointing chin tipping a fairly rounded jawline. Set above sunken
cheeks and a pointed nose are a pair of light grey eyes, a shimmer of mirth clear within them. All
his other features are fairly typical of Humans and do not stand out. He proudly bears the strength
of Abhorash's esteem. He walks with the blessing of Iosyne.

(at the back of the neck) : a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
(piercing the center of his tongue) : a diamond-studded tongue stud
(worn on the left ring finger) : a sapphire-inlaid, blood-filled ring of black gold
(resting atop his shirt) : an intricately woven suit of spiderweb armour
(worn on the legs) : black leather soldier's pants
(covering the torso) : a form-fitting white shirt
(covering the body) : a weathered, brown leather long coat
(worn on the feet) : polished, knee-high black leather boots


You have emoted: "Lessons in being a lady it is." Cordia says as he offers an arm to you, "And some
rest, of course."

Zisra cautiously wraps her arm with yours.

Zisra begins to follow you.

You smile at Zisra.

You have emoted: Cordia gently guides you along at his side.

A spacious exercise chamber.
You see a single exit leading north (open pine door).

A spacious exercise chamber (27183) - Bloodloch (68)
You see a single exit leading north (open pine door).

The grand foyer.
You see exits leading north, east, south (open pine door), and west.

A darkly marbled hall.
You see exits leading north, east, south, and west.

An elegant ballroom.
You see a single exit leading west.

An elegant ballroom (27187) - Bloodloch (68)
Majestic and expansive, this ballroom was designed for elegance. The silver veined cream marble that
comprises half of its floor follows the rectangular entry and seating portions that border the
circular dance floor. Sanguinite lines the off-white squares that have been set into the dance
floor, the crimson-toned borders accenting the sanguine traces found through the rest of the room.
Every inch of stone is kept finely polished, despite any amount of traffic, it glimmers in the
ambient lighting provided by the sconces and central chandelier. The sconces are set centrally upon
each pillar of marble that lines the ballroom, their light making the silvery veining of each
glimmer. A small stage is set towards the far side of the room, the size and location making it
ideal for a band. An elegant cascading chandelier, fashioned from silver, white diamonds, and
sanguine rubies, hangs down from the center of the ceiling. The mildly enchanted gems adding to the
sanguine and shadowy lighting that illuminates the entire ballroom. A sigil in the shape of a small,
rectangular monolith is on the ground. A glowing red flame-shaped sigil has been left here. Resting
on the ground is a cube-shaped silver sigil.

You have emoted: Cordia glances around at the surroundings and gives a nod, "Well, we could learn
many a thing here. What would you like to learn first about being a lady?"

Zisra shrugs, looking very uncomfortable. "I don't know...what I don't know? Which is less than
helpful. I know fighting, horseriding, survival...bedroom things...but after that..." She looks at
you. "I don't know what to do or not to not embarrass you."

You have emoted: "I don't think you could really embarrass me, my love." Cordia says as he pats your
hand at his arm fondly, "But, let's start with the basics. How we are standing now, with us side by
side? This is proper for public, and encouraged. Evening leaning on me slightly will be fine, but
that should likely be the extent of it most times."

Zisra says, "The...extent? Just leaning? I don't understand. Or do you mean, not other displays

You have emoted: Cordia nods his head towards, "No other signs of affection. There should be no
pecking, or kissing, of any sort in public events."

Zisra tries to stand straighter, visibly not wanting to slouch. "That will be...doable. I think.
I'll try not to get carried away." She smiles slightly, looking down. Her hands are perhaps shaking
just a bit.

You have emoted: "Try to relax, love." Cordia says in a calm, steady voice as he gives your hand at
his arm a tender squeeze, "Now, when greeting others, you do not need to do your salute if they are
not Carnifex. You can simply provide an incline of your head, making sure to never provide too much
view of your neck."

Zisra nods her head at you.

Zisra says, "Like that?"

You nod your head at Zisra.

You say, "Precisely."

Zisra smiles slightly, exhaling a breath she may have been holding.

Zisra says, "I've never been at a formal...anything?"

You have emoted: "And in general, your stance is not too bad now." Cordia says as he glances up and
down your form, "Though, you should keep your head upright, chin stiff, shoulders back, and spine
straight as can be. It's uncomfortable, but gives you a sophisticated appearance."

You murmur to Zisra, "I've been to enough balls with my Sire to know that you'll learn from
observation and adjust quite well."

You wink knowingly at Zisra.

Fixing herself in a disciplined position, Zisra stands sharply at attention.

Zisra says, "More like this?"

You say to Zisra, "Aye, though still feel a little..softened with it. Make it look more natural if
you can, though that'll likely take practice."

You say, "Keep in the back of your mind 'elegance' and it helps, I think."

You say, "Think 'do I look elegant like this' or 'do I appear elegant when I do this'."

Zisra tries to relax a bit, her feet instinctively moving to a more wider stance before she reins
them back in. "It's...different. Doing this. And I don't think 'elegant' is a word often applied to
anything I do. Besides maybe killing."

You chuckle long and heartily.

You say to Zisra, "Exactly why it helps to reign in your thoughts and actions."

Zisra releases herself from her tensed posture, lowering her shoulders to a more relaxed position.

You smile at Zisra.

Zisra exhales slowly, trying to adjust her form to be more relaxed.

You say to Zisra, "And this will be how we greet people, really. And how we walk around the room,

You say, "Just calm, collected, and respectful. Noble."

Zisra's eyes snap to you. "We're going around meeting people?"

You utter a deep, rumbling laugh.

You say to Zisra, "At the gathering, quite likely."

Zisra says to you, "I mean...they don't just...come to us? You're quite important."

You say to Zisra, "It'll be a mix, I'm sure."

You say, "Some will be too reserved to come to me, so I'll have to go to them."

Zisra says, "How big is the place this thing is happening? Just one room?"

You purse your lips, deep in thought.

You say, "Technically the ballroom is one space, yes, though the entire floor is part of the complex.

Zisra says, "My head was spinning just trying to keep up the other week with three others. I don't
have much practice in that. Group talking. All that."

Zisra trails off, looking down.

You have emoted: Cordia leans in, kissing your cheek before whispering, "You can remain silent if
you like, until you are used to it. It's fine."

Zisra blushes. "I just don't want to reflect poorly on you. Us."

You say to Zisra, "It won't, love."

You say, "Oddly enough, it looks better to be silent than to say something incorrectly."

Zisra nods. "Can't say something stupid if you're not talking."

You nod your head at Zisra.

You say, "Precisely."

You smile at Zisra.

You say, "Now, would you like to try dancing, or would you rather go cuddle on the sofa?"

Zisra says, "And even then...I sound...not stupid...but...crasser? I suppose, then y-."

Zisra's eyes go wide.

Zisra croaks out "Dancing?"

You have emoted: Cordia laughs at that before nodding his head, "Certainly, dancing might happen."

Zisra says, "The only dancing I know is...not the same thing."

You raise an eyebrow questioningly.

You say to Zisra, "What type of dancing do you know?"

Zisra blushes, looking down. "The kind that ends with me not wearing anything. Like those kept girls
in Xaanhal."

Comprehension flashes across your face.

You murmur to Zisra, "I wouldn't mind seeing you do that..but.."

Zisra blushes furiously.

You say, "Perhaps I should show you a proper dance, hm? Do you think you can attempt it?"

Zisra breathes in deeply, exhaling slowly. "I'll try. Can't promise your feet will make it out

You have emoted: "I'm not worried about it." Cordia states as he uses his position to twirl you
around in a slow circle by your hand until you are facing directly infront of him. Carefully, he
watches his hands as he laces his fingers with your one hand and then brings your other to rest atop
his shoulder. Then, his free hand finds a spot at your hip and he brings you in within just an inch
of his torso.

You say, "Are you ready?"

Zisra's face glows a light red at the touch on her hip. She seems to push against your hand for a
moment before catching herself. She removes her hand from yours for a moment, wiping it on her
trousers before resuming it. She looks at you sheepishly. "Sorry. Nervous."

You have emoted: "No reason to be nervous, my love." Cordia replies calmly, his voice steady as his
gaze lands on your own - eyes filled with affection and care. Smiling, he starts to take slow steps,
moving backwards and then to the side, then a turn, and a repeating of the motions once more before
stopping to step from side to side, "Step forward, then with me to the side, we twirl. Repeat this.
Then we relax, moving side to side."

Zisra takes two steps for your one, more often than not. Her eyes dart between your eyes and her
feet constantly, trying to keep track of what she's doing. Once or twice, her feet briefly collide
with yours. Her tongue slightly extends from her mouth, a subconscious tick of concentration.

You have emoted: Cordia lets out a chuckle as he keeps his expression focused on your face,
murmuring, "You look so silly, Zisra."

Zisra's eyes flick to you. A heartbeat passes before her tongue recoils into her mouth, her mouth
closing with clack of her teeth.

You have emoted: "You're doing fine, though. I did far worse with Ezalor." Cordia states as he
continues to lead you in the same motions, starting to add in the occasional sway of your body and
his in the movements, "I was just all over his poor feet."

Zisra grips your hand tightly at the first hint of a sway, trying to keep her posture upright. "He
was your original Sire, right?" She looks down, being extra careful with her foot placement. "You
went to a lot of formal things because of his position?"

You have emoted: "Well, of D'baen, at least." Cordia says as he offers a faint nod of his head at
the latter statement, letting his gaze slip away to glance around at the ballroom as he casually
leads you along, "Though, it was also for the sake of the house. Make a good showing of our few

Zisra looks at you questioningly. "Smaller than now?" She looks down again, her lips seeming to
mouth the direction you go with each movement, though no sound comes out.

You have emoted: "About the same at times, though likely a little larger overall." Cordia says with
a slight furrow to his brow before letting out a grunt, giving his head a quick shake before he
settles his gaze back on you, "Either way, a better time for me in some ways, but in other ways not.

Zisra looks up at you with a coyish grin. "I'm here now - how could it be better?" Her expression
then changes as her left foot proceeds to land firmly on your right.

You have emoted: Cordia lets out a grunt in pain as he suddenly releases you and takes a step back.
It takes a few moments before he starts to laugh fitfully, bending over slightly as he grabs his
stomach. It takes many moments before he manages to state, between chuckles, "I now officially know
every pain Ezalor ever went through. That was QUITE a stomping!"

Zisra's hands cover her mouth as she jumps back. Her apology starts but stops as you laugh, her face
becoming more a mask of confusion than regret.

Zisra extends a hand cautiously to you. "Are you..alright, love?"

You have emoted: Cordia grabs you by the hand and abruptly drags you into him, pressing his lips
firmly to yours - though still trying to calm his laughter. As he pulls back, he looks down at you
and states, "I am wonderful, love. Let's..stop for now, aye? Go rest on the sofa in the common room
for a bit."

Zisra nods cautiously. "As you wish."

You have emoted: Cordia offers the familiar arm out to you, "Come along then."

Zisra extends her arm, slightly more confident than before, entwining it with yours.

You have emoted: Cordia pats your arm that is looped in with his before heading out of the ballroom
without saying anything else.
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