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  • DemarcusDemarcus Black Flagon Inn
    Thank you sir for all of your hard work on this. As someone returning going, "Wow this web client is unwieldy, unuseful, and has a tendancy to make it so my space bar turns into an attack and I have no idea of knowing when it'll do that and if I accidentally press tab I'll apparently target something and then BAM, I'm attacking orphans in Shallam." Of course this is entirely fictitious, save the fact that tab does change your target and the space bar will randomly turn into "KILL".

    First and foremost, this step makes NO SENSE:
    "9.) Now that you have a new profile, locate your profile directory. It should be at: C:\Users\_____\.config\mudlet\profiles\ '. Where '_____' is your computer usename/profile name. Once you find it, you will want to move that 'ps' folder to the folder of the profile you just created. If you used my suggestion, the folder will be called 'Source02272017(or whatever date you made it)'."

    - What is this 'ps' folder? Where do I find it? When was it made? I'm very confused.

    You may want to include a step where you enable GMCP when you're in the settings page. A fresh install of Mudlet does not come with GMCP enabled, and it will yell at you that you need GMCP enabled for the system to work. In all of my sheer idiocy I was able to figure it out, but as either a time saver or a kinder gesture to people who have no idea what GMCP is and how to enable it it could be a good subsection to add while we're clicking things in settings.

    How do I wield a fishing pole? Pausing my system doesn't help. It demands to know where my weaponbelt is, and I don't have one.

  • DrestynDrestyn Bloodloch
    @Demarcus Answer to your first: It's in the zip file. Answer to your second: It's in the steps. Step Five, I believe. Answer to your third: UNWIELD LEFT;UNWIELD RIGHT;WIELD POLE

  • SetneSetne The Grand Tyrant
    Is there a way to turn off certain gui stuff? It's too busy for my liking and certain stuff I just don't need want. This: Deffing paused, type 'defup' to resume. also constantly there is annoying.

    Ingram said:
    "Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"
  • @Setne I'm sure you could tinker with the load_ui script to remove some of the gui components.

    As to the defup to resume thing, you'd need to alter the text in 'prompt sub' at the very end of the script. Just comment that if/then statement out.

    Bring up Triggers, in Search, type 'load_ui' for the first, and 'to resume' for the second. Alter as you wish, though the first is at your risk.

  • With the release of 3.0.0 there are a few changes that can be made to streamline Source.
    • Skinning: The ability to skin mudlet now (Example) It'll give you the ability to make Source look "prettier"
    • Easy Installation via Packages: The ability to make installing via packages easy, can be easier if you have it hosted somewhere (Example)
    • Flyout Labels: The ability to make menu items that give more options when you hover over them (Example)
    • Other changes: (List of changes)
  • @Eocis Something I'm definitely going to be looking at for future updates.
  • I'd argue making those optional, because I still use Mudlet 2.1. (Mudlet 3.0 won't scale down from my 4k TV to my 1080p monitor.) That said, I may just be a fringe case that doesn't really require extra effort to support :P

  • ZasrielZasriel Hawaii
    I seem to have a problem where the system is constantly trying to stuff a pipe full of elm, which apparently doesn't exist anymore. The scripts seem to recognize that 'willow' is the replacement, and upon filling a pipe with willow, tries to do so again over and over and over. Even after having already filled the pipe.

    Essentially it is trying to 'cout elm' and put it in the pipe, takes out willow, and tries to put it there instead.
    I would imagine it has to do with being unable to find elm, and so some variable is not being triggered.

    Not being the best at coding, I am not sure what I need to alter in order to fix this.
  • ZasrielZasriel Hawaii
    Here is what I see :
  • ZasrielZasriel Hawaii
    My god.. spent the past hour trying to find out what was wrong, and messing with the setting pipes.. Turns out.. Setting elm off.. I thought I had tried that too already. x0x well.. anyhow.. It at least stopped the spam.. xD
  • you can do - config curemsgs living

    that might make it better
    MayhemHunting - Discord Chat - CLANHELP MAY (ingame)

  • SemlinSemlin Manchester, UK.
    Things will be MUCH simplier with the next update. Lots of work has gone into streamlining things and consistency is something we're spending a lot of time on.
  • where can i download the source system?
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