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Thanks to everyone who attended the Farkle tournament. Any suggestions for improving the next one?

Couple things I had in mind:

-increasing the number of scoring possibilities (two pairs, 6 of a kind, etc) to make a single devastating roll less likely to win the game outright. This should mean a lot more hot dice and a lot more chances.

-possibly playing to a certain score instead of turns. Do you feel like this would make it a better experience?

-possibly allowing a single die mulligan per turn OR holding a die when rerolling


  • RhyotRhyot Bloodloch
    As a loving Zilch/Farkle player myself, I much prefer a set score being the way to play with the vast scoring possibilities. Just my opinion, but when I play with my friends online, we play to 10,000 points.

    I think the best Zilch/Farkle games I played were done at this link: http://zilch.playr.co.uk/zilch.php

    The above link also lets you see various scoring possibilities as well. Only reason why I never played Zilch/Farkle in Aetolia is because of how much different it is to how I've always played it.

  • - NPCs already set up beforehand so games can be started without having to wait for them to be set up.

    - If there are groups who want to forego watching the exhibition match, allow them.

    These are two suggestions aimed at improving the time it takes for the event to play out. It took 35 minutes for the first game event to start after the 'start time' and that seems a little rough.
  • Exhibition match was amazing! I found out I've been playing wrong my entire time in Aetolia >_< Set score would be definitely the best set up, IMO. More options could be nice for scoring, but not entirely needed.

  • SeirSeir Seein' All the Things Getting high off your emotion
    @Rhyot's solutions are basically the ones that I would put forward, as someone who has also played Zilch.

    I'd also suggest maybe bringing these games to the game rooms of each city, so they get more exposure and usage. I, for one, would love Syssin's Dice... I mean, Liar's Dice to be in Duiran.
  • I think the mulligan might be ok in certain situations. Mainly if you farkle on your very first roll. Cause it's no fun if you don't even get a chance to gamble.
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