A troll walks into a bar..

So! As my first real post here, mafia games aside, I figured I'd post a log of some highly intense roleplay tonight. I have too many people to thank for this, but rest assured that I enjoyed everything, from the friendly to the brotherly.

Here's me:

He is a stalwart Troll and looks much like his kin would: large, broad-shouldered, and built up from copious amounts of lean muscle. The man's skin is toned a deep shade of grey with some blue mixed in, and its general texture is tough, coarse, and evidently worn from some hardship. Though very strong, the troll's muscle is in proportion with his large frame: arms and legs alike being very long, strings of corded muscle cover his limbs fully, the result having them look almost slender on his form. Leathery and thick in texture, Karhast's skin is marred in many places: the marks of claws, pincers and teeth are easily visible on the skin covering his lower body, with battle scars and other vicious wounds more prominent higher up, the palms of his hands also showing most thick, visible callusing. A firm jawline gives the troll an underbite also, and his nose is warped enough for it to be evident it must often have been broken. Two yellow eyes rest above that nose, and the troll has a shock of pitch black hair, spiky, bushy, and raised high off his skull by its springy nature moreso than by design. Horribly charred and burned, the troll's right hand is covered in blisters, patches of charred skin and pale scar tissue. A piece of cotton bandaging is wrapped around it tightly, set snugly around his fingers and palm to seal it off from the elements.

(covering the body) : a suit of splintmail
(worn on the feet) : a pair of brown rugged terrain boots
(worn on the legs) : a pair of men's leather trousers
(covering the torso) : a black linen shirt
(worn on the back) : a fiery pack stamped with a flaming mace
(tied securely about his right wrist) : a simple sash of carnelian silk

And here's the setting:

The Burly Chest Tavern (57020) - the City of Esterport (360)
This roomy tavern is warm and welcoming, laughter and conversation usually emanating from the space. Wooden floors give a slight creak as you walk in and stone walls covered with scrolls and posters create a rather vivid picture of the culture behind the place. Trollish heritage is obvious in near everything, from the way the space is constructed to the imagery in the scrolls, even if the tone of such imagery is lighthearted. A sign hangs over the bar counter, a barrel chested Troll carved into either end of the sign, one man and one woman. The sign reads The Burly Chest Tavern, the letters clearly carved in a purposefully brutish nature. The bar itself is made of fine, dark stone, the side of the bar carved to depict a scene not unlike the tavern itself. Three rather impressive figures, two with horns and one with one pointed ear, stand in a room, flexing easily before a gaggle of swooning women. A festive Celesmas tree stands here, bedecked for the season. Aromatic with fresh evergreen, a rustic garland has been hung here, festively draped and tied with ribbon. A festive garland of white paper snowflakes hangs here. A buxom Atavian bar wench is here, draped enticingly over the counter. A simple wooden table is here, 3 small cedar chairs have been placed at it. A simple wooden table is here, 5 small cedar chairs have been placed at it. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading southeast and down (closed pine door).

And while Karhast is out taking a drink at said tavern, someone notices his condition!

Niavex A. Wielder asks you, "What happened to your hand?"

Elliana slowly stands. 'i should excuse myself. Do take care Vixen." She grins " Little trouble." She ruffles his hair in passing as she steps out."

Elliana leaves to the southeast.

Niavex smirks.

"Oh.. Oh, oh. I thought it would go unnoticed. Usually does," Karhast responds to that, eyeing the bandaging before glancing back over at Niavex again. "That, was the Unbound's penance, yes."

Votary Phoenecia Sinclair says to Votary Pazradym, "So, did you get back to the Abbess yet about the ceremony scheduling yet?"

Niavex raises an eyebrow at you. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Care to expound?"

Votary Pazradym says to Votary Phoenecia Sinclair, "I tried but I guess she was busy at the time... I'll try again later, though my response is the same as yours. I'm fairly free for the next while."

Pazradym sips the last drops from a gold-repaired ceramic glass with traces of strong 'Comet Kick' cocktail.

Niavex gives Pazradym a peck on the cheek.

Pazradym sips from a gold-repaired ceramic glass full of dark purple 'Oneiromancy' ale.

Votary Pazradym says, "Ah, much better..."

"There were some mistakes I made I really should not have," Karhast to this responds, head offered a slow tip aside, the movement a bit sluggish. "And so.. I went to His temple, in search of penance. It is the proper way of things."

Phoenecia flashes Pazradym a grin, tilting her head to one side. "Ah, good. I think Ipz is the same. It's kind of exciting."

Niavex wrinkles her nose slightly, her eyebrows furrowing together. "And so what? He chopped off a finger? I mean, what..." She shrugs then. "It just seems a bit harsh for you to end up bandaged."

Pazradym nods his head at Phoenecia.

Votary Pazradym says, "For sure, I'm curious what all it will entail...."

Niavex scootches her chair closer to Pazradym. Still clutching his hand, she rests her head gently against his arm though her attention remains on you.

Pazradym gives a soft chuckle, looking down at Niavex for a moment, "Comfortable?"

Votary Phoenecia Sinclair says, "As am I. I never made it to the ceremony when I was last in the guild."

Didi enters from the southeast, riding a white-cloaked gryphon in sun-emblazoned silks.

Karhast blinks at Niavex once, twice. "Hm? Oh. No. No, no.. No. He would only do such a thing should I have failed Him worse. No, I drew my hand into a brazier's flame," the troll goes on to excuse himself, handwaving once, twice, head shaking also. "And.. Harsh? Perhaps so. But I knew whose worship I entered, and what the expectations were."

Pazradym grins, looking back to Phoenecia, "First time for all of us I think. But that makes it all the better."

"Hm?" Niavex mutters, glancing up at Pazradym. A soft smile on her lips, she replies, "Yes, quite." She squeezes his hand tightly for a moment before she returns her gaze to you. "Well, I hope that it heals quickly enough. Sorry to hear that you had to go through that." She wrinkles her nose slightly again and shrugs.

Phoenecia turns and glances at Pazradym, nodding in agreement. "I think so too. Whatever it is, I'm glad I'll be able to be up there with you and Ipz. You two have helped me out a lot. Still are."

Karhast allows himself to direct a soft chuckle Niavex's way, not appearing terribly worried at all. "I am a troll, now," the man begins, head shaking a little. "I cleansed it with spirits and tied it up well. It is bandaged only because I chose to let it heal by nature, that I might be reminded of where I strayed."

Pazradym sips from a gold-repaired ceramic glass of dark purple 'Oneiromancy' ale.

Niavex bows her head respectfully at Didi.

Didi Lionheart says, "Ah nature."

Didi nods her head sagely.

Pazradym chuckles lightly, nodding back, "Well that feeling is mutual. I still think you helped me more than the other way around."

Didi drinks from a glass cup with traces of dark purple 'Oneiromancy' ale.

Didi Lionheart says, "Teamwork very important."

Pazradym smiles to Didi, "I couldn't agree more..."

You say to Didi, "Aye, quite so, ma'am."

Didi hums a happy tune.

Drestyn arrives from the southeast.

Niavex raises and eyebrow at you and shrugs her shoulders, her movement slightly inhibited by her head still resting against Pazradym's arm. "I think if I was always reminded of where I strayed in the past I'd lock myself in a hole somewhere and hide." A soft chuckle escapes her lips. She raises her head slightly to look at Didi and offer her a brief smile before she returns it to its position.

Didi Lionheart says, "Yay family."

Didi takes a drink from a wave-patterned vial.

Didi touches a curious ithkitten ring.

Didi pats a white-cloaked gryphon in sun-emblazoned silks in a friendly manner.

Drestyn glides into the tavern without a word and makes his way towards you. As he does, he adjusts his bracers with soft grunts and when he arrives next to the troll, lands a heavy fist against your shoulder. "Hey, kid."

Phoenecia tilts her head, eyebrows lifting and antennae twitching in faint interest at Pazradym. "Oh? Well, I'm glad to have been of some help. I don't think you'd have progressed as quickly as you did," she says with a grin from her seat at the bar.

Karhast's head gives itself a slight cant upon hearing Niavex's words, curiosity not hidden well given the alcohol in his system. "O-" accosted as he is then, posture only mildly shaken before his other arm's hand clenches, instinctively, he turns about to go "What is- ah. You then, yes." Ticking a nod down at Drestyn, composure regained quite well, the troll's fingers unclench and wave off slightly. "Please, now. I have been a man for three years."

"Heh heh heh," Niavex chuckles at you.

Niavex sips from a bottle bearing a "Burly Chest Tavern" label with traces of a light 'Underking's Possession' cider.

Shaith arrives from the southeast.

Didi chuckles long and heartily.

Pazradym smirks at Phoenecia giving a playful chuckle. "Well I did have good motivation. I couldn't very well let myself fall behind. I never did quite catch up though. I think Ipz would have passed us all if we had started at the same time though..."

Didi drinks from a silver star tea cup of soothing, jasmine tea.

Pazradym sips from a gold-repaired ceramic glass of dark purple 'Oneiromancy' ale.

Shaith slips into the tavern, finding a place to stand just inside the door. Her eyes scan the crowd.

Drestyn leans in, grinning, "Compared to me, kid, you're still a child." With that, he marches over to Phoenecia, looping an arm at her waist with a wide grin still plastered on his lips.

Niavex A. Wielder says, "Yeah, especially since Pazradym claims to be in his prime."

Niavex smirks.

Didi covers her mouth with her hand to hide a grin, but fails to hide the amused twinkle in her eyes.

Pazradym raises an eyebrow at Niavex, "I do?"

"Heh heh heh," Niavex chuckles.

Didi takes a drink from a wave-patterned vial.

Votary Pazradym says, "I don;t know what your talking about, I'm a old decrepit man obviously..."

Didi covers her mouth with her hand to hide a grin, but fails to hide the amused twinkle in her eyes.

Niavex A. Wielder says to Votary Pazradym, "Oh yes, don't you remember Rasani's comment about being too old for the mischief we were causing. And then you said you were still in your prime. I remember those ridiculous comments you make."

Niavex smirks.

"Engaged, due to be a father, a man indeed.." Karhast counts off, soon taking a drink again. ".. I have no need to compare myself with you, no, no." He doesn't appear particularly interested in keeping his eyes on Drestyn with that, looking back over at Niavex again.

You drink from a bottle bearing a "Burly Chest Tavern" label with traces of
harsh, smoky whiskey and the burn is immediate and fully felt as it slides down
the throat, only slightly worn away by the flavor of dry smoke on the palate
that lingers for a while after.

You say to Niavex, "... What were we talking about, again?"

Pazradym ponders the situation.

Didi hums innocently to herself.

Votary Pazradym says, "I recall something about that actually.... though it was hard to remember being all tackled and what not."

"Heh heh heh," Niavex chuckles at Pazradym.

Phoenecia rolls her eyes at Pazradym. "I was way ahead of both of you. Ipz fell behind because he was always participating in lessers." At Drestyn's approach, she lets out a yelp, but greets him with a small smile. "Good to have you back."

Pazradym gives a knowing smirk and chuckle at Phoenecia.

Pazradym slowly fades into view, returning to the realm of perception.

Niavex pulls her head away from Pazradym's arm to look up at him. "In all fairness, I didn't start that mischief, I just joined in at the suggestion." A grin dancing on her lips, she looks over at you. "Oh, we were just discussing your arm situation and my desire to not be reminded of my numerous past..." she pauses a moment as if searching for a word, "errors."

Votary Pazradym says to Niavex A. Wielder, "... riiiiight...."

Pazradym chuckles long and heartily.

Niavex A. Wielder says to Votary Pazradym, "It was your fault, really."

Votary Pazradym says to Niavex A. Wielder, "Lies and slander! I was literally just sitting there!"

"Strange." That being the only thing Karhast says for a brief moment, nails scratching at his jaw a bit, he soon moves his eyes over to glanceat Niavex again. "I would only say as much if I had not bettered those mistakes instead."

Shaith moves. She steps around tables and patrons, weaving towards you. When she nears, she pauses for a breath; she has seen your hand, and her brow furrows with a questioning look. Then, with a brisk shake of her head, she digs a hand into her pack and pulls out a pomegranate. Ignoring those gathered and the conversation around her, she thrusts the hand holding the fruit out to you.

Drestyn shakes away from Phoenecia to travel back to you, looking like a man on a mission.. or a Tsol'aa. He nudges the fruit offered to you away, sets his hand onto the troll's shoulder and says, "We should continue our little spat and give these fellas a show."

Didi's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Didi tilts her head back, inhaling sharply several times.

Pazradym sips from a gold-repaired ceramic glass with traces of dark purple 'Oneiromancy' ale.

Conversing with Niavex as he does, Karhast doesn't really notice Shaith's approach towards him until he's offered a red-and-yellow pomegranate, earning her a questioning look from the troll after he eyes it for a moment, setting the whiskey back down on the bar with his good hand. "Be silent, you." A touch impolite for once, the troll reaches up to grasp at Drestyn's wrist, squeezes a touch too hard, and flicks it away if possible, though his bandaged fingers reach in to accept Shaith's gift instead, glancing back over from it to her gaze. "You're giving me a pomegranate." He doesn't say or imply much beyond that, opting to take it into his grasp and draw the fruit up to his waist.

An amused grin on her face, Niavex shakes her head at Pazradym. "You were the one speaking of leaving. And Rurthina, seeing a person in distress simply offered a helping hand. I hardly think either of us can be blamed for the events that followed." Her eyes travel back to you and she raises an eyebrow at the comment made by Drestyn and she nods her head slightly, as if agreeing.

Niavex crackles with blue energy that wreathes itself about her limbs.

Pazradym rolls his eye, shaking his head, "Somehow I recall the events differently...but whatever makes you happy Nia."

Niavex giggles softly at Pazradym and removes her hand from his to wrap that arm about him. "You're not fooling anyone, Little Trouble." She gives him a soft squeeze and then says softly, "You make me happy/."

"Nah," Drestyn growls out, moving swiftly to take a fist full of the shock of hair that crowns your head and using the hair to slam your head into the countertop. He rolls his head about to release any crinks in his neck as he steps back, shaking his entire body as he loosens himself up for a fight.

Didi tiptoes away quietly.

Elliana arrives from the southeast.

Phoenecia twists in her seat, her antennae twitching as she watches Drestyn and you idly, saying nothing, but pulling a flask out from the folds of her sash. At the sudden violence, rather than surprise, she lets out an exasperated sigh. "Drestyn, what do you think you're doing?"

Didi drinks from a Spirean commemorative flask with traces of Liquid Emeralds.

Shaith gives Drestyn a look that is one of mixed surprise and hurt. Her arm lowers, ready to make her retreat and take the pomegranate with her, when you responds. She looks back to you. At the question, she nods once. She moves to place the fruit in your palm - but Drestyn moves first. She jerks out of the way, dropping the offering. Immediately she moves back in, her free hand now in a fist and aimed for Drestyn's jaw.

Elliana blinks at Pazradym and grins, before a soft laugh comes from her.

Didi drinks from a simple cup of heirloom tomato and mango lassi.

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "Enough now."

Didi nods her head sagely.

Didi pats a white-cloaked gryphon in sun-emblazoned silks in a friendly manner.

Didi leaves to the southeast, riding a white-cloaked gryphon in sun-emblazoned silks.

Pazradym looks around the room for a moment, "Bit livelier in here than usual...."

Elliana steps infront of the fueding pair, holding a hand up to catch the fist in it. "Not here, Time and place." She whispers to Shaith.

"Ooh," Drestyn says at the Arqeshi challenger, stepping back with a playful laugh and a two-step to slip in to gently tap Shaith on the chin. To you he says, "Not gonna let the kid fight your battles, I don't think, hm?"

Niavex A. Wielder says, "Rasani gets rather pissy about brawling here, just saying..."

Niavex shrugs helplessly.

Almost as touchy as about..." Pazradym stops himself, blushing brightly."

Head smashed into the counter as it is by Drestyn, Karhast's teeth grit at once and his arms shield as much of the blow as they can manage, a very real growl resounding from his lips. Ignoring Elliana's two words entirely,driven by alcohol and sheer anger, he motions to lash out before finding Shaith by his side also, one fist readied, and he exhales sharply, jaw and brow tucked into a fierce scowl. "If you are going to fight me while my hand yet remains burned," he nearly snarls over at Drestyn, chest drawing up once, twice. "I -will- burn yours also. Now get -away- from me!"

Phoenecia sighs and rolls her eyes, her hand dropping to her waist and uncoiling her whip. In a blur of movement and a sharp crack of leather, she lashes the weapon at Drestyn, aiming to coil it around Drestyn's waist. "You really aren't good at ingratiating people to you, are you," she grumbles. "Play -nice-."

Phoenecia pulls a thorny azure rose whip from her weaponbelt fluidly.
Phoenecia starts to wield a thorny azure rose whip in her left hand.

Kallah arrives from the southeast.

"Heh heh heh," Niavex chuckles.

Kallah inclines her head politely to those around her.

Kallah smiles at Elliana.

Votary Pazradym says, "Oh dear..."

Elliana sighs heavily. "Karhast Enough..Now."

Niavex bows her head respectfully at Kallah.

Niavex A. Wielder says to Votary Pazradym, "This is more amusing when I'm not one of the people getting pummeled."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "I do not know what happened before but not going to allow you both to fight here."

Drestyn glances down at the whip, then up to you, "I'll keep a hand behind my back, how's that?" With a powerful yank, he grips the whip and pulls Phoenecia over towards him. "I'm bored, kid, let's have some fun."

Niavex raises an eyebrow questioningly.

Votary Pazradym says to Niavex A. Wielder, "I guess I can't argue with that...."

Shaith jerks her hand away from Elliana and snarls, "Move, Elliana." Her eyes aren't on the other woman; they are on Drestyn, and she -smiles- at him with a smile that is very far from kind.

Elliana stands her ground. "Stand down Shaith..." She murmurs. "Time and place control your fire."

Rasani enters from the southeast, riding a flaming stallion plated in Havothi armor.

A strong smell of wildflowers wafts in as Rosdes wanders in from the southeast.

Niavex pulls back from Pazradym slightly, her eyes wary.

Rasani gracefully hops off of a flaming stallion plated in Havothi armor.

A flaming stallion plated in Havothi armor begins to follow Rasani.

With a feral roar, Niavex's eyes close as she focuses inwards. Her face twists, elongating into a snout. A dense pelt grows to cloak her transforming body, fur covering her frame. Finally, the transformation is complete and Niavex towers before you in the powerful, hulking form of a werebear.

Kallah Tanarian says to Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha, "I was going to say cake but..."

Rosdes gracefully hops off of a massive, painted elk.

Rosdes slaps a massive, painted elk on the rump and sends it cantering off.

Kallah bows respectfully to Rasani.

Rosdes holds her hand out in open air, spark flaring to life in the center of her palm and covering her skin in a purifying glow.

Kallah bows respectfully to Rosdes.

Rasani walks in, the heat that joins him not unlike a raging inferno.

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says to Kallah Tanarian, "If I wasn't worried about people ripping heads and limbs off."

Kallah nods her head at Elliana.

Niavex steps behind Pazradym, as if using his body as a shield. "Just in case..." she mutters.

"What is happening in here?" Rasani growls, the crackle of fire joining his voice, sparks visible in the back of his throat.

Niavex A. Wielder says, in a feral tongue, "It wasn't me..."

"Our referee!" Drestyn says, an odd grin onto his lips. He beckons with a hand towards you while he tucks the other behind his back.

Pazradym gives a quick chuckle at Niavex, but turns to Rosdes and gives her a deep bow, "Good to see you again".

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "Only know Karhast had his head slammed into the counter not much more than that aside from me stopping them from brawling."

Phoenecia blinks once and lets out a yelp as she's yanked out of her seat, tumbling onto the floor. "I said -behave yourself-," she growls, tugging the whip back in an attempt to yank Drestyn away from you. "You're very slowly losing favor with me right now."

Karhast is standing right by Shaith's side, expression one of visible anger, a bruise visible on his nose and cheeks, though his heritage has those fade at a rather quick pace. "Someone, Vanguard," the troll's low voice growls with barely-contained fury, breath strained and heavy. "Thought they would start a fight with a hurt man, lack of honor and worth despite. Bah."

Kallah raises an eyebrow at Phoenecia.

Kallah Tanarian says to you, "Can I speak with you....if you have nothing else to do that is lad?"

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "You want to fight do not do it in here. You all know the rules here."

Kallah Tanarian says to Knight Rasani Morrog, "If that is alright of course>."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "That doesn't change."

Rasani raises a brow at Kallah. "Oh I've much to say, to all of those involved with the fight."

Voice quiet and low as it is, you say to Kallah, "I have -much- else to do, now, so I do indeed."

Kallah nods at Rasani, "Aye as I imagine you do Vanguard.....ah..." Staring at you with great disapproval now, she shrugs, "Fine..let them have it...I only just got here myself.."

Drestyn is tugged but not moved terribly much by Phoenecia's whip. "You're no fun," he groans at you.

Kallah Tanarian says, "But I may be taking that one."

Kallah points accusingly at Drestyn.

Kallah Tanarian says, "As he is of my guild."

Professor Rosdes says, "If you deal with him, then I will handle those of my guild."

Shaith is shoulder to shoulder with you. Her hands are tensed in fists at her sides. Her shoulders are stiff. Without taking her dark gaze off Drestyn, she explains, "This one attacked one attacked an Illuminai right in front of me, Vanguard. I responded accordingly."

Kallah nods her head at Rosdes.

Knight Rasani Morrog says, "You will wait until I've had my say with him, Miss Kallah. You lot are in my tavern, and you will hear what I have to say."

Kallah Tanarian says to Knight Rasani Morrog, "Of course!"

Pazradym gives a heavy sigh, before turning back to face Niavex, "You alright back there?"

Niavex shrugs at Pazradym. "I'm not really involved." Her eyes turn to Rasani. "To be honest, though, Drestyn said something about continuing a previous argument then kind of struck without warning. So unless we know the previous part of the story I would say it's hard to know what really happened."

Elliana continues her stance between Shaith and Drestyn, her gaze flicking to Rosdes, then to Rasani.

Pazradym shrugs helplessly.

"Go jump in a filthy pen of ancient pigs," Karhast snarls over at Drestyn, though he motions to exhale and step back despite that, allowing his posture to straighten out somewhat. Nostrils flaring, "And have your lineage compliment you on exceeding their expectations," the man opts to add, expression still one of sheer displeasure.

Votary Pazradym says to Niavex A. Wielder, "I'm afraid I don't."

Niavex's eyes glow a faint red as she briefly closes them.

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says to you, "Mind your tongue Hiale. Show respect to the elders in this room, if not that then for the Vanguard and Professor."

Without any added insults, at least, you say to Elliana, "If he wants respect, he can beat it out of my teeth. -Elsewhere-. Later. When I am -not- with a hand full of ash and hurt."

Rasani seems to be burning up, the metallic scars visible on his body shifting, like molten metal. Black smoke billows from his nostrils. "I -tire- of this. You lot, -all of you-, are damned adults." He points to Drestyn. "Your city and your guild and your -mother- may not feel the need to make you own up to your damned actions, but I fucking will." He looks to you. "And -you- should not speak ill of his kin. Just because he needs a sift ass kicking down not speak ill of his line, and I will not see them insulted."

Pazradym gives Niavex a quick kiss on the cheek, before stepping over to Phoenecia and offering her a hand up. "You alright Phoenecia? Bit of a fall..."

Niavex A. Wielder says to Votary Pazradym, in a feral tongue, "You know what I find somewhat amusing about all of this? If I invited a handful a undead into this room right now, despite all the bickering here, I bet the majority in this room would suddenly be united. Hm... things that matter and things that don't."

Niavex shrugs helplessly at Pazradym.

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says to you, "Do not do it for him and silence yourself please."

Shaith does not mind her tongue. She lets loose a string of words in Arqeshi, the dialect spoken so rapidly that even those tutored in Nazetu would have a hard time understanding her.

Pazradym chuckles at Niavex.

Rasani grips the bar top. "Take your guild members out unless you desire me to give them another tongue lashing. I've not been this -furious- in some time."

You begin to follow Rosdes.

Rosdes frowns at Drestyn, then turns the look on you and the remaining Illuminai. "You three, apologize to the Vanguard this instant and follow me."

Niavex sips the last drops from a bottle bearing a "Burly Chest Tavern" label
with traces of a light 'Underking's Possession' cider.

Kallah crosses her arms, waiting quietly in the corner.

Elliana lifts both brows her gaze lifting to Rosdes. "I would apologize had I done anything out of the way. For that I cannot apologize to the Vanguard for trying to diffuse the fight."

Drestyn opens his mouth to speak but as Rasani's fury comes, he stops. A smile pops onto his lips, clears away, then becomes neutral. To Kallah he says, "I'll meet you in the Council." To the rest he says, "Pardon my assumption that people would enjoy a brawl." And to Rasani he inclines his head, "Sorry." With that, he leaves.

Drestyn leaves to the southeast.

Aisling arrives from the southeast.

Kallah Tanarian says, "If you will all excuse me..."

Kallah inclines her head politely to those around her.

Kallah Tanarian says to Aisling Morrog, "I'm going to talk to Drestyn."

Kallah nods her head emphatically.

Rosdes murmurs something softly to Elliana.

Phoenecia nods her head at Pazradym, taking the offered hand and pulling herself to her feet. "I'm fine..."

Kallah inclines her head politely to Rasani.

Kallah leaves to the southeast.

A homing pigeon flutters in towards Aisling, gliding over him as it drops a
letter into his hands before flapping away once more.

Aisling blinks, stopping at the door, a brow raised.

Aisling turns a stamped letter from the Pentarch's desk upside down and gives it
a shake, emptying its contents into his hands.

Pazradym chuckles softly, "I never doubted you would be... but glad to hear it none the less."

"If his k- gah, for.." Silenced, exhaling once, Karhast's chest heaves up and down, again, and a third time, only for the man's bandages to snap off given the strength with which he clenches together his fists, mildly-stained cotton drifting to the floor and revealing scarred flesh slathered with the juice of some red fruit. "I will apologise, Vanguard," the troll brings out, voice heavy as it is, finally steadying out his breath. "For drawing that one to your bar, and not backing -away- from his challenges sooner, hurt as I yet am."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says to Knight Rasani Morrog, "However I apologize for the actions that have givin an ill image of our guild."

Rasani continues to grip the bar, jaw clenched. The bartop cracks under the strength of his hand.

Shaith lifts her chin, her head turning to watch Drestyn go. Only when he is gone does she stand down. She turns around. "Apologies, Vanguard," she says flatly.

Niavex gets some gold sovereigns from a plain grey pack.

Niavex gets some gold sovereigns from a plain grey pack.

Niavex puts some gold sovereigns in a plain grey pack.

Niavex sips from a bottle bearing a "Burly Chest Tavern" label full of hot 'Ethne's Forge' cinnamon ale.

Rosdes beckons Elliana to her.

Elliana nods her head at Rosdes.

Rosdes head bobs in a single nod and she turns a curtsey to Rasani. "My apologies for the disturbance in your tavern, Vanguard."

Professor Rosdes says, "Good day."

You follow Rosdes to the southeast.

(Rosdes walks us all to the Illuminai guildhall)

Office of the Illuminai leaders (58589) - The city of Enorian (428)
This simple, well-appointed office is a circular, high-ceilinged chamber, built from the same stone as the rest of the compound. Connected to the nearby library by means of an open archway, windows set into the northwestern edges of the room permit an overlook of the outside gardens, the edges of trees brushing against the glass. Set into alcoves ringing the walls are orbs of fire, illuminating the space with steady, unwavering light. A copper-cushioned sofa with a frame of wrought iron offers a place to sit. A stuffed toucan has been set up on the desk. A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground.
You see a single exit leading northeast (open stone door).

Rosdes closes the door the instant everyone is through. "You two," she says to you and Shaith, "on the couch. Elliana, the desk chair. Karhast, explain what the fool Drestyn did."

Karhast motions over to settle down on the couch as directed, the sound heavy as he does so, elbows coming to rest on his knees then, eyes directing themselves over at Rosdes. "What that.. Gah. He stalked up to me, -ignored- me when I said not to fight, for my hand is yet wounded, and smashed me onto the Vanguard's bar, the honorless dog of a.."

Karhast breaks off, bites his lips, and exhales.

His restraint proving too weak, chest deflating sharply as he goes on, you say, in Troll, ".. And not insult his damned kin, what a fuckin' JOKE is that all about, if they are -any- kind of decent damned people they will.. Gah, see some damnable virtue and give me his front tooth THEMSELVES. Bah. Damn it all."

Finally running out of steam, plodding his back against the couch then, Karhast exhales, eyes motioning to morosely eye the fruit-juice covered wound on his hurt hand, making a wearied face.

Elliana shakes her head slightly and rubs her temples as she leans back in the chair, retaining her silence, she moves her gaze to follow your movements.

"Honorless dog of a damned and wicked heart," Shaith concludes on your behalf. She crosses to the couch and sits down beside you.

Rosdes' ears twitch, her lips twisting further down. "His kin are our allies. He betrayed them and has only recently skulked back to them. I know of several who would gladly do as such, so you shall not insult them." Hands clasping behind her back, she begins to pace, crossing the room twice before stopping and facingyou three. "For what it is worth, I believe he should be belted until his back bleeds. However, it is unbecoming as an Illuminai to snarl like beasts at each other. Especially when that is clearly what he wanted."

Elliana pushes her lips together and leans further back into the chair after a long moment spinning a diamond and emberite gold engagement ring, absently around her finger. She follows Rosdes with her gaze now fidgeting in her seat.

Karhast doesn't keep up all that pleasant an expression himself, eyes flicking up from his wounded hand to Rosdes again. ".. Dhienari, do you know what my mother did when I allowed one of our neighbours' goats escape?" He huffs out a harsh breath. "She beat and tied me down until I could not move, and tore the very nail from my ring finger until I could no longer cry. And despite then, I will now say it was good," the man rumbles onward. "If his kin are our allies, there is even less excuse for their not showing to punish his behavior. I will hold my tongue for a month, and -only- because of your word. But if a fight is what he wants?" He hisses out, and the troll, glances down at his hurt hand again, the fingers of which are slow to draw together. "I will -not- back down from him. Ours is not to cower and hide. Ours is not to be known as those without spine. If one would spread lies and slander and filth about us, we rectify that - and so I would, until I was drawn here, Dhienari."

Elliana finally sighs loudly. "There is a time and place for such, Acting as such shows weakness, you feeding and giving him what he wants paints a negative image for not only you, but our guild. You both lacked restraint and self control. Do I blame your anger? No, I don't, but you fueling that fire by giving exactly what is wanted, and refusing to see the logic behind that, that is where a bigger problem lies."

"And I will not see any raise a hand against one of my own," Shaith adds. She sits with a straight back, her chin lifted and her gaze steady. Her hands are folded in her lap, one over the other. "If you say he ought to belted, then let us demand just punishment to fit his wrong. If we cannot - if our politics with those in Duiran forces us to stay our hand, then do not muzzle Karhast, and do not muzzle me, miss." Elliana's words draw her attention. She rises from the couch. "Then when, I ask you, is the time and place? If not when some fool of a man attacks one of ours senselessly, then when?"

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "Sit down Shaith. There is always time and place. In situations such as this, you do not step in and fight other people's battles. You nor anyone but Karhast in this room knows what happened to cause this based off previous interaction. Do I condone his actions I do not, however you could have been more rational, both of you could have been. Do you not see how people can portray our guild because of the actions you both displayed with lack of restraint? You both need to control tempers, he does this because he knows it works against you. He knows it will piss you off."

Gaze drawn away from his hand as it it, Karhast motions it up to cast Elliana what is a completely blank stare. For once, the troll doesn't have a rebuttal, and his own eyes betray something between confusion, ignorance, despair and loss.

"I will not sit down," Shaith says lowly. "Again, I ask you - when is the time and place."

The band of muscle along Rosdes' forearm flexes, her fingers white behind her back. "Elliana speaks true, and that is why you two are here. Let me be clear," she pauses, inhaling deeply only for her hands to ease apart on the exhale. "Drestyn will answer for this. I will not allow him to hide in Duiran, should they even attempt to protect him." Her gaze turns to Shaith. "You duel him. Outside the tavern. Away from the attention he so clearly desires. You beat him into the mud, spit on him, then leave. Both of you have the right to fight him now and, honestly, I will have the Fyerin fight in your place if you wish it."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "As the professor said -out- of the public eye. We are Illuminai, not northerners, stop stooping to that level by giving him that attention he craves."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "And another...If I may. I have been respectful my requests and demeanor have been calm I ask you extend that same respect to me as well. The professor asked us -all- to sit. As such you are disrespecting her as well by refusal to comply."

"Then I have nothing else to say," Karhast says to this, managing a slow exhale, and opting to rise up from where he is seated also, legs given a slow stretch. Chin tilting down, the troll meets Rosdes eyes for once. "For we agree, Dhienari. I will respect the Vanguard's wish, and not fight in her tavern. Whatever fight he is looking for is one he can seek out with me in any other place," the man goes on, jaw still clenched somewhat. "I did not fight. I did not strike him. I insulted him, and will regret these only if his kin -do- act as they ought. It would seem, Dhienari," the man goes on with that, eyes slow to shift over and cast Elliana a look in which annoyance he can no longer hold back. ".. That we entirely agree."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says to you, "Do you have a problem Hiale?"

"I will not sit down," Shaith repeats. She looks up to you, her expression unreadable, as she says this. "Karhast and I are Hiale, Elliana. If you intend to lecture us as if we were children, then we have the right to listen to it while standing on our feet."

The words drawn from him like that, you say to Elliana, "Speak not on the Dhienari's behalf. If she notes disrespect, she can order any of us punished as is good. -You- cannot. Your judgement does not equal hers, and you ought not speak as if it were."

"I will not sit down," Shaith repeats. She looks up to you, her expression unreadable, as she says this. "Karhast and I are Hiale, Elliana. If you intend to lecture us as if we were children, then we have the right to listen to it while standing on our feet."

The words drawn from him like that, you say to Elliana, "Speak not on the Dhienari's behalf. If she notes disrespect, she can order any of us punished as is good. -You- cannot. Your judgement does not equal hers, and you ought not speak as if it were."

Elliana Evangline, Dal fio Siha says, "So you both find such okay to disrespect the Professor?"

Rosdes pinches the bridge of her nose and closes her eyes. "Enough, all of you."

Mouth already open, Shaith silences herself before she can speak. She turns her head and looks blankly ahead. Her eyes are dark and flat.

Karhast's eyes shift back over to view Rosdes, and he gives his head the smallest of dips.

Shaith exhales long and low, and says nothing.

Elliana stands after a moment and smooths out her kimono. glancing to you she lifts a brow then turns to Rosdes. "Thank you, however I do not mind their anger, much the opposite, however we are united, and apparently their anger fuels the others. It was more an observation." She muses before nodding once. "I do not speak for any but myself, and my views, just as any other would, we are encouraged to confront things that bother us, as such I did."

Voice lilting on feathery wafts of air, Rosdes tells you, "You look as though you have more you wish to say."

Rosdes inclines her head and reaches for the door. "Thank you, Elliana. You're excused."

Eyes glazing over in a clear sign of telepathic contact, Karhast goes on to say to Rosdes, "I am not you, Dhienari. My judgement is very flawed." Upright posture a touch tense, the man gives his shoulders a small, slight wag. "There are many things I feel I may regret, so I chose to listen."

Elliana opens the door to the northeast.
Elliana leaves to the northeast.

Rosdes closes the door behind Elliana. "I am not perfect either, and I owe you both an apology for my ire. There's been a lot of anger this week." Moving to her desk, she cants a hip against the wood. "How do you wish to handle Drestyn? Would you have me contact his Guildmaster and demand the duels, or would you prefer challenging him yourself?"

At last, Shaith speaks. "That's Karhast's decision," she says. She glances at the man beside her, and then looks back to Rosdes."

Karhast casts Rosdes a blink, another blink, and briefly manages to keep up the blank look he's shown earlier also, though the confusion is definitely stronger this time. "If I had my way, Dhienari," the troll begins, voice remaining a touch heavy. "You would spend your days in research, prayer, illumination, anything at all, and trust us as you should. As Shaith here has noted.." The man tips his head aside at Shaith for a brief moment then. ".. We are adults, Dhienari. Elliana has yet to treat us as such, but I ask that you do. This is my dispute, not yours. It is for me to handle, not you. I could not bear the shame of requiring you to stoop to something so lowly, Dhienari, so please see to it that you do not."

Shaith's hard expression is broken by the slightest curve of a smile.

"Ah, if only this had happened in the woods or the arena, then I never would have had to interfere at all." Rubbing at her eyes, Rosdes then drops her hand and crosses her arms. "Rasani has worked hard to keep her tavern as neutral ground. Respect that going forward." She inclines her head to both of you. "Do as you see fit to him. I will trust you to act as Hiale of the Illuminai would."

Shaith exhales and lowers her head. A hand rubs her forearm before coming to rest on her elbow. "Are we excused?" she asks.

Professor Rosdes says, "Aye, you are."

Shaith begins to follow you.

A touch relieved, Karhast finally manages to allow himself the faintest of smiles. "Thank you, Dhienari. Your trust shall not be misplaced." One hand slow to lift up, he pauses, purses his lips, and goes on to say, "And.. Ah. If you have your own anger to speak of, hesitate not to say such. You will find many an ear." Lifting his hand properly then, the palm soon comes alight for radiant fire to illuminate it. "Hineb fyahno.""

Rosdes holds her hand out in open air, spark flaring to life in the center of her palm and covering her skin in a purifying glow.

Professor Rosdes says, "Hineb fyahno."

Shaith only lowers her shoulders in a shallow bow to Rosdes.

- fin



  • RhoynnRhoynn Hartford
    It's been a while since I've seen some deep Illuminai RP. @Karhast already knows how I feel about him as an RPer, so this is really impressive. A lot of expert juggling of a very dense scene with a lot of back and forth. Seemed like a really fun time!
  • It was interesting being able to see this from another perspective and getting to see the follow up.  Thanks for sharing it!  
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

  • DrestynDrestyn Bloodloch
    Ooh, nice log. Still playing the antagonist even as one of the 'good guys'. Either way, I think people misjudge and give Drestyn too much credit in terms of motives.

    I also like that people call him an honourless person(dog). He's Sentinel and former Carnifex, why would he go by something so subjective?

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