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Reading through the various Oleis logs made me interested in checking out the current state of the Nexus client. Given the rather nice GUI and the apparent 'power' of the client (compared to past years) it seems like a good way to retain players - except that there isn't an active group of users using (and supporting) the client.

So anyway, as an experiment I am trying to use the client for at least a month, to assess the viability. I report on what I think, but I do have a request:

Does anyone have suggestions, aside from the help files (which are quite good) on good places to ask questions about functionality etc? Perhaps you've noticed that a lot of people in Achaea use it and there is a good running thread, or in game clan etc?

Ultimately, if I think this client lives up to the hype (is there any hype?) I'd like to share some scripts and maintain this thread longer as a general help thread. Ideally I'd even like to just keep using it instead of Mudlet - if it's good enough.

Cheers ahead of time for any help given, and a shameless tag:


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    I use the webclient almost exclusively on multiple platforms and devices, and I would just be thrilled to see other people using it here who are willing to share scripts, etc. for it. It *seems* like t has good potential, but since I'm no coder, I really don't know.
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    There's a huge help wiki over here. The little question mark in the bottom left hand side of the client will take you there as well.

    Feel free to post any problems you find here, although as Nexus is handled on the IRE side of things I can't really guarantee we can fix them straight up.

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    I've scoured the wiki and can't seem to find the result; would any of you folks happen to know the most efficient way of highlighting whatever your current target variable is set to? In Mudlet I had it previously coded up to highlight in red anywhere in the room my target appeared, but setting up a highlight trigger with @target as the value isn't quite hitting the mark here.
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