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Would it be possible to implement something akin to how Shapeshifting works for guilds?

Just so everyone is on the same page: When you mutate from your class into your Shapeshifter form you get the two novice skills at virtuoso level (which is dependent on the skill rank of the class you switched from, with Virtuoso being the max), but you can trans them all and it still costs the same lessons as any other class. This is detailed in Announce #2248.

Essentially, if your current class is not your guild's class, changing into it will apply a similar boon to it if you have not spent the lessons to learn it yourself. For example, I am a guilded Sentinel with all Sentinel skills at novice level, but I have Shaman skills at Transcendent. When I change class into my guild's class, the two novice Sentinel skills would be at Virtuoso (with the Yellow indicating it's a temporary boon).

This would allow for a more homogeneous atmosphere for those who don't prefer to play as their guild's class most of the time. It won't allow for the class to be viable for pvp, since it's lacking the third skill entirely. This would really be for guild events, roleplay, and to keep the person familiar with the skills (and the lore).

With the new system in the works where someone is given a class first and join the guild after novicehood has ended, this would still benefit them in a number of ways. For someone who wants to hold a neutral class like monk/syssin/lycan but be apart of any guild, they can still participate without having to invest in something they won't be using. Or for someone who enjoys the lore and basics of a class but wants to pursue combat using another (since all three guild classes will be available for all citizens) this will encourage them to branch out into the multiclass system.

I expect a lot of negative responses and I know the alternative is to say, 'Well, go join the guild of the class you like,' but there are a number of people who are part of a guild they never intend to use the guild skills for pvp or even hunting (for one reason or another) but are die hard examples of their guild's theme or they're vampires. Another example is the case of the Illuminai with their dual classes, where one may never want to play a Luminary as it's very different from Daru. My idea (if it's doable) would allow them to experience both.



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    I'm not sure I am in favor of this suggestion. Shapeshifting is special because the same skills are accessible to everyone in every guild and does not have the same rules when switching betwen it and the non-shifter class.

    The other classes are connected to the guilds in different ways. Perhaps not as strongly as they were before multiclassing was possible, since now people can hop between different classes depending on what they wish to do, but there is still a connection that requires you to have an open slot for that skillset, even if you switch from a different guild to a new one.

    In a way, learning about the skills connected to the guild can guide people in how to understand the lore, the purpose and everything else about their guild, so making it unnecessary to go through that process seems odd to me. Sure, some people simply blast through lessons with a libram, but it's still a learning process.

    I also think that this kind of system would be bad for business. If people can simply -skip- putting lessons into a skillset and use whatever they get for free, IRE will lose out.

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