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I'm currently on a roughly week-long vacation visiting family, during which I will be either busy or have bad internet (and also be on a very different time zone). I am super glad I was able to get online yesterday to participate in the event as it started, that was really cool! I was also very derpy and unresponsive because I'm on a laptop that does not have my most recent mudlet profile saved to it.

I'll try to be on, but I may be a bit less "there" than usual, and may have to leave quite abruptly at times (my family is not big on plans). I'll definitely be checking messages though, so you can contact me that way if necessary.

@Teani, since it seems relevant for you to know.


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    Enjoy your vacation! Don't mind the game if you're having too much fun elsewhere. :smile:

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    Not to hijack your thread or anything, but I'm also going to be away for a week starting the day after tomorrow. I SHOULD be able to pop in here and there, but I won't be about heaps!
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    Just continuing this thread

    I and all of my alts are not dead. I'm at a very short but intensive summer job that leaves little time to play. I should be back around in 2.5 weeks or so. You may see me pop up from time to time

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